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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

UN Special Op-Ed: "Turkey on Rye" -- December 14, 2016

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

UN Special: Russian Dressing / Chinese Noodles / Turkey on Rye -- no US, UK, France

Wow! Don't blink or you'll miss the world changing hands!

Russia and China have ignored other 3 permanent members of the UN Security Council USA, UK, and France and are no longer are even negotiating with them regarding Aleppo.

They went ahead and cut a deal with Turkey. Man that's harsh. That's the coldest cold shoulder you can do in diplomatic circles.

Everyone in diplomat world can see this obvious pivot. And it comes just the day after the new UN President is sworn in. Fascinating.

Looks like this is really the end of the cabal in our public reality and daily lives. Crazy.

Are we also to just ignore these well known faces all together? Trump / Clinton too once the electoral college ushers them out? What an incredible turn of events. Talk about a hard transition back wall.

But who even noticed? Of course not most to all... it's just the fate of the world. Go back to sleep America. Well wake you up when it's all done and give you 800 numbers for the nearest redemption center. Too funny. Harvesting the crop, without learning the lesson, which means you are sure to lose it eventually.

I guess there's really a time and place for everything under the sun. The cabal's time has come and gone and our time is just now. Sobeit.

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