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Friday, December 16, 2016

The 20 Truths that Nobody will Dare Say in Public

Source: Dinar Chronicles

1. For 13 millennia the earth has been enslaved by alien species here to mine and rape all of its natural resources.

2. Gold is used as food on other planets, in other civilizations, and why it has such high value.

3. Donald Trump is an alien hybrid, Khazarian Empire Ashkenazi heir, pedofile, sex addict, business thief and now a political operative that 62 million sleeping Americans voted for.

4. Career Khazarian Empire Aschkenazi Hillary Rodham Clinton has long been dead, even before this past election and 65 million sleeping Americans voted for her.

5. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been the Republic of United States President since October 2015 and will ultimately transition power to himself on January 20, 2017.

6. The electoral college system has already been removed from the US Constitution by the hidden Republic Congress. Thus, there is no legal elector college vote on December 19. It's result is also irrelevant.

7. The current version of President Obama is clone with a walk in benevolent soul here to oversee GESARA.

8. Humanity's own Russia/China/Iran forces defeated the Anglo-Saxon Alliance that created ISIS in a little over one year.

9. The Sovereign Nation of Israel is going to be the little brother within the Sovereign Nation of Palestine very soon and permanently.

10. Paper and coined money will be eliminated by 2030.

11. All poverty, war, disease, homeless, crime will be eradicated within a millennia's lifetime.

12. Individual transport modules (cars) can fly using zero point magnetic energy, and we will all be self flying sooner than later.

13. Interstellar (planet to planet) travel is already possible.

14. Multi-dimension (time to time) travel is already possible.

15. 900 species foreign to the earth and not named humanity already exist in or on earth's gravitational plane.

16. The human body can be comfortably sustained for several centuries, not less than 80% of one.

17. The human population will decline after the event because fewer non-physical souls will need to incarnate or re-incarnate.

18. The white race is alien in origin to earth and Zionistic by design.

19. Nuclear weapons will never be used again on the surface of the earth per galactic treaty.

20. Peace on earth has already been achieved.

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