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A Cabal-MIC hidden underground facility was discovered under Sugarloaf Mountain in West Cork.

This facility was discovered after the interrogation of a Cabal-MIC agent that was recently apprehended.

Construction of another CERN portal was discovered at the facility. Two giant Tesla capacitors and a super computer were also found at the facility which were designed to operate the CERN portal.

This time, the CERN portal was to be used for the Cabal to escape off-planet.

The Alliance destroyed the facility along with all of it's contents.

(Note: The search for hidden underground facilities does not hinder the timing of the RV in any way. These operations will still continue Post-RV and Post-GESARA.)

The RV window opened as of yesterday, the 17th.

Banks were receiving back screen rates from the new financial system as a test.

The new financial system will cause a major correction in the stock market which is planned to begin before the 26th.

The RV will be released before the major correction occurs.

The longer it takes, the smoother the transition. The transition was never supposed to be easy. It was originally going to be rough. The Alliance have been working hard to soften the blow of the transition process as much as possible. Their goal is to make it a smooth transition.




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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Two Private Rothschild Corporations: United States of America, Inc and The Russian Federation

Part III Urgent to the Civilian Authorities! Extremely Important! Two Private Rothschild’s Corporations: United States of America, Inc and The Russian Federation! Arrest The Rothschilds’ terrorist actions in the USA and Russia the Federal Reserve

With Love from Russia

Part III

To My Friends-- the Civilian Authorities of We THE People of great SOVEREIGN NATION – The United States Of America Republic!

Dear Friends! Americans!

This is a third part of my letter to you. I translated it to the best of my ability and sent this letter to many of you in 2015.

Remember that now

Two Private Rothschild’s Corporations:

The Rothschild’s Private Corporation United States of America, Inc., which was registered at 10687 Gasking Way STE 101, Manassas, VA, 20109


The Rothschild’s Private Corporation--The Russian Federation, which was registered at the City of London in 1991 with a registration number D-U-N-S © Number 531 298 725

Try to force to force two Great Brother Nations– the Russians and Americans to fight with each other.

The main message is that

We Are Two Great Brother Nations. 

You should know that

Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Abraham Lincoln in 19 century wanted to create the Russian American Money Trust in order to defeat the financial terrorists--the Rothschild’s, after which President Lincoln and Russian Czar Alexander 2nd were assassinated.

Please read below.

Americans! Brothers and Sisters!

I cannot write more detailed letter to you because I am under a wild attack of the Satanic Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia. They are torturing me with microwave weapons during days and nights. I will send to you later photos of their microwave devises and photos of their criminals who are attacking me.

They brought criminals-assassins to FOUR Mobil Homes around the place where I reside. They commit constant cyber-attacks and follow me even when I visit libraries or Starbucks.

Even I have very strong pain, I laugh!

This is my information:

You should know that Hillary Clinton CANNOT BE US President because according to the Government of re-established in 2010 Soviet Union, she is a citizen of the United Kingdom!

Hillary Clinton is a Citizen of the United Kingdom!

With my blessings to all of you,

Nina Sidorova

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