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- Israel is attempting to start a war in the Middle East by attacking Iran's assets in Syria.

- Iran is furious but Russia and China are holding them back from retaliating.

- The Cabal are desperately attempting to ignite War World 3 to significantly delay the transition event.

- Nothing has been delayed as their attempts have been unsuccessful thanks to the Alliance.

- The signing of a peace treaty in the Korean Peninsula is underway which is a prerequisite to GESARA.

- The RV is the last on the list needed events, right before GESARA.

- We're at the end of that list.

- The RV remains set to begin at any moment.

- The status of RV exchange Tiers 1-2 is unknown.

- Tier 3 has not exchanged/redeemed. There are thousands of groups categorized under Tier 3.

- Once Tier 3 is done, the toll-free 800 numbers will be activated, released, and published which will begin Tier 4 exchanges/redemptions.

- All Tiers are expected to exchange/redeem within a time-span of 2 months once the RV begins.




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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Natural Law, Trouble with the Currency Reset?

Submitted Anonymously to Operation Disclosure,

Having trouble with currency reset?

This solution doesn't have 40 zeros.
This solution doesn't use cabal banks.
How about $279 trillion? For starters?

This solution doesn't destroy the entire cabal.
It puts a pretty big dent in it.

Start with a lawsuit of the BAR lawyers,
and Department of Justice.

Have trial by natural law jury.
We surrender to Natural law.
We surrender to a Natural law jury.
A Natural law jury has full unhampered determination of:
Law, fact, evidence, testimony, and punishment.
Jury administrator and bailiff are sworn to Natural law.
Administrator and bailiff honors, protects, and discloses.
A Natural law jury can replace any administrator or bailiff.
We surrender to Natural law justice in every instance.

Why surrender to Natural law?
Why surrender to its jury and justice?
We have no choice.

Natural Law is planetary law.
Natural law is not under human control.
Natural law cannot be created or destroyed.
Natural law alignment is a human free will choice.
Natural law violation causes all human suffering.
All natural law violations are based on lies or untruth.
There are five sources of natural law violations.
Fraud, malice, stupidity, ignorance, culture
Truth allows free will choice to align with natural law.
Truth helps eliminate human suffering.
Natural law alignment eliminates human suffering.
Planetary natural law eliminates human suffering.
Human suffering is symptom violation of natural law.

Suggested book "Transition to Natural Law"
Disclosure author Cindy K Currier

Suggested youtube:

Here's the lawsuit for trial:
BAR associations and Department of Justice
must meet full compliance ($279 trillion) with the Commercial Instrument
and “TRUE BILL” at S.E.C. Tracer Number #2640220,
which is the Reception No.# assigned by the Mesa County,
Colorado Deputy Clerk & Recorder, Brandy Emow.

Suggested reading "You know something's wrong…"
Disclosure author Anna Maria Riezinger

Suggested website:


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