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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hawaii's Cabal Stooges, Corruption in Hawaii

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Hawaiian Civic Club Money Secretly Funneled into Fake Indian Tribe

By Selected News Articles @ 12:27 PM


From, December 17, 2016

The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (AHCC) Board of Directors, headed by recently re-elected AHCC president and US federal recognition proponent Annell Amaral has announced they are forming a partnership with both the Council For Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) and the Sovereign Council Of The Hawaiian Home Lands Assembly (SCHHA) to further the process of turning Kanaka Maoli into a US Indian tribe. AHCC leadership has voted to commit AHCC funding to further this process.

This is an outrage for for two reasons -

First, no one in the Hawaiian Civic Club membership was consulted ahead of time.

Second, during the recent AHCC convention, a resolution was passed by Hawaiian Civic Club delegates from the convention floor recognizing the Hawaiian Kingdom as still existing.

If you are a Hawaiian Civic Club member, we encourage you to ask these questions -
Who authorized the AHCC BOD to form this partnership?
Were you consulted in this move ahead of time?
Did you participate in this decision?
Who does the AHCC BOD actually represent other than themselves?
Why would the AHCC BOD so blatantly disregard the voice of Hawaiian Civic Club members who have already clearly spoken on the continued existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom?


Tell them they don't speak for you either as a Hawaiian Civic Club member, Hawaiian Homesteader, Hawaiian Kingdom National or Kanaka Maoli.

Tell them this is a contradiction of what Hawaiian Civic Club members have already decided.

Tell them you are outraged at a few making decisions for everyone and are opposed to their blatant disregard the will of the people.
Email them at



2014: CNHA-OHA Backroom Deal to Control ‘Nation Building’?
2014: Leaked Emails Show Hawaiian Civic Club Leaders Squabble Over OHA Tribe 'Consortium'
2015: CNHA Hijacks Civic Clubs to Push for Fake Indian Tribe
2016: Annelle Amaral overjoyed by the Fake Indian Tribe announcement

OHA Employee Satisfaction Survey--The Fix is In

Dear Editor, December 14, 2016

Not too long ago we at OHA finished taking an “employee satisfaction survey”. Call it whatever you want. They call it the Ka Aha Survey. In a nutshell employees are asked for their opinion of how OHA is doing with its own core values and how OHA can be made better. Since no one upstairs and the Board has never listened to the results, this seems to be the only best way to get the message out.

When we did the last survey we said that the “core values” borderline non-existent. Last year the employees were clear that we have to get rid of people who aren't doing their jobs and we have to fix the ethics of how OHA is run. Today it's even worse. Plenty people quit this year and most of them were good ones. They got tired of dealing with OHA. The problem with the survey is that the information was massaged to make it look better than it really was. But of course, there are people padding it to make (OHA CEO) Kamanao (Crabbe) look better than he really is. People are putting in important information is being added and it gets “scrubbed”. It's all show.

This survey is another chance for Kamanao to grandstand with his cronies and talk about how much work OHA has to do. Everyone is saying him and his cronies have to go. His Research Director won't let anything be known unless it has a good spin to it. His CFO doesn't want any auditors coming around or any outside grant funds coming in because then it would mean that they have to accountable to someone. His Community Engagement Director was given the questions and answers to the interview well before the interview...the fix was in.

Employees getting pay raises because of their connections. Employees getting away with not doing their jobs, and in fact they get invited to meetings with Kamanao to discuss “employee retention issues”.

What will it take to fix this place?

Scott Yamamoto
Honolulu, Oahu

By Selected News Articles @ 1:41 AM

PDF: Puana v Kealoha Lawsuit Text
HNN: Lawsuit alleges police chief, wife engaged in 'pattern of racketeering'
KHON: The lawsuit also names several police officers. Puana’s attorney tells us the lawsuit was filed Wednesday because the statute of limitations was about to expire, but they will wait until the federal investigation of misconduct against the chief and his wife are done before moving forward.
CB: Stealing money, forging documents, conducting improper surveillance and lying to investigators… The suit also blames Police Chief Louis Kealoha for intentionally causing the mistrial in the mailbox theft case as it played out in federal court.

Caldwell Raises Property Taxes 5.9% By Jacking up Assessments

By News Release @ 12:31 AM

HNN: Property taxes to increase by an average of 5.9%

KITV: City tax assessments rise, Waianae coast sees double digits

KHON: Real property assessments on the rise, city to send out notices

Officials say the total assessed valuation of all taxable real property on Oahu has increased from $227.87 billion to $241.36 billion, an overall increase of 5.9 percent.

Among residential properties, the biggest jump was in Leeward Oahu, where the assessed value of homes increased 12.6 percent, followed by the North Shore at 9.7 percent, and Kaaawa to Kahuku at 9.5 percent.

* * * * *

City sending 2017 real property assessments

News Release from City and County of Honolulu, December 14, 2016

Honolulu – The city’s Real Property Assessment Division under the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services has prepared the 2017 real property assessment notices applicable to the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Tomorrow, the city will send approximately 300,000 notices via the United States Postal Service. For those who have subscribed to electronic delivery by way of email, they will immediately receive their assessment notice tomorrow morning.

The total assessed valuation of all taxable real property on O‘ahu has increased from $227.87 billion to $241.36 billion, an overall increase of 5.9 percent. New developments, including residential subdivisions, condominiums, commercial and industrial projects, and construction of new buildings and improvements to existing parcels and increases in the values of properties, were contributing factors for the overall increase (see attached map). 2017 Property Tax Map

The overall gross valuations of residential properties increased from $183.36 billion to $192.86 billion, or 5.2 percent. Hotel and resort class increased 15.9 percent, commercial property values increased 7.1 percent, and industrial property values increased 5.6 percent. These changes represent islandwide totals which may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood and may not reflect the value change of an individual property.

The assessment notice is not a tax bill, but a statement of what the city has determined to be the property’s assessed value, tax classification, granted exemption amount, net taxable value, and any applicable special assessment. The 2017 assessed valuations were set as of October 1, 2016, and are based on sales of similar properties through June 30, 2016.

The net taxable value is one of the two components used to calculate the real property taxes for the city’s upcoming fiscal year, July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. The other component is the tax rate. The tax rates will be set by the City Council during June 2017, as they finalize the budget. The real property tax bill of an individual property is determined by multiplying the net taxable value by the appropriate tax rate.

The Department of Budget and Fiscal Services has set up an “Appeal Hotline” during the period of December 15, 2016 through January 13, 2017, between the business hours of 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The public may call (808) 768-7000 with any question they may have or if they feel there is a discrepancy in their property description and/or value. Questions and inquiries may also be submitted via email to

Owners who wish to dispute their real property assessment may file an appeal during the period of December 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017. To obtain an appeal form, Website visitors may also file an online appeal to the Board of Review by clicking the “File An Appeal” icon.

In an effort to expedite the appeal process and to minimize your wait time for a Board of Review hearing date, the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services is requesting appellants to submit their evidence and supporting documentation with their appeal or shortly thereafter. If submitting supporting documents separately from the appeal form, please include your name, Parcel ID (Tax Map Key), year of the appeal, contact information such as phone number, mailing address, or email address, and submit to either office noted below.

For additional real property tax information, visit This mobile device friendly website offers online services that reduce paper and streamline operations while providing more efficient service to the public. There are website links to current individual property records and historical real property data. Property owners may also register to receive their real property assessment notices via email, pay property taxes electronically, file a home exemption claim, and file an appeal to the Board of Review. Property owners who reside in their property are encouraged to file a home exemption claim, if they have not already done so.

Property owners who have not received their 2017 Assessment Notice by December 31, 2016, are advised to contact the Real Property Assessment Division at either of the locations listed below:

Real Property Assessment Division
842 Bethel Street, Basement, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 768-3799

Real Property Assessment Division
1000 Uluohia Street, #216, Kapolei, HI 96707
Phone: (808) 768-3799

NOTE: THE CITY & COUNTY CONTINUES TO COMMIT EXTORTION AGAIST THE PEOPLE , WHEN IN THE COURT OF LAW THE CITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULU CAN NOT RODUCE THE TITLES TO LANDS IN WHICH IT IS ILLEGALLY TAXING, SO THE CAN HIDE THE EXCESSIVE MONEY EMBEZZELMENTMENT OF THE RAIL PROJECT WHICH THE HAWAIIANS NEVER WANTED. FROM SENATE BILL KNOWN AS SB 1502 WRIITEN BY THEN GOV. NEIL ABERCROMBIE QUOTE: In 1993, the United States formally apologized to Native Hawaiians for the United States’ role in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom through Public Law 103-150 (107 Stat. 1510), commonly known as the “Apology Resolution”. The Apology Resolution acknowledges that the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom occurred with the active participation of agents and citizens of the United States and further acknowledges that the Native Hawaiian people never directly relinquished to the United States their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people over their national lands, either through a Treaty of Annexation or through a plebiscite or referendum. The Apology Resolution expresses the commitment of Congress and the President to acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom


Pursuant to the bankruptcy Act of 1933 and the Congressional Acts of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 obligation of the United States and Pursuant to the Social Security Act of 1935 Federal Grants given to each State for each LIVE Birth Certificates and the Alien Registration Act of 1940, verifying the birth of those being born United States Government holds the insurance coverage to discharge and pay debt



TAX IS A FEDERAL ISSUE SO IS LAND, NOW HOWS GOING TO ARREST THE MAYOR FOR FRAUD18 U.S. Code Chapter 47 IMBESSELMENT 18 U.S. Code Chapter 41 AND RUNNING A CONTINUING FINANCIAL CRIMES ENTERPRISE 18 U.S. Code § 225. 18 U.S. Code § 2381, 18 U.S. Code § 2382,18 U.S. Code § 2385, 18 U.S.C. § 1961(5). 6.

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