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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Geopolitical Overview -- December 14, 2016

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Geopolitical Overview

December 14, 2016


So much has happened, and is happening geopolitically, it makes the head spin. Where to begin. Ah, Syria. Yes, very important place both right now and in history as this is where Christ walked and preached with his disciples. No wonder Islamic radicals sponsored by nation states such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UK, France, Germany and USA, Inc wanted it gone. They all have one thing in common--an unquenchable lust to serve the anti-Christ.

What if things that are occurring now in full view of the public really are biblical in nature and scope, and no longer should any of us consider them just radical geopolitics, military conflicts or necessary harsh transitions in the financial system? Maybe God is rooting out all rebellious evil in the Middle East, West, East, Southeast Asia, New Zealand/Australia/Canada, Latin and South Americas… maybe He's cleaning up and we're being made witnesses to prophecy being fulfilled? Because if you look at everything occurring with eyes, you won't see banking, date and rate... you'll see the geopolitics and spiritual resolutions blending to create a new or restored universal order… and all in the name of Christ… including the Chinese Han Elders I might add.

That might make for an entirely different currency redemption experience, huh? Different motivation because you're redeeming your own soul as sovereign pledge back to God and the spineless jellyfish of those who claim to be the creators of mankind and/or children of some off planet race?

Such a perspective, while radical, brings with it a fresh rationale for taking say the sovereign rates over the screen rates. Saving your species and planet is kinda of a big deal. Thus, perhaps it's wise at this late juncture to put all possibilities on the table because it should be pretty obvious to all that we're collectively witnessing history being made of of epic proportions, as once thought insurmountable forces are being brought to their knees and quickly.

Take Germania, the model of EU strength and discipline, who literally has no more Russian natural gas left in their pipes and cannot heat their nation's homes through the winter, as their EU allies Ukraine refuse to allow new gas supplies to a) be purchased and b0 pass through their pipelines. What to do for Mrs. Merkel? Resign perhaps before her March 2017 elections? Is this what we in the West are waiting on? 
Or are we just waiting on Ukraine to accept and implement the Minsk Agreement and change out their government and currency? Or both?

There's also a desperate energy vortex hijack attempt going on now in Palmyra, which is where the Islamic state has decided to make a Butch Cassidy / Sundance Kid-esque stand in an effort to restock their evil energy supply, which is being savagely reduced by 24/7/365 hunting ghost squads of special forces from our US Republic, Iran and Russia. These "special unites" don't mess around and don't ask questions. They find bad guys, they kill the bad guys, and they leave.

That's sadly where we are in terms of diplomacy. Those who persist in anti-Christ type efforts are just being annihilated off the planet. As the God or not God choice is real… and that goes for all of us I might add, not just warriors fighting armed battles on behalf of good and evil. Judgement is here. And surrender and continued rebellion are your only two choices.

President Assad of Syria has been a beacon of strength and shelter for the Orthodox Christian communities of the Middle East, and why he is so hated by Israel and the entire radical Muslim caliphate. Christ is not their savior. Yet they exist here with so many Christians, and occupy their Holy Land. Not vice versa. Palestine will return to pre-1947 boundaries and there's nothing Israel or Khazarian Empire royal families can do about it. This is why the changing of the guard at the UN this week was such a big deal, and why its new president mentioned Israel/Palestine relations in his remarks.

So basically, what we are witnessing less all the banks and call centers right at this moment prepping for a pre-Christmas revaluation of currencies and historic bond gift at anytime, is the the final spiritual war to conclude just as it was predicted in multiple religious texts. And whether you believe this post, understand this post, have studied the topics contained in this post or simply don't agree with nor care about the contents discussed in this post--this is what is going on in your world--and all must either adapt or die in the new era of light.

Heaven is retaking the earth and reclaiming all who have sincerely sworn their soul allegiance back to the light of God, and way from the hellfire warriors who have exercised sinful acts beyond understanding for a dozen plus millennia; and even claimed control of the earth and all its riches, as well as God's sacred species Hu-manity just because we are physical stewards for a slice of His Divine Oversoul--what a rare blessing in all the cosmos this is no question.

Thank you Abba.

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