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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 21, 2018

All HAARP repeaters located in Wyoming were successfully destroyed.

The Cabal's attempt to set off Yellowstone Caldera was thwarted.

Several dark energy field emitters were also destroyed in the process near and around Yellowstone National Park.

Alliance Ghost Teams obtained further documents from one of the hidden underground Cabal outposts before they were all destroyed.

These documents revealed the location of another outpost under Torc Mountain, Ireland.

The documents also included construction plans of another portal gate at this outpost.

The Alliance have dispatched Ghost Teams to the location in Ireland.

The wild goose chase continues.

The collapse of the financial system remains imminent.

Whether the Cabal have been totally neutralized or not, the Alliance will release the RV if the financial system is about to collapse.

The finger is on the trigger for the RV release. Ready to replace the old financial system with the new quantum financial system at a moments notice.




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Friday, December 9, 2016

Stand up for Constitution, Stand up to Trump

More democrat bitterness... - OD

Source: The Hill | by Harald Fuller-Bennett, Contributor

Electors: Stand up for Constitution, stand up to Trump

12/08/16 03:41 PM EST

© Getty Images

The Electoral College was written into the Constitution as a check against tyranny. Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist Papers that the College was designed to ensure “that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

Hamilton went on to say that the purpose of the Electoral College is to preserve “the sense of the people,” while at the same time ensuring that a president is chosen by electors who would “afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder.”

Donald Trump has demonstrated a predilection for tyranny at home and chaos abroad, and the Electoral College is our constitutional safety valve that can keep him out of the White House. The reasons Donald Trump is incapable of fulfilling the duties of the Presidency are myriad.

I will not repeat all, or even most of them, here. Trump’s tweet calling for political protesters — such as those who would burn the American flag — to be jailed and stripped of their citizenship is one such example. As Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) pointed out, “no president is allowed to burn the First Amendment.”

The Electoral College will vote on December 19. At least one Republican elector, and seven Democrats, have stated that they will not cast their votes for Trump or Clinton, but will choose a qualified Republican instead. For every elector that has declared their intentions publicly, there might be three, five, or even ten that consider themselves Hamilton Electors, but are not announcing as such for fear of the pressure and threats they would face.

We the people must embolden these electors by expressing our support in the public square, by reading and discussing the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, and by debating who the compromise candidate should be. The clear support of the people will hearten the electors to fulfill their constitutional duty and protect our Republic.

Americans that love our country, our liberties, and our Constitution can help this movement continue to grow, just by talking about it nonstop for the next twelve days.

Let's be clear: there are risks to this strategy. Unfortunately, in times of great turmoil, there are no safe harbors. To do nothing, and allow the last Constitutional hurdle standing in the way of a despot to slip away, is equally risky. Donald Trump will soon have the full police and military powers of the federal government at his disposal. He is consolidating his power. If we do not use the Constitution’s safety valve now, we may not get another chance.

The Hamilton Elector movement is gaining in the national consciousness, as indicated by John Kasich's announcement this week that the electors should not vote for him. With luck, the next compromise candidate will be more willing than Kasich to shoulder this important burden.

To Democrats: Many have argued that the Electoral College should pick Clinton because she overwhelmingly won the popular vote. However, Republican electors are simply not going to vote for her. If the election was theoretically flipped to Clinton at this late date, there would likely be civil unrest, and perhaps even civil war. Under such circumstances, she would struggle to be a uniting force, and would find it nigh-impossible to govern. This is a compromise to be sure, but compromise is what is needed right now.

To Republicans: Your party will still control the White House, and both houses of Congress. A Republican agenda will still be pursued, but pursued by a competent statesman, not an erratic and impulsive reality TV star.

To all of America: For the next twelve days, let’s put every ounce of energy we have into the cause of saving the country. Together, we have the power to create a national clamor so loud the Electoral College, and potential compromise candidates, cannot help but acknowledge it and respond.

Clearly this is a long shot, but the unexpected has become the reality more than once this election season. It is not too much to hope and work for a Christmas miracle at the Electoral College.

Harald Fuller-Bennett is an independent activist concerned about the state of our Republic and is based in Takoma Park, MD.

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