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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Eric Florence -- Twin Flames, RV, GCR, NESARA

Dear Starseeds, Wayshowers, and Lightworkers,

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the term "twin flame" but I've been uncovering some very in-depth truths about the reality of a 'twin'. Maybe most of you are familiar with the twin flames when talked about in a two person relationship. Makes sense after all right? Twins, two, ya you get it. But the principles of the twin flame relationship go far beyond just the physical incarnation of two people. After much digging I discovered the word twin in twin flames just has to do with nature of creation in the universe. One is the dream, the other the manifestation. Twin flame to me basically means a co-creative process. Paradoxically the two elements are one in the same yet both function in their own spheres. Ever read up on Quantum Entaglement? It's real but very simple to understand if you don't over complicate it. The universe exists paradoxically as one single unit composed of two "separately" functioning parts. One will influence the other, and then the effect is returned and so and so on. It truly is a co-creative process. Every center has its twin without exception. It's the way our universe is created from the quantum level. As this pattern fractals we begin to see the same twin concept on every level of existence. "Every dream has its dream come true" in the physical universe, basically.

The RV, this blessing we've been creating in our hearts, is also our twin. It is a dream we wish to see and experience in our physical holographic reality that is a direct reflection of our beautiful inner quantum reality. But just like the 'two person' twin flame relationship, if we hold onto the manifestation too tightly, we forget that the dream started in our heart FIRST. Then our attention/energy leaks into the wrong spheres and our dream actually begins to de-manifest. Or at least get stuck in limbo. It is my feeling this is where we are truly at with the RV. Ya sure maybe there is still a bunch of legalities and whatever to be done, but we know the RV is our twin. It's happening and will happen for all of us to see and experience in the physical world because it first happened in our hearts. So every time we get desperate for a time and date, we put ourselves and our dream back in limbo. Don't you see? The RV is already in your heart. The abundance, healing, world peace, and all the physical world changes that you are so excited to witness, ALREADY EXIST IN YOUR HEART! Why are we looking for them out here? Sure I get it, we REALLY REALLY REALLY want this dream to manifest in the physical because, thus far, our physical experience has been pretty damn backwards. But it was only backwards because we were thinking backwards and therefore manifesting a backwards hologram. If we wish to experience our hearts true desire, we must work daily at bringing our attention to the true nature of reality. We must spend each day tending to the beautiful dream in our hearts. And it isn't just one dream. My experience has been that the more I live in my heart and tend to the dream there, it leads to another dream and another and another and another. The possibilities of creation are endless. But if we're always looking for cues from the outside world on what or how we should create, well then, we're kinda doing it backwards. 

We've learned how astronomical the rates are for the ZIM. That's super cool! But don't forget that the high rates come from the infinite nature of your heart that produced this whole situation in the first place. We've been told we can negotiate our own rate and essentially write ourselves a blank check. Shouldn't we all just be putting an infinity symbol in the little $ box? I mean, the money is only a physical manifestation of the eternal abundance that already exists in our soul. Isn't that what we're really trying to manifest here? Why are we still so focused on rates and dates? Start creating your next dream or a tangent on your current dream or maybe just expand the dream you're creating now. But stay in your heart. We are the dreamers making this all possible. All the paperwork, treaties, meetings, restored governments, dunfords, admirals and yada yada yada are just the pieces that must come together to make the manifestation of our dream a three-dimensional reality. The Divine Goddess works in her own wisdom. She will create our dream in the best way possible. We need to trust that. But more importantly we need to place our attention back inside. This is where our New Earth actually lives.

How this all will really play out really depends on you. How do you want it to be? Do you just want a bunch of money or do you want a world where everyone can live freely with no worry of money? Because I want the latter. One of my dreams is to see a world run on a resource based economy. Just a commonwealth. That's why I was brought to the ZIM and it to me. The money is just a physical world tool to build the true dream of my heart. We are artists and it just so happens that our medium we will use for now is called currency. But our dreams never required this money. We already have the Kingdom of God in our hearts where EVERYTHING is made of gold. Not just the value of the new Chinese Yuan. lol. 

So to close, remember you are ALWAYS with your twin. Your deepest heart desire always lives within you. When we cultivate our realties there, our physical holographic experience will become pure bliss. There will be no more limbo. Just straight heart to physical manifestation. No matter what your physical experience is or was, remember the God in you is what really runs this whole show. There in your dreaming heart lies all the love, safety, and abundance you'll ever need. We're slowly figuring this out and this is the REAL reason we are about to witness the RV/GCR/NESARA stuff. Namaste brothers and sisters. My prayer is that you will discover within yourself your true twin that you have always been longing to meet. Only then will (s)he come to meet you in the physical world. 

With so much love,

Eric Florence

As a little side note I wanted to address those who are in a twin flame relationship now. Perhaps you've been having some hiccups. Just remember that the harder you look for your twin in the physical world, the further away they will go. Your twin lives in your heart. That is truly the closest place you can go to meet them. Being able to experience your twin in the physical is just a manifestation of your heart. It's quite magical but remember it's just a hologram. The real you and them exist inside. Once you cultivate that inner relationship though self-love and create union inside, you will witness the manifestation of your union in the physical. What a marvelous dream we're living in :)


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