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One source claims the RV was completed in Reno as of last night.

All groups waiting in Reno were rumored to have exchanged including the Admiral.

The Admiral was told his RV funds would be available this morning.

The Yuan Oil-Gold Futures begins trading next Monday, a week from now.

If recent rumors prove to be true, the major correction in the stock market will happen sometime this week.

Another source claims the UST will announce the gold-standard next Monday, same day as the Yuan Oil-Gold Futures.

This means GESARA would have to be announced next Monday which puts the RV timing some time this week before the major correction.




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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shadows by Eric Florence, A Message to Starseeds, Wayshowers and Lightworkers

Dear Starseeds, Wayshowers and Lightworkers,

I read a little thing today apparently reporting that Hurricane Matthew was somehow coming around for seconds. Is that even allowed? hahaha These HAARP dudes really know how to make a storm. But all is well. And isn't it painfully obvious now what they're trying to do here? Isn't it painfully obvious everything the cabal has done to stop the light from reclaiming its rightful throne? Isn't in painfully obvious now which articles are of love and which are of fear here in Dinarland? Have you noticed an increase in your ability to discern light from dark this week? Are you starting to see all the shadows now? If you're fully connected through your third eye chakra to Gaia's grid and the New Earth Fifth-Dimensional Matrix then you know exactly what I'm talking about. So let's talk about shadows.

The light has now reached a sufficient quotient such that anything not of love will cast a shadow BLACK AS NIGHT. Every day from now on for the next six months the shadows will get more and more and more and more obvious. If your senses aren't totally tuned yet, just wait. I'm pretty sure I've had my ego blown like a hundred times this week. Shadows I didn't even know were inside of me were like, "Hey, so uh.. you probably didn't know this but I'm actually and old program you can let go of now." and I'm like, "what the?!... that's it? that's what I've been fighting this whole time?!...". hahaha Such tiny little things but it ALL HAS TO GO!

In the old programming when we were confronted with shadows we just got scared. What? That couldn't be me? I'm a good person dammit!!! Then the shadows just live inside and walk around with us day after day until the next time they pop out for us to see. "Here we are!", they say, "Pay attention and embrace us!" But we would just keep running away. Well whether we like it or not, the fifth dimension is pure light. It's impossible for a shadow to live there. So if you're working on your personal ascension then just plan on that, from here on out, you will have an experience with your shadows every day until you fully embody unconditional love. We're in the upswing of the exponential curve of soul evolution which means no more breaks until it's all clean. So get ready if you haven't already. This is it.

Now when all these shadows come out, it gets hard to stand our ground. We're so used to running away that it becomes our first instinct. But what are we afraid of? We know love has won. We know what's coming as far as events go. We know what this is all about. So put on your higher self pants and start transmuting that shit! Shadows are like scared little children. You can't be mad at them. You can't tell them they're stupid. You can't tell them how wrong they are for making a mistake. You have to hold them and love them. It's the only way. Ascension is about unity. We are bring ALL OF OUR PIECES back together now. In the lower dimensions we were highly fragmented. Not anymore. Our shadows are staring at us straight in the face now so we can love them and bring them home.

So my beloved brothers and sisters. As the light gets turned up brighter and brighter and you start seeing these shadows all over in yourself/others. Don't run away. Don't get mad. You know what to do now. When Nosferatu yields his ugly head, open the door to your heart and say, "I see you shadow, and I love you."

Don't worry guys. Love has already won.

With so much love,

Eric Florence



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