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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The UN-American United Nations -- The Uncomfortable Truth

The UN-American United Nations

Steve Farrell | Ether Zone Online (first published on August 23, 1999) 159 VIEWS
October 10, 2016

Like many of you, growing up under the tutelage of the public school system and the big three television networks in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I recall the zealous and reverential treatment afforded the world’s eighth wonder: the United Nations.

Its ideals, they said, were homespun American ideals. Its immediate mission: to perpetuate the same across the globe. Its ultimate objective: to bring an end to poverty, prejudice, conflict, and war. Indeed, some envisioned and vigorously proclaimed future life under the United Nations as the last and highest stage of evolutionary man[1].

In textbook and pamphlet, newspaper and film clip this dream was perpetuated, and many of us longing for peace and security in the aftermath of two consecutive world wars were caught away in the imagery and emotion of this coming millennial Zion. It would be glorious.

So glorious that warning bells should have broadcast throughout the land a solemn, “Beware!” prior to any casting of votes for or against the UN Charter. But the bells were muffled, the Charter fast-tracked through the US Senate, and today we suffer under our great mistake (our faux pas).

Yet, not to fear. We may correct our error. With the aid of time and the persistent efforts of a few watchdog organizations[2] tens of millions of Americans have finally come to realize the UN’s idealism is less than ideal; its similarity and loyalty to the US system, a facade; and its promise for peace and liberty, more a formula for war and tyranny.

And so the days of unmitigated support for the United Nations and its mission are far gone, and ever fading. Yet to keep the momentum moving in our favor, re-exposing the uncomfortable truth about the UN can never be overdone.

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