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Friday, December 23, 2016

A Deep Cabal Secret -- Green House Gas, The Truth

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

I had to cut and past this into a format for this email posting. Sorry for the detail, it is very complex and technical, I put in laymen after translating the data from all the worlds PhDs.

I HAVE the evidence but it is very lengthy, I can provide upon request . . .remember "information is light, lack of it is darkness" Please read and believe

This is MY work, my HUMANITARIAN project but it is my life . . .I came back here to this planet to prevent the destruction of humanity - we will WIN, we already have but this work, in the 3D, must continue in order to win - LOVE ALL

Star Seed - Light Worker

Jeff Rodgers

Green House Gas – The Truth

There are many opinions and beliefs about GHG and global warming, some true and some false. We should start with an understanding of the definition, given in simple form – “GHG” causes an “effect” on the environment, the effects cause the planet to warm, hence the term “global warming”. There are several major gases that have been identified that cause such an effect i.e. N2O (nitrous oxide), CO2 (carbon), CH4 (methane), PFC, HFC, and SF6 and they interact differently with themselves and other gases in the atmosphere. These gases, as they are trapped between the atmospheric layers and the earth’s surface, absorbs and emits radiation from the sun within the thermal infrared range (radiative light and heat) and allows the radiative light and heat to pass through the atmosphere and clouds to reflect off the earth’s surface and return into space (infrared light and heat) however, as the gases “thicken” in concentration, they form like a shield, they’re absorbed into the clouds and atmosphere and prevent the infrared light and heat from escaping back into space – this causes the warming effect – just like a greenhouse. The gases have different life spans in the atmosphere and the measurements of quantity and type are very complex and influenced by many factors, if you are a Chemist then you may enjoy reading more on this topic.

It is important to know that CO2 is the least damaging however are most abundant and this gas has a life span of about 180 years in the atmosphere. The very dangerous gases are methane/natural gas with a 15 to 30 year life and 83 times worse warming affect and nitrous oxide 121 years life that are over 400 times worse warming affect than Co2. Some of the HFC’s and PFC’s are over 10,000 times more damaging than CO2. The IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the UNFCCC have determined that all GHGs together will have a global warming of 4 to 6 degrees C by the year 2100. But there is a falsification with the way these gases and timeline have been mathematically determined, the short lived gases are included with the CO2 gases in the arithmetic projected out to the year 2100, if we were to calculate the same concentrations and quantities of GHGs only out to the year 2050, we get the same 4 to 6 degrees C global warming, the year 2100 is wrong, it does not show the imminent danger of these gases by the year 2050, natural gas (methane) is the most damaging – it is NOT “clean energy” this is commercial fraud! The GMT (global mean temperature) has increased 1.1-degree C in 2014 since 1990 and by the end of 2016 it will reach 1.78 degrees C from 1990 – how can we say we will prevent the 2 degrees C increase by year 2100 let alone 2050? This is a false statement, I choose the term lie!

The last time the earth was 5 degrees C warmer, there were palm trees in the Arctic! Humans will not survive the temperatures of 120 F to 180 F at 80% of the earth’s surface.

The calculation out to the year 2100 does not accurately represent current and future conditions, it is untruthful and computed deliberately to deceive the global public. I have found this on my own and recently, I have had several people (the EU) verbally tell me;

“This is what we need, a population cleansing, there are too many people here and this is the best way, like a plague - it is fate”!

Yes, there are many that want billions to perish from the planet, it is most sickening to actually hear this from other humans, we cannot ignore this fact however, shall not spend time and resources debating it. Most that read this white paper will think that this is “preposterous” that I am insane and that is understandable because this information is considered unimaginable however, when you deal with the agencies, regulatory bodies, over 75 country representatives, spent years in the Oil and Gas sector, international meetings, data trends, meet with the world’s greatest minds in climatology, environmental and energy science and so many other sources of data, it is very easy to put the pieces together and come to a logical conclusion, then to have them flaunt it verbally, well, I am very accurate and content about my findings and that is the purpose of this white paper! I was naïve at first, as I could not bring myself to believe that other humans would want billions to perish, this is very hard for me but I have seen and heard the evidence!

It is time for this information to be released so we can all work together and prevent this catastrophic event and it is not going to be easy, it will take time for most of us to actually embrace this fact before we can start the process of mitigation. Please remember, this white paper is a “summary” of facts and to actually report all the details well, it would take a series of books to document it all.

There have been enough studies that show, with evidence, that the earth has warmed 1.1 degrees C over the past 25 years (Feb. 2016 NASA), we measure climate change in decades. Some scientists believe that this is just a cycle that the earth is going through and there is some truth in that, as the earth is always evolving however, others assure it is caused by humans and they are correct, the data is overwhelming. The real dangers of GHG effects have just recently become understood (last 30 years), there is much evidence that GHGs are “gathering” at a rapid rate and starting to cause a warming effect that will change drastically over the next 15 years, have we not had some of the strangest weather patterns, extreme droughts, floods and storms and their extreme intensity over the past decade? This is due to the increase in these gases over the past 50 years and the cause for “climate change”. These weather patterns will increase in intensity every year and have already started!

There is another problem we are about to face, we have added a couple billion people to the planet, population growth will cause at least a 20% increase in GHG in the atmosphere over the next 20 years. These young people will complete school, build homes, factories and businesses, travel and consume mass quantities of fossil fuels, our main source of energy.

Fossil fuels from energy plants (coal, oil and natural gas) and transportation (oil and gas) makeup at least 75% of the planets GHG’s, as a note, the US Military consumes the most oil/diesel than any other entity globally. There are minimal efforts today to decrease the use of fossil fuels as our main source of energy, despite the propaganda we see on television and multi-media, the oil, gas and coal industries are drilling, extracting and mining at record levels despite the recent decline in oil prices and have no real intention of stopping however, some coal is actually beneficial to the atmosphere as it releases sulfuric aerosols that are considered cooling agents. The majority of these fossil fuels will be used for energy at power plants and transportation. There are also 1.2 billion people in developing countries without electricity, they use dung and wood for heating and cooking and these gases (black carbon) also contribute to the problem. Power companies (oil and gas) are trying to service them with energy from fossil fuels and in most cases, nothing is done at all. There will always be room for “some” fossil fuels but not at the levels today.

This white paper is not an attack on oil and gas companies, it has been written for all, to heighten our awareness to the single most important issue known to mankind.

The next 10 years are the most critical, if we, as humans, do not limit the emissions from fossil fuels (at least 70% by 2030) the quantities of GHGs and the warming affects will become irreversible and the warming cannot be stopped over our life span. It is not just the use (burning) of these fossil fuels, it is the drilling, extraction and distribution processes and other inefficiencies that allow many of the methane’s (natural gas) and CO2 to escape into the atmosphere, even at the well-head itself. As any entity publically states “natural gas is clean energy” is technically considered commercial fraud, as natural gas is over 83 times worse for the atmosphere than CO2. I can provide numerous data in this area such as:

In Alaska they are extracting oil and with oil comes gases, mainly methane/natural gas. The quantity of methane they release into the atmosphere in two weeks is the equivalent of what the western half of the USA consumes in one year. There is no infrastructure to capture the gases as oil has a better market price.

Most coal mines are full of methane, there are minimal efforts to flash it, they release it into the atmosphere, and the amounts are unknown because they are not reported, they do not take efforts to flash it or use it as a source of energy.

There are several holes recently found, some over 100 meters in diameter north of Siberia, they were blown from the inside out with some evidence that this was done on purpose and/or the permafrost has melted enough for the earth’s natural pressures to force the holes to open. This area is extremely rich in natural gas and is currently releasing these gases remember, Siberia is very close to the polar cap where methane has a life span of 30 years.

Siberia has an on and off again forest fire problem, the soot or black carbon is very short lived and falls to the ground quickly however, because it is so close to the polar circle, it falls on the ice cap, this allows the sun to heat and warm the darker color ice hence, melting the polar cap. The western US and Africa also has constant fires.

The EU, African countries, Canada, the USA and others are currently implementing infrastructure for oil and gas to be used for energy, there are no efforts to stop or minimize the use of oil and gas and any GHG market system is dwarfed by the quantities of oil and gas that will be burned for energy.

There are some developing country’s power plants, coal, LP and oil, that operate with 20 to 40% less efficiency than those of developed countries, some with extreme line loss, and there are minimal efforts to correct this problem.

There are many who are trying to melt the polar cap, they call it “blue ice”. If this were to happen, well, there is no measurement of the amount of gases under that cap, but there is gold and oil!

There are very wealthy people buying property in the far north and south i.e. Canada, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, etc. they are setting up airports and sea ports, housing and infrastructure – they are implementing their plans!

There is so much more data but I need to keep this paper as a summary.

This is evidence of gross global negligence by the oil and gas companies, governments and big business with bad intent

In the past 10 years, there has been great progress in measuring and understanding these long term effects (20-50 years), there is evidence that the warming effects will be such that it will cause great warming are create hot spots, the equator north and south “our deserts are growing”, but will warm the earth equally, the storms we see will grow in intensity and many will be greater than ever recorded. There are several measurement systems and models that recently have become very credible and accurate but the reporting agencies (IEA, IPCC and UNFCCC) do not always want to report the short term trends i.e. year 2050, the information is not shared by all countries and the “perfect” math model has recently been decided i.e. radiative forcing metric system, W/m2. There are many debates regarding these models and that is done purposely, “they” want to debate it, they want to waste time and resources to maintain their position and hopefully extend this issue out to the year 2030 where it becomes too late, or better said “to the point of no return” – please know that these gases, at the current and predicted quantities, will not “go away”, once we reach a specific amount, they cannot be stopped or mitigated.

This realization must come into effect by all humans and Governments - this is the first step in understanding the GHG levels globally and their “warming” effects and the proper mitigation. After a formal global Energy measurement system has been implemented then and only then can we measure and verify that our actions to mitigate and reduce GHGs are actually working, this will also enable us to produce a sound prediction over a defined time period for the reduction of GHGs. Please understand that over 75% of GHGs are from energy plants and transportation, it is more accurate to measure the reduction of energy and fuel consumption than the actual GHGs themselves as GHGs are very difficult to measure and result in a high degree of uncertainty.

Most models have the same trend; they show, with great certainty, that if we do not change our current path towards our dependency on fossil fuels, the warming will be so great that billions will perish from the planet, this will take place between the years NOW and 2045, in other words, most of us will not be here in 35 years. If we do not start this change now, these effects will be felt in the next 10 years and shortly after billions will perish. Use your imagination, what will it be like if the earth warms 4 to 6 degrees C? Keep in mind, 5 degrees does not seem like much however, have you been in a greenhouse when it was 80 degrees F outside? Inside the greenhouse it’s well over 100 degrees F, this is called the heat index. If this warming of 4-6 degrees C were to occur, 80% of the earths’ surface will be 120 to 180 degrees F. How much rising of the sea levels will there be (this has already started) how will we act, what wars will we start, what governments will want to take control? Humans cannot survive these temperatures, only the far north and south. It’s not hard to imagine, but it is something I wish not to dwell on, we need to use our efforts, resources and time to move forward and prevent this destruction.

As the warming effect becomes evident it will increase at a rate that will become uncontrollable and we, as humans, may not be able to stop it. It is imperative that we take extreme efforts to minimize the use of fossil fuels as our main source of energy. We need to move towards renewables and other sources that prevent harmful gases from causing such an affect and these efforts need to be taken now!

To summarize, we have less than 15 years to make this change, if we do not, then we may indeed meet our demise. They say that humans are the most intelligent species on the planet, and it’s time we act as such, it is time to use that intelligence to change our current path and prevent the extinction of our race. If this scares you, it should! It has come time in our existence to make formal decisions regarding our environment and humanity itself, the environment and atmosphere are something we all share, all humans have a vested interest – Life!

This interest goes beyond boarders, greed, color, race and religion. It goes beyond any politics and country special interests, it is the most basic common instinct called “self-preservation” and it has come time to make formal changes to prevent our expulsion.

I know this is hard to believe and you will not get this information from your local news media, you will not get it from your government or syndicated newspaper, you will not get it anywhere because some of the heads of state and government leaders do not want you to know, they themselves are embarking upon other methods to reduce GHG from causing this damage. And these methods will not work; they have been proven to make wealthy companies and countries even wealthier while increasing emissions. They are pursuing the implementation of a market based reduction system – they call it “carbon-trading” and this emerging market, if implemented, will no doubt destroy the planet.

A market based system has been in existence since 2002 i.e. EU ETS, and has proven to actually increase GHGs within the EU despite of “caps”, taxes, tariffs, trading values and other schemes which allow big business to make more profits and keep emitting these GHG gases. These schemes allow for “offsets”, companies receive a “permit” to keep polluting if they grow or buy trees elsewhere in the world, the theory is - those trees absorb the carbon equally to the emissions from the source. There is little evidence that GHGs are actually removed/absorbed, it’s all in theory. As the market allows for growing trees, in most cases they are already there, they have “financial control” which is meaningless as there is no physical displacement, then they initiate deforestation, cut the trees with diesel equipment i.e. chippers, dozers, logging trucks and sell to the paper and pulp industry which is a high energy intensive industry (pollution from energy plants) and none of these emissions are accounted for. Offsets (REDD and REDD+ projects) technically increase emissions! Organizations that receive offsets from this market technically murder land owners for the forest they own, they dry rivers that have been there for hundreds of years, this puts out the indigenous people that live on the river system, it destroys local communities and social integrity including economies, this is the application of the term “sustainability” The carbon trading industry is considered consumer fraud and soon, there will be many that are imprisoned thru law suits due to this overwhelming global LIE!

Many have heard the term “carbon footprint”, this too is a complete falsehood, the oil and gas industry has put the carbon blame on all humans, no one has a carbon footprint, it is the emissions from energy and transportation. Example: the “carbon market” allows for anyone who travels on an airplane/train/bus to receive a monetary carbon credit (offset) and if we do not get on the plane to travel, we have saved/reduced emissions – how? The plane/train/bus took off anyway and there is no reduction, again, a complete lie for the sake of profit. This applies to car rentals and other modes of transportation, it even applies to organizations that purchase “low carbon” products when in fact, the carbon could never be measured i.e. raw materials to end of use – this is carbon footprint and life cycle assessment (LCA) that could never be measured and these same emissions are counted double, triple and over and over again by any organization, they all claim the same emissions reductions from the same sources and engage in the market for profit. This allows the oil and gas industry to keep polluting and never be held accountable for reductions! When organizations purchase these carbon credits, they can pollute even more and sell them to other organizations with the falsehood “claims of reductions” – it is an overwhelming lie!

It is very simple . . .

The “greed” for monetary gain will always supersede the “need” for the environment.

We, as humans, cannot allow this to proceed; it will be detrimental to our existence! We shall not put blame on the oil and gas sector, we shall blame ignorance. Ignorance by humans who actually decided to burn oil, coal and natural gas for energy, we didn’t know then what we know now. This started during the industrial revolution in the 1850’s then grew with the use of oil in lanterns and furnaces to light and heat our homes and businesses, as Rockefeller was a “tycoon” in the oil industry in the late 1800’s, the combustion engine was born and the rest is history. We did not know then what we know now. The anthropogenic effects (human emissions) are hundreds of times more damaging to the atmosphere than the natural releases of carbon and methane’s from the earth soil and water.

We do have time; we have about 10 years to make this paradigm shift from fossil fuels to alternative sources, the first major reduction shall come from natural gas extraction and use. The time line is this – we have to achieve at least 70% reduction of our fossil fuel use by 2030, if we do not meet this deadline then, between the years 2030 and 2050 billions of humans will perish including those reading this white paper!

The oil, gas and coal companies, mainly oil and gas, need to invest in these alternative sources. Of course, there has been great efforts to use wind, solar, tide and other renewable sources however, it is not enough, the oil and gas companies are not investing in these technologies, despite what the media is telling you, remember, most media is owned by the governments and they have a plan – a carbon-trading market e.g. oil and gas have a better market price and profit than wind and solar. We are currently implementing more infrastructure for oil and gas, the EU has been sold on the idea that Natural gas is cleaner, the US has done the same, pipelines are being implemented as you read this – how can we say we are limiting the use of fossil fuels when we are currently implementing infrastructure for them? This makes no sense and is illogical!

These carbon trading schemes allow the calculations and measurement of an organization’s emissions to the atmosphere, they also allow the reporting of GHGs from purchased energy where approximately 75% of all organizations purchase energy from the power plant or grid. One must use logic and ask themselves, why, why would a business or company report carbon or GHG’s as they save energy within their own company boundaries? In most cases, they do not emit GHG; they calculate GHG as atheoretical to the grid or power plants that actually emit the GHGs. In other words, companies (75%) emit very few GHGs, they report the GHG emissions for the energy plants from the energy bill – where is the logic in this? Why are companies and businesses being penalized, (tax, tariff, cap and trade)? In most cases, companies and businesses are forced to purchase their energy from the electric or gas company! This is the “falsehood” of GHG reporting, a system that has been set up by the oil companies and the international community. The oil, gas and coal companies in 2002 hid behind an energy bill, they want you and all businesses to believe that businesses and companies emit GHG; they are putting the “blame” on us, as “we” have a carbon footprint – this is the lie.

The real emitters of GHG are the energy plants and transportation companies themselves and there is no evidence that when businesses save energy an energy plant reduces GHGs, in most cases (90%), this cannot be measured. This is the “lie” that heads of state and governments want you to believe, they wish to impose “cap and trade” as a solution, they call it incentive but it’s actually profit that leads to an increase in GHGs.

The UN, UNFCC, ISO, IAF, IPCC, CASCO, ICAP, GRI (most of these entities are based in the EU) big business and large countries alike support a market based reduction system. This is a perfect system to manipulate a market and “redistribute” the wealth and move towards a central monetary system. They want control, a central monetary system and as this occurs, the environment will suffer at our expense - humanity.

“The greed for monetary gain will always supersede the need for the environment”

What can we do? Be creative, use our “intelligence” to invent, create, innovate and give all our efforts toward renewables and alternative fuel sources and carbon capture systems, design efficiencies into current oil and gas burning systems and processes. Insist that the oil and gas companies, big business and developed countries invest in alternative fuels and or the capture of emissions from current fossil fuels. Efforts can include:

Unlocking the hydrogen in water thru vibration, water is the most abundant resource, as seen used on a 12V system

Implement the most recent technology “free energy” thru the use of plasma - this is the answer to our energy problems - Keshe!

  • Implement and improve carbon capture and storage 
  • Replace existing AC power grid to DC – in the US, a 75% reduction of emissions can result 
  • Improve solar cells, implement in cities, and create methods for solar use in transportation, we have increased solar efficiency 8000% - free energy is on the way 
  • Tap into tide energy throughout the planet and improve its energy output 
  • Hydro plants are very clean and need to be used where applicable 
  • Close down or take extreme efforts for more efficient use of current oil, gas and coal plants 
  • Assist developing countries in efficient use of power plants, offer clean energy to those using dung and wood for energy, heat and cooking 
  • Assist the oil and gas companies in extraction of these resources by imposing heavy fines for those that release excessive emissions, this should include regulatory monitoring of the releases – limit or eliminate the extraction process, humanity can implement other sources to replace oil and gas 
  • Encourage more use of bio-fuels at energy plants and transportation 
Require all countries to accurately measure, monitor and report the total energy consumption including fuels, power plant efficiencies and major consumers i.e. transportation, paper and pulp, cement, metal foundries, etc.
  • Refine current nuclear technology and use, invent other “perpetual” like energy sources i.e. gravity, alternative fuels, Geo-thermal and others 
Require even more efficient use of building materials and buildings that are energy efficient i.e. insulation, color, paint, glass, built below ground, natural light, etc.
  • Reduce energy consumption from all uses and wean ourselves off the power grid
DO NOT accept “Adaptation”, as this technically is concede or giving up – how long will we adapt??? Until we are gone, minimal efforts should be on adaptation, all resources need to be used to prevent NOT react!
  • Implement restoration projects such as cloud seeding and others
Implement radiative forcing metric system globally, W/m2 to measure the mitigation efforts, this is an extremely accurate method of measuring the affects of GHGs on the atmosphere and warming at the surface. 

It has come that humans need to work together to assure a sustainable future for our children and generations to come – this is the definition of “sustainability”. The average citizen can help, even in small ways i.e. turn off or change the lights, turn down the heat, use efficient appliances, air conditioning, etc. but it will take all of us, if billions of humans reduce their energy consumption, this causes a big effect however, the biggest reductions will have to come from the energy and transportation companies globally.

We need to teach our children the same, this creates an energy conscious culture on a global basis. However, we must focus on the immediate, the main contributors to global warming are the energy plants and transportation companies from fossil fuels. They owe it to all of us to work together and implement a remedy to mitigate this situation. Global warming does not discriminate, no matter how rich or poor, how intelligent or simple – it affects all humans and life forms on this planet!

We need to come together and enact that age old instinct called “self-preservation”. There is no greater cause, there are no greater efforts to be taken than humanity and our existence – this is not our fate. We, as humans, may someday perish from the planet, we don’t know when but now, the next 40 years . . . this is not our fate. We have caused this effect, we can correct it but it will take all of us, all humans, all countries, all big business and our best technology and creativity to prevent us from extinction!

I don’t know any other words I can use to convince you how real and how important it is to make major changes in the use of fossil fuels. I spent over 5 years working on this paper to ensure that all readers could understand, it is very complex and difficult to accept however, this is the Truth about GHG!

I am sure that many that read this white paper will refute and will give great efforts to “debunk” these claims. I say “it’s better to believe and be wrong than not believe and be right”. Many that refute these claims will want to discuss and debate this issue “for years” until it’s too late.

I personally sit with and meet climate, environmental and energy experts from 100 plus countries, and I have found something that brought me to my knees, I did not see one chart, graph or attend one meeting or read a paper, book or article, I chased something for one and a half years, not knowing where it was leading me. I always knew that GHG was “bad” for the environment but how bad, what is the evidence and timeline? I am one who needs evidence to be convinced – well I found it, I spent days on end and even now I cry, every day I shed a tear, a tear for humanity, a tear for this beautiful planet that we are about to “burn up”, the animals, plants, waters and sheer beauty – it is “God’s gift” to humanity and who are we to destroy it? This is not our fate, not yet, we shall not fail as we are human and have the intelligence to prevent this catastrophe.

I ask all of you, all humans: the corporate rich, governments, seekers of monetary gain, politicians and average humans to give extreme efforts and work together to remedy this situation. I ask that we look beyond our borders, beyond politics and policy, beyond productivity and economies - we share a common environment and it belongs to all of us and our generations to come. The dependence on fossil fuels must decline over the next 10 years or . . . we will not be here in less than 50!

I am a common person, I am not a scientist nor do I have a PhD however, I am technically astute and I have a natural instinct called logic and common sense and I sincerelycare about others and this planet. I have traveled much and found that this is a normal instinct of most humans – It is time that we come together and give all efforts towards a cause, a cause greater than we have ever known. It is saddening that a white paper like this needs to be written. I personally will never stop my efforts to make this change; I made a promise to my children, that they will live a full life! And I will remove all obstacles in order to keep that promise.

I need your help, all of you, give any efforts you can – it’s not enough just to stand and stare, think that others will do this for us (governments and big business), it can’t be just a dream or you’ll find that you’re joining in “the turning away”. This is your fate, our fate; this is our planet, our children and generations to come. Please don’t join inthe turning away, it will take all of us.

I ask that you research on your own, read the UNFCCC’s meeting minutes, ISO pages, ICAP, IPCC, international communities working on GHG protocols and movements within your country’s government, please be aware of the bureaucratic terminology. Review websites such as carbon trade watch, IEA, the climate registry and others. See for yourself what “they” are doing, be cautious when hearing the oil company advertisements telling you they are investing in alternative fuels – I do significant work in this sector and there is no slow-down in oil and gas production. Some want to spend resources in “adaptation” efforts, why would we “adapt”? This is illogical as our efforts and resources need to be spent on preventing the destruction NOT adapting to it – this is only one of the false systems that “they” want us to engage in, they want us to accept it, this is called “psychological manipulation of the human race” and there are many that will attempt to convince you of these schemes.

Some of the evidence of warming occurring:

  • The seas are rising at an alarming rate, the melting and warming are exceeding all predictions – is a good source of information on this topic 
  • The west pacific ocean has extreme warming (recently detected) up to 1000 feet deep, the warmth is spilling into the Indian sea, the oceans are “stressed” and about to unleash an amount of warmth and carbon that cannot be measured 
  • An island in the north-west pacific in Alaska is about to be covered in water, the US is about to be a victim of climate change, people will be displaced and this will not stop, it is just getting started 
  • The north-west perimeter of Greenland has extreme melt of the icebergs that have been there for millions of years, it took over 130 years to melt 8 miles and the last 25 years to melt over 100 miles – this is overwhelming evidence of the warming (see for more information) 
The IPCC 4th and 5th assessment reports clearly show that the warming and melting is exceeding all predictions which includes the rising of the seas.
  • Regions that experience droughts are increasing in length and in temperatures – in 2015 there were areas in India that exceeded 150 degrees F – this will increase globally 
  • The “radiation” from the sun in most areas south of the equator i.e. South America and Australia have reported an extreme increase in skin cancer, this is due to the ozone depletion and GHG concentrations 
The last 15 of 16 years (1998 to 2014 are the hottest ever recorded since 1850 – and it’s not stopping, the year 2015 just surpassed 2-15 for the hottest year on record!

We have officially (Feb 2016) increased the global temperature 1.1 degrees C since 1990 – at the end of year 2020 it is predicted that we will increase the GMT to 1.78 degrees C - how are we supposed to prevent < 2 Degrees C before 2100?

There is so much more evidence, please research on your own to find the truth!

I have added a simple chart to show how much radiative forcing (global warming) by country, as you can see, the us pollutes 3 times more than any country, the majority of the warming is due to natural gas/methane and years of other emissions that are still in the atmosphere.

Here are more data recently published (August 2016) from NOAA – please visit their website and or for more evidence of this global problem.

NOAA August 2016 Report -

  • International report confirms Earth is hot and getting hotter
  • 2015 topped 2014 as warmest year on record with help from El Nino
An annual State of the Climate report has confirmed that 2015 surpassed 2014 as the warmest year on record since at least the mid-to-late 19th century.

Last year’s record heat resulted from a combination of long-term global warming and one of the strongest El Niño experienced since at least 1950, according to the more than 450 scientists that contributed to the report. They found that most indicators of climate change continued to reflect trends consistent with a global warming.

Notable findings from the report include:

  • Greenhouse gases were the highest on record. Major greenhouse gas concentrations, including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide, rose to new record high values during 2015. The 2015 average global CO2 concentration was 399.4 parts per million (ppm), an increase of 2.2 ppm compared with 2014. 
  • Global surface temperature was the highest on record. Aided by the strong El Niño, the 2015 annual global surface temperature was 0.76–0.83 degrees F (0.42°–0.46°C) above the 1981–2010 average, surpassing the previous record set in 2014. 
  • Sea surface temperature was the highest on record. The globally averaged sea surface temperature was 0.59–0.70 degrees F (0.33°–0.39°C) above average, breaking the previous mark set in 2014. 
  • Global upper ocean heat content highest on record. Upper ocean heat content exceeded the record set in 2014, reflecting the continuing accumulation of heat in the ocean’s top layers. 
  • Global sea level rose to a new record high in 2015. It measured about 2.75 inches (70 mm) higher than that observed in 1993, when satellite record-keeping for global sea level rise began. 
  • Tropical cyclones were well above average, overall. There were 101 tropical cyclones total across all ocean basins in 2015, well above the 1981-2010 average of 82 storms. The eastern/central Pacific had 26 named storms, the most since 1992. The North Atlantic, in contrast, had fewer storms than most years during the last two decades. 
  • The Arctic continued to warm; sea ice extent remained low. The Arctic land surface temperature in 2015 was 2.2 degrees F (1.2°C) above the 1981-2010 average, tying 2007 and 2011 as the highest on record. The maximum Arctic sea ice extent reached in February 2015 was the smallest in the 37-year satellite record, while the minimum sea ice extent that September was the fourth lowest on record.
I apologize for not providing more evidence of these claims, there is a significant amount of data and most difficult to include in this white paper. However, at an international level there are many addressing this issue and some are using logic and common sense to minimize the use of fossil fuels for energy and prevent the release of GHG’s, others have a different agenda and they need to be stopped!

A market based GHG reduction system does not and will never work!

This includes tariffs, taxes, cap and trade schemes, regulatory laws and carbon credits.

PLEASE do not listen to those that tell you otherwise, they will give great efforts to convince you that a trading scheme is “best policy”, do not listen to governments, big business, oil companies, your professor at the university – all of them have an interest and it’s usually based on self-monetary gain – GREED or BAD INTENT!

Please translate and share this white paper, it is intended for all humans!

Authored by: A Human

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