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The beginning of the end for the Petrodollar grows near.

China's gold-backed alternative to the Petrodollar launches on the 26th.

Oil will begin trading in Yuan and gold instead of fiat US Dollars and Treasuries.

This will result in the price of gold to increase.

It also marks the end of Cabal control over the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency and the major correction in the stock market will force all countries to ditch fiat currency and agree to a global gold-backed monetary system.

The worldwide consensus to a global gold-backed monetary system will result in the announcement of GESARA law.

The new quantum financial system will then officially come online and reset all currencies.

The RV is expected to release before these events occur.




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Sunday, October 16, 2016

What if Donald Trump Loses the US Presidential Election?

[ObverseView] What if Trump loses?

What exactly would happen to the United States if Donald Trump were elected is an unknown and brings an element of concern to some people. What concerns me is what will happen to our nation if he isn’t elected?

Every day we see more released emails which confirm that there is collusion between our federal institutions and the media with the Hillary campaign. Released emails confirm that Donna Brazile, while working for CNN, released town hall questions to Clinton and disclosed information regarding the Sanders campaign. Certainly Ms. Brazile denies she did these things, but the emails confirm that she is lying.

Just days before the Justice Department was to release its finding regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecure server, destroying thousands of emails after they were subpoenaed, destroying several smart phones, lying under oath, and lying under oath to congress; Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch for 39 minutes on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport in June, 2016. The cover story is that they were merely discussing golf and grand-kids; the fact that Lynch doesn’t play golf and has no grand-children makes that tale a little suspicious.

There is no doubt that the meeting established the enticements for ignoring Hillary’s problems. In short, the fix was in. Someone, and that someone can hardly be anyone other than Barack Hussein Obama, directed that Hillary Clinton was not going to be charged for crimes that have sent other individuals to prison. Not only were Clinton's actions criminal, even when viewed in the most favorable light, her public statements of explanation were materially false. Her pattern of denying and lying has underscored her entire life in politics!!

The Internal Revenue squashed applications for 501C3 status from several conservative individuals and groups and then destroyed documents and emails that would have confirmed their illegal activities. To my knowledge no one in the Internal Revenue Service lost their job due to this illegal activity.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder was the first attorney general in the 240 years of our republic that was held in contempt of congress. Think about that for just a moment; the highest justice official of the land, who is charged with prosecuting those who lie to congress, lies to congress; and of course nothing of substance was done and no penalty was suffered.

We are in a time in our republic when our national politicians are expected to lie; and we are rarely disappointed. Only when a politician unwittingly slips and tells the truth are we surprised, and then they are quick to put the “genie back in the bottle” and explain away their use of veracity.

Let’s presume for a moment that Trump loses, yet receives around forty-five percent of the popular vote. That would indicate that at least forty-five percent of the voting public is sick of Washington politics and politicians. Voters certainly are not going to vote for Trump because he is a wonderful human being with a sterling history of political correctness. His episodes of “hoof and mouth disease” are legendary. That can only lead to the conclusion that Trump, with all his faux pas is more popular than the run of the mill politician.

Many Americans are suffering; jobs have been exported to foreign countries, people have stopped looking for employment, one in five households have no adult family member employed, small businesses are regulated and taxed to destruction, and our government is waging a more vigorous war against the coal industry than it is our existential foreign threats.

Conversely, in 1983, Harry Reid was an average small town attorney in Nevada. He spent two terms in the House and has been in the Senate since 1987; he now has a NET worth of about $10 million from his public service. Hillary Clinton has been in government since 2001, first as a Senator and then as Secretary of State; her NET worth is $31.1 million. Bill Clinton has been elected to one thing or another since 1977, and unemployed since 2001; his NET worth is $80 million. These are merely three examples of politicians getting fabulously rich while average Americans are fighting to maintain an existence. The reality is that “public service” has become the vehicle for accumulating wealth from donors and special interest, some foreign and some domestic who want special consideration and politicians are more than willing to prostitute themselves.

Against this backdrop, the most corrupt, self-serving, and dishonest individual in the history of American politics may become president. If individual Americans were prosperous, working, and had discretionary time to set on their cans and watch television, this would no doubt be a non-event. But such is not the case, Americans are suffering, mad as hell, and electing Hillary Clinton would be like jabbing a stick in the eye of people who have already had more than enough.

A Clinton presidency could be the tipping point which causes our nation to self-destruct. An overreaction you say; stop by your local library and read a little history in what caused the implosion of previous great nations. The term “hanging around Washington” could take on a whole new meaning.

Have a good week.

Bill Shuey, a freelance writer from North Carolina

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