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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Control Crazy -- One Thing We Fear Most, Individual Empowerment

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,


The one thing we need is the one thing we fear most. Individual empowerment.

I grew up believing that the societal structure around me was good, and that it was there to build me into the best version of myself. But, the problem was that I wasn’t the best version of myself. Not even close. To further the problem, I didn’t even understand that there was a better version of me, to be. However, when I discovered how to “be a better me”, I also started seeing how the various structures around me were actually restrictive and controlling, not encouraging and empowering.

Our lives today may look nice and fancy, but it is still just a game of survival. Today, that game has just turned into hunting for money. The hunt keeps us busy, which in turn keeps us distracted from what is happening to the bigger picture.

Who has the time to stay informed on what is happening in the world? Who has the energy to listen to the constant negative rhetoric on network news? Who has the confident discernment to even question what they are being told? Who has the swagger to stand up to the structure? That’s a huge mountain to climb.

Today, we seem to have allowed ourselves to be governed into a controlled chaos. Now, you may be wondering what I mean by that, here is the best example I’ve seen so far:

When policy precedes humanity, we have a problem. I call it “controlled chaos”. This is just one example, the South Dakota pipeline standoff is another. Rules that take the human out of humanity. Destroying humanity in the name of control. Because if you weren’t aware, control is all that matters.

What is even more amazing to me are the police officers enforcing these ridiculous rules. Hey guys and gals, *NEWSFLASH*, no one is going to fire you for not enforcing a law that takes food away from the hungry! Who would even write that law? What’s next? Are judges going to start punishing people with jail time for feeding the hungry? Are we going to start arresting people for housing the homeless, employing the workless, or empowering the freedom-less? Oh right, I need a permit to be a human being. Consider this your permit. Turn your brain on and start asking yourself some questions.

Which brings me to my next question, do police officers question the laws they are told to enforce? Or better yet, are they even allowed to? Would they have to arrest people for feeding the hungry, or perhaps instead give them a warning, write them a ticket even, but ARREST them?? Seriously? For feeding people! Are you mad?? Don’t you have a mind of your own? From here, it seems as if it has been taken away from you.

The freedom of speech is already under attack and we seem to be inviting it in. When someone’s voice is silenced simply because the powers that be don’t agree, when someone’s voice is silenced simply because of sharing the truth, the war on free speech continues. Right in front of our eyes. People will always be people and we will always be different from each other, no two people are alike from A to Z. Adding layers and layers of rules to somehow find a magical balance is never going to work. One group takes control and bends law it’s way, then another group gains control and bends it back. And back and forth we go.

The rule is simple, causing harm to another individual physically, financially, or spiritually should be illegal. And permit or not, helping another individual of any race, age, shape, color, or creed in any way, shape, or form, is and will always be truth.


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