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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Response from Show Me Gal -- "So You Don't Believe Monsanto is Poisoning You?"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

In reference to:

Have been doing so for Y E A R S . I am older than dirt…was raised on a farm and middle of three girls. I loved to help my dad on the farm. Use to put the RoundUp in the bins. My Dad said one time, “Ya know, this is the same stuff that they use over in Vietnam, Agent Orange.” This was in the mid to late 60s. My aunt, uncle, and cousins lived across the way. She ended up getting breast cancer and he got Charcot-Marie-Tooth (hereditary disease no one in our family ever had). I truly believe it got into the well water and that is what caused the cancer. Had a cousin die young, just a year older than me. The New World Order is behind all of this and has been for years. All the Nazi scientists came over here and went to the pharmaceutical companies, etc. Positions of power and they still had their agenda in mind when they came over here.

Just read the horrific story regarding the gas chambers and the Catholig church also. 18 MILLION people and not just jews. Then they come over here and Eisenhower (who I thought I “kinda liked”…until I read that story…and then remembered he confiscated all the gold) says “Come on in!”. Truman also. I was raised outside of Independence, Missouri and had great pride in Truman, then realizing the atomic bomb and the absolute destruction that caused. Atomic ANYTHING is not good.

Now we have chemtrails, HAARP, Monsanto STILL, Fukishima, vaccines, eradication of several species of animal/plant life - - - we are next if we don’t get out act together folks! We have GOT to clean this place up. The oceans – I want to get all the oil drilling OUT of the oceans…I want the plastic islands that are twice the size of Texas brought in and reconfigured into structural components for housing.

I really truly miss living in the country…right now I am in a tiny studio apartment with a twin bed and wall to wall “stuff”…no recliner, just an office chair. Getting a little tired of this. Had to pay my car insurance and it brought my “money supply” down to NOTHING practically…I sure hope the RV happens soon. If not I remember on one of the calls Yosef said someone borrowed against their currency. I wonder if anyone has any information regarding that. I can’t last past the end of the year…I, too, will be homeless.

Speaking of which, KARMA. I have trouble thinking “Karma” when there were 18 MILLION people who died in the gas chambers. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around that one I tell you.

Sorry for this dissertation, don’t post much and all this came out. Sorry if it seems “disjointed”…but it is what it is, huh?

UPWARD and onward. We are soon to be at our goal. Our starting line raring to go to help others less fortunate than ourselves. I had a step-brother who was homeless, more or less by choice. He ended up freezing to death, finally breaking into someone’s basement only to have the cops call on him. He ended up dying in jail. My step-dad was crying when he told me that, it just plain broke my heart. Yeah, I understand karma after having been “traumatized” twice on government jobs through no real fault of my own…I think the karma was “pride”…that is the only thing I can figure out. Was excellent at what I did and gave my all. Coworkers did not like that too much evidently. Twice. Needless to say I am a loner and more or less just existing until funding arrives. Pray this RV in!

I AM manifesting my RV currency exchange! See? I learn!

Show Me Gal

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