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One source claims the RV was completed in Reno as of last night.

All groups waiting in Reno were rumored to have exchanged including the Admiral.

The Admiral was told his RV funds would be available this morning.

The Yuan Oil-Gold Futures begins trading next Monday, a week from now.

If recent rumors prove to be true, the major correction in the stock market will happen sometime this week.

Another source claims the UST will announce the gold-standard next Monday, same day as the Yuan Oil-Gold Futures.

This means GESARA would have to be announced next Monday which puts the RV timing some time this week before the major correction.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 20, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 20 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 20 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset: Update as of Oct. 5 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 5 2016

Compiled the early morning of 5 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

A. On Oct. 4 2016 WSOMN Starman said: My contacts say like Ray did today, that some are starting now, with Dinarland release up to Thurs. All will know when it is live at the same time. It could be tonight, in the morning, but no later than Thurs. We are being told it could happen at any second.

B. Oct. 4 2016 Situation Report 12 noon EST:

1. Private redemptions began Mon. night at 6 pm EST (start of the international business week) and will continue until all private citizens are redeemed.

2. Some friends & family and early redeemers in sub groups are getting offered much lower rates, a few are declining and walking out.

3. We now believe they will wait till the end of the international business week (Thursday 4:30pm EDT) and more probably release 800#s after global markets close on Friday 4:30pm EDT. Then on Sunday night, flip the FOREX and begin public redemptions as though nothing ever happened Monday morning.

4. What's also interesting as it relates to coordinated timing is that the IMF and World Bank normally meet this week in D.C. on October 3-9 (7 days total) in exactly the same week both the private RV roll out begins, and the Chinese markets and banks are also closed this week per a normal national holiday. So yes, everything appears planned to the second when it comes to monetarily transitioning the world's economy. It's no simple or small task to save the world as it turns out.

C. On Oct. 4 2016 Gerry Maguire, Art and IKO reported: Wingit

Public redemptions officially began on Mon. at 6 pm EST, still waiting for 800 numbers.

D. On Oct. 4 2016 Dr. Clarke said:

1. We’re officially in a “Any Moment, Any Day” season.

2. This is still the 1st week of Oct, which is “Within the Plan."

3. This important week is not over and the U.S. & Iraq want an Official Internationally traded currency ASAP.

4. The UN & IMF want a little more Security, which has brought up the question of more time, into the equation.

5. In Oct. as we speak there’s a Financial Earthquake taking place. It's shaking up all forms of security, as we know it: U.S. postponed the bonds with Iraq till 1st quarter 2017; Threats from Russia, China, Germany, U.K., Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, N. Korea; Deutsche Bank collapsing; Wells Fargo fiasco & theft; Italy, Japan, U.S. debt load; Corrupt & Insecure conditions exist, not just in Iraq, but in the largest financial systems worldwide: ISIS, Iraq's corruption and the U.S. Presidential election.

All could suddenly move right into place at any moment. This week is not over. The RV is right here, now.

E. On the Oct. 4 2016 The Big Call Bruce reported: The Big Call

1. The Paris Agreement has been ratified, but not announced. It is good to go.

2. Exchanges have been taking place. Sub groups began two nights ago. Some people left those groups because of NDAs they were asked to sign.

3. Bruce thinks the 6 day period to do negotiable rates will start after we receive the 800 numbers.

4. They want the Zim holders in the first 72 hours (first 3 days).

5. Prosperity Packages are to go out when the Internet Group starts or immediately after.

6. Approximately 45 min. after the 800 numbers are put out, appointments can be set and redemptions can begin.

7. It could occur in the middle of the night.

8. The 800 number is the next step and could come any time, any day.

9. They may allow the 800 number to be out online for only a certain amount of time (48 hour period).

10. You may only have two days to make your appointment.

11. The true sovereign rate is only for countries. We have the ability to negotiate a very high rate for the Zim, Dinar, Dong and Ruphia.

12. Today Wells Fargo said that there will not necessarily be a need for structured payouts.

F. The Wed. Oct. 5 5am EST Situation Report:

1. Private redemptions continue...

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