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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

Source: Stillness in the Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Hidden Hand dialogue is an enigmatic exchange that took place on the Above Top Secret forum in 2008, nearly ten years ago. The Hidden Hand claims to be a member of an "Illuminati" group he calls "the Family" that came to Earth eons ago to help propel the spiritual evolution of this planet. Although the dialogs are debated as to their authenticity, it is evident to anyone who has studied esoteric teachings and occult spiritual knowledge that there is an abundance of merit to what is described therein. Those capable of contemplating ideas without accepting them will find the below dialogs highly stimulating, an excellent exercise of philosophic exploration leading to an expansion of spiritual comprehension.

To review, the Law of One or Ra Material is a series of channelings or communications that took place in the early 1980s with a discarnate sixth-density entity that claims to be what is called a social memory complex—a planetary society of highly evolved beings that telepathically unite to form a singular racial personality. The Ra Material is widely regarded as some of the most accurately channeled information in history and is allegedly required reading within secret government projects that use fringe science.

Although Law of One vernacular is not required to gain insight into the Hidden Hand dialogs, it would greatly aid comprehension if one was familiar with the material. The same words and concepts are used by the Hidden Hand in the presentation of the information he has to offer. Thus, it is advisable to use the Law of One website to search for key terms, such as density, harvest, catalyst, karma, and evolution.

The Hidden Hand claims that the soul group of the Illuminati is similarly high density and came to Earth to take up the role of antagonists, so as to propel the souls here forward in evolution. This group was allegedly high density and chose to lower their vibrational state in order to go back through the third density experience—along with fourth and fifth—in a service-to-self capacity. As such, the Hidden Hand soul group, for lack of a better term, must polarize itself in the negative, acting as insidiously as possible in order to reach the requirement for graduation into fourth-density negative.

This presents an interesting premise that if properly discerned, can greatly enhance one's meaning association process or the understanding of the spiritual nature of all things. That premise being, what if the lives we incarnated here to live—along with the things we do in relation to others—is part of a tapestry of contractual agreements between lives to play roles for mutual evolution?

If true, this would mean that all seemingly horrible occurrences are actually a kind of grand game or play to allow souls to experience various catalyst for soul growth. For example, if bravery and courage are desirable qualities for evolving souls, then must the incarnative experience be filled with opportunities to be brave—tyrants abound. If vigilance in the pursuit of truth is desirable, then must the incarnate experience be filled with temptations to blindly believe others—dogma everywhere. If kindness, compassion, and forgiveness are desirable above vengeance and wrath, then life must be filled with villains and evil-doers so that people can have an opportunity to forgive. If the universe is truly founded on free will as the primary foundational axiom, then life must be replete with an equal amount of opportunities to experience "good and bad things," which mysteriously seems to help the individual and the collective evolve and grow spiritually all at once.

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In essence, what if our soul brothers and sisters loved us so much, they were willing to take on the role of villains in life to help us learn and grow spiritually?

As one might imagine, this is a highly controversial interpretation of life, but not one that is incompatible with seemingly accurate spiritual schools of thought. The grand premise of Law of One in particular states that all beings are part of the One Infinite Creator of all things. And ultimately, regardless of whether one chooses the path of service-to-others (good) or service-to-self (evil), they are serving the One Creator.

The age old question of, "if God (the Creator) is loving, wise and benevolent, then why does s/he let so much suffering take place on Earth?" can be answered using the aforementioned premise. The "suffering" we experience is part of the catalyzing process for evolving consciousness, which is an eternal adventure. Goodness, harmony, and benevolence are potentials to be realized as a part of the evolutionary process itself—the creature is a part of the Creator and is meant to realize these potentials willingly.

But this choice to embody the potentials inherent in the spiritual essence of all beings is meaningless without an opportunity to experience both ends of the pole, both the good and bad. That is to say, the Creator formed the universe as a kind of unformed clay, sending the creature into it to become an agent of positive change. We are here to make right the wrongs of life, bring order to chaos, shine light into darkness and in doing so realize the our creator-like attributes and spiritually grow. Thus, life is filled with suffering and hardship—not because the Creator doesn't have the power or desire to change things, but because we are meant to take on that role and be the change.

As a part of this premise, all souls help each other evolve by playing roles in the manifest creation so that each individual has the experience they need to learn and grow. This scheme or plan of creation is guided by what can be thought of as angelic beings from on high; this way, no experience or event is wasted and all things are in service, whether we realize it or not. In other words, the universal game of evolution is "rigged" for soul growth, via natural or universal law.

This means that nothing that happens in life, no matter how seemingly random, incomprehensible, tragic or horrific is by accident or fruitless. That is to say, all things and experiences are ultimately in service of the creature in their evolutionary pursuits.

Of course, from this side of the veil, the hardships suffered on Earth seem irreconcilable—how could pedophilia, rape, and genocide be beneficial?

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Additionally, this premise of "playing the bad guy" leads some to conclude evildoers need not be stopped in their harmful actions—because they are just playing a role. However, this is not an accurate interpretation of the premise being discussed.

The point is that some souls play the role of wrongdoer so that, as individuals and as a human race, we strive to stop harm and learn the ways of true justice and harmony with universal law. For example, pedophilia is a symptom of pandemic indifference and immorality within the human population. People tend to turn a blind eye to the hardships of others unless they are personally affected somehow. Thus, until as a people, the lesson is learned, and humanity recognizes that harm to one is harm to all, these horrors will continue. The souls experiencing them—within the discussion at hand—chose to "sacrifice" themselves to reveal the immorality and lack of spiritual development within the whole of the human population. And pedophilia is just one out of a host of spiritual sicknesses active on the Earthly planes at this time.

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The aformentioned is just one concept out of many presented herein that can help one understand the seemingly complex tenets of the spiritual laws of creation as described within the Law of One philosophy, and elsewhere. One need not believe them to be true in order to expand their comprehension by thinking about them.

To be clear, I make no claims that the below information is 100% accurate. I am merely offering these as a vehicle to transmit ideas, for your consideration. In the thinking lies expansion of consciousness and a widening of the mind so as to generate knowledge and wisdom.

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- Justin

Source: Illuminati News

NOTE TO THE READER: Words and sentences within this type of brackets [ ] are not part of the original article!

This self-proclaimed illuminati [def] Insider appeared on the "Above Top Secret" forum in October 2008, giving away information about the Illuminati Agenda and their goals. The reason for this, he says, is because time is right for us to know some of what is going on behind the scenes. And when he explains WHY he needs to reveal it now, it's very convincing. In this article I will post the dialogue between the "Above Top Secret Forum" members and "Hidden Hand" in its entirety.

Please take time to read through this whole dialogue (yes, I know it's long, but I think we all can benefit from it, even if you end up not believing what is said). When you read it, you need to have an open mind; you can't be stuck in dogma or think you "have it all figured out" already, because then it doesn't matter what he says, you won't believe it.

Here are some points which makes him very believable; one being that the forum members he is communicating with make up pages after pages of random questions (as you can see in this article) and he answers them intelligently and precisely without the delay it would take for a person presenting a hoax to come up with them. This is also what the forum members notice. And he is consistent! Many of the questions are very good, deep, to the point and philosophical, and this guy (or woman, we don't know - this being claims not to be from this Earth), manages to reply on a very deep level, and his answers don't contradict each other. In an advanced and intelligent dialogue like this, it's very unlikely anyone would be able to do that without giving himself away at some point. You will most certainly notice he/she is sincere.

Ever wondered who is "on top of the Pyramid?" He gives us a clue. The bloodline he represents is well above the Rothschild's in power and in the hierarchy and is extra-terrestrial in origin. The 13 bloodlines we have been talking about thus far on this website and others, with the Rothschild's in a top position together with the Merovingian Nobility, are quite low rank in the Big Pyramid Structure, and are the ones playing a power game here on Earth, only aware of parts of the Big Game (a need to know basis). The bloodline "Hidden Hand" is supposedly belonging to is way more advanced and higher rank.

I really think this being believes in what he is saying, and whether he is deceived himself to some degree or not, this is most probably what is driving the Illuminati. These are their goals! It leaves you with a pretty strange feeling after have read it all, but deep inside it rings true.

His answers may need to be read more than once to understand the different layers of what he is telling us. Afterwards, when you start connecting the dots you notice that a lot of pieces in the big puzzle that previously were missing and left unanswered, suddenly fit.

If you are visiting the Illuminati News website for the first time, already have a fair concept of what the Illuminati and the New World Order is about, and you only intend to read ONE article from my huge database, I would say this one would be the one to read! [You certainly don't want to lose this page and then need to go through data recovery on your internet browser hoping you didn't lose it so you can come back to it later!]

It's been hard to perceive what ULTIMATELY drives the Illuminati. Greed? Yes. Power? Of course. Control? Sure. But you always have this feeling that there is a deeper mystery behind their "Great Work of the Ages". This may very well be the answer!

When you are done reading this article and feel inspired, please go to the website, Law of One, and start absorbing the information presented there. It is a huge database on the same subject, but extensively expanded. Both these article, may if we read them with understanding plus an open mind and an open heart, show us the real so(u)lution to the New World Order [def] problem.

Here is the dialogue between the Above Top Secret members [ATS] and "Hidden Hand" [HH], the self-proclaimed Illuminati Insider (the emphases in boldthroughout the article are mine to separate out certain keys points I want to highlight):

First Session:

HH: I am a generational member of a Ruling Bloodline Family.

Every so often, as per the directives of the Law of our Creator, a brief window of opportunity opens, whereby a select handful of our Family are required to make communication with our subjects, and offer you the chance to ask us any questions you would like answered.

I am double-bound in this duty. It is required of me by The Law of our Creator to offer this opportunity to you at this time, though I am also bound by the Law of (planetary) Free Will and by Family Oaths, that there is only so much I am able to say.

Rules define life in games.

If you wish to participate, here they are:

1). I will afford you courtesy and respect in the manner I address you, and I expect the same from you in reciprocation.

2). I will decide whether or not I am either willing or permitted to answer your question. If your question is not answered, it is either because I cannot disclose it, or because I considered your question was lacking in one or more of the following: respect, courtesy, intelligence, decency, or that it was otherwise unworthy of being dignified with a response.

3). That you agree to treat this potential dialogue with an aspect of "provisional faith". In practice, this means that rather than impeding the flow of information with crass comments of disbelief or petty name calling, my participation here requires of you that you discourse with me under "suspended judgment". In other words, wait until the process is complete, before deciding for yourself as to the content of truth and knowledge imparted herein.

4). That you formulate your questions intelligently. My time is limited. I do not want to waste it by having to trawl through pointless, futile, insensible or disrespectful questions, therefore I will answer the questions I feel are most deserving of a response, during the time that I have available. Use the time we have wisely.

If any of the above conditions are breached, I reserve the right to terminate our discourse forthwith, if I so choose.

That being said, I will attempt to answer your questions as honestly and openly as is permissible for me. I will check back and respond as time allows.

ATS: How many generations back does your bloodline extend, or, perhaps more accurately, who does your family consider its earliest ancestor in a position of power?

HH: Our Lineage can be traced back beyond antiquity. From the earliest times of your recorded "history", and beyond, our Family has been 'directing' the 'play' from behind the scenes, in one way or another. Before the rise and fall of Atlantis. (Yes, that was indeed perfectly real). We are 'born to lead'. It is part of the design for this current paradigm.

ATS: To what extent has selective breeding been used to preserve the purity of the line? and what becomes of children of unapproved unions? (They would naturally still be raised with privilege, but not, perhaps "given the keys to the castle" as it were?)

HH: The breeding is generally case specific, dependant upon the role that the Family members in question are due to grow into. I will touch more on this in answer to the next poster's question that you rephrased.

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