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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dr. Steve Pieczenik -- Donald J. Trump is POTUS, Deal with it!

Source: Steve Pieczenik

Trump is POTUS Deal with It!

Stop Bitchin’ and Get Used to Donald Trump as POTUS!

For all you who feel cheated, deprived or deserted by Trump and his followers, stop whining!We, the major supporters, are tired of hearing about FBI investigations into the email scandal or DOJ examining FBI Director, James Comey’s behavior during the 2016 presidential race.

HRC lost simple, stupid. She is by any reasonable standard a complete loser. Like all other politicians, she is a panderer beholden to her obsequious entreaties past and present. Moreover, she lacks any and all competency in anything other than self-aggrandizement.

Let’s get back to the Trump Phenomenon.

As he promised, Obamacare is being torn apart in congress. He made a major pronouncement that Big Pharma has been protected by our arcane, corrupt Republican Party. Trump then added propitiously that Big Pharma will be held accountable for their egregious overcharges to the American public. New negotiations will ensue with Trump at a later time.

BTW, none his true supporters care a wit about his tax returns [ I probably would envy his write offs]. We don’t give a damn as to what he did or did not do in Moscow, or as a matter of fact, anywhere else in the world.

All that is irrelevant!

What he is doing is exactly what we have demanded of him and his select team. Change the antiquated/ dysfunctional USG and do it ASAP!

Most liberals are truly shocked when any real businessman performs in quick time according to his formal plans for change.

The reason liberals and the defunct Dems are so afraid is that they have not accomplished anything over the past eight years. We can thank Obama for all the new wars he has created in Libya, Syria, and Yemen without the consent of the American people. Obama, along with DCI, engaged in a series of vicious illegal drone attacks all over the Middle East; thereby creating the necessary conditions for ISIS, Al Qaeda and a host of other so-called CIA-created-terrorist groups.

Hopefully, the new DCI, Mike Pompeo, will roll back the CIA’s operational initiatives and concentrate instead on its primary mission of HUMINT and intelligence analysis. Thankfully, Gen. James Mattis was confirmed as Secretary of DOD [1/12/17]. Mattis’ major concern will be what he so clearly stated in his recent press conference:

“Military readiness and having the most lethal fighting force would be his priorities.” [NY Times 1/12/17]. Mattis will not be engaged in the most absurd social engineering program ever suggested by Obama and Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand: “.. to open combat positions to women and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community .” [NY Times 1/12/17].

If these people want to get killed or maimed, they could always join any mercenary company that would be willing to undertake the cost of major surgical interventions as well as supporting a 47% suicide rate among transgenders in the military.

For those of you who are still confused as to what Trump will or will not do, then think of this acronym: FUD! Trump has always worked with and utilized fear, uncertainty and deception to achieve his intended goals.Those dynamics are completely anathema to people who are not creating new entities, concepts, or initiatives. FUD is primarily associated with serial entrepreneurs and covert operatives who live by the seat of their pants.

In a few days, Trump will be officially our POTUS! Think about that: liberals, Dems, and you, others, who did not vote for him! He is simply a mortal man who will do his best to accomplish what the silent majority has always wanted—less USG and more jobs.
Let us all wish him and his team the best of luck! Let’s give him a little breathing room to make the necessary mistakes of all new inhabitants of the White House.

Let me end with a quote from Corinthians II, 11:19:

“For ye suffer fools gladly, though not so many as the foolish speeches of wise men.”

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