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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 15, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 15, 2018 Compiled 15 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery,...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

GCR/RV Overview: "Tiers" -- January 25, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Many realize they're waiting on something of great significance, but don't know exactly where they stand individually in something as colossal as a global currency reset and/or changing of the world's financial system.

This information isn't taught in schools as those with the gold prefer you didn't know who they were, or how they operate. But given the drawn out nature of this endless transition, curious minds had the time and desire to dig a little deeper and unearth a few buried truths.

One of those being that the modern banking system was tiered dating back to the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement post WWll. Globalists were making a strong statement for monetary unification across all continents, linking up banks and industries meant more growth, also travel also was becoming more easily accessible to the average person. The combination demanded some kind of universal financial system, hence the modern tiered system of global finance was born.

The problem that occurred was as technology progressed, so did access to foreign trading markets. And in today's digital age, that access is literally immediate, breaking seconds down into fractions of fractions of fractions of seconds. So known that said fractions exist and can be increased, gaps of time can be created in the outdated system, and greedy bad guys who are faster to adapt and as a result take incredible profits using high speed trading--yet making nothing--are untraceable to the good guys who arrive with fixes after the damage has already been done.

Sadly, the western world has perfected such white collar technical theft. This creates greater wealth disparity between the have and have nots, yet the have's already owned a vast majority of the world's wealth before WWll, so technology just accelerated what at some point in the 1970's must have appeared to be an irreversible trend when then President Nixon took the USA off the gold standard for two weeks (and here we are 45 years later desperately going back to our old friend gold).

However, those eastern world family's that controlled the vast majority of the world's tangible assets got together, pooled their massive holdings in a series of irrevocable trusts, and began mounting a secrete campaign to reclaim the financial system.

They saw how the west was intentionally causing chaos through war and economic collapse, and then deliver order through new government regulation, which created less and less opportunity for the individual, and more and more dependence upon the state for survival.

Existentially the east watched it all unfold at first, but then clearly saw something needed to be done in reality when the world's monetary policy fell in great danger as governments were openly in bed with the western bankers--who all emanated from the same genetic family (hence the commonly referred to conspiracy term cabal); as over the course of centuries they strategically married and bred into different races, religions, cultures, organizations and across continents… always secretly maintaining their hidden Zionist agenda and overarching goal of total world domination.

Hard to believe? Maybe. Yet true. And we are all witnessing the end of their zionistic agenda, as well as the reconstitution of humanity after centuries of a destructive "us not them" philosophy.

Diligently, patiently, the Eastern world began divesting themselves and these western countries economies from non-tangible asset classes, began hoarding manufacturing sector companies and raw good producers, including buying mines, water, timber and farm land world wide--until very quietly, they had irreversible control of all things "physical" or tangible in the world; including the creation of an entire new and technologically superior financial system, using the same tier system, but with separate centralized monetary authority based in China (with quantum processing satellites as well).

They also began acquiring as much sovereign bond and treasury note issuances as they were allowed, to stock pile future bargaining chips against the corrupted western establishment. That's how much money they had. How is this possible? They owned the gold and could draw credit off their immense holdings at will. So they did. And kept doing it until they bankrupted the 1944 Bretton Woods created old, modern financial system.

Also, there were busy creating a new Cross-Boarder Interbank Payment System (CIPS) and began bringing it on-line after 9/11. First in Asia, then slowly expanding bank by bank, nation by nation into the western world. And when global financial markets seemingly randomly collapsed circa 2008, that was because the new financial system had replaced the old financial system in majority worldwide.

Meaning those fancy derivative products and electronic fake assets began defaulting class by class, as their common lie was being exposed globally. Few modern investments outside of commodities trades have a tangible asset backing up or collateralize the trade--which ultimately brought down every western bank and financial institution, and ultimately their corrupted governments and leaders, one by one until none could with stand going it alone in the old financial system.

The European Union was last, as Eastern Europe is at the heart of Zionism; and thus their daily cabal (theft) from the rest of the world began and end with their banking system--Germany specifically.

Now you can still purchase ETFs, futures and options even though you're really buying anything other than a financial position in space that tangibly does not really exist although feels real. Why? Because thanks to the Chinese Dragon Elders, they haves provided once again the collateral to cover all markets, currencies and central bank exposure. That's how much gold they have after accumulating it for 5,000 years.

However, this time all trades are transparent and regulated at the global monetary computing level (tier 1), utilizing new high tech quantum satellites, which makes not only theft incredibly more difficult, but also assigning blame more easy due to new block chain technology that charts each and every transaction back to its origination point, regardless of the number of digital transactions--in a matter of split seconds.

This new transparency in our modern space-aged financial system makes off shore investment and tax havens obsolete, as it does concealing illegal drug and arms purchases.  Literally there's no place to hide in the digital age financially now. Do no harm is a very real thing because absolutely every decision is tracked back to it's original decision maker: i.e. no more shell companies, inside of shell charities, insides of shell NGO's, inside of shell non profits for religion, inside of public companies, inside of private banks, inside of public banks.

What will the Vatican & Rothschilds do with their time now? Who fucking cares. Not I. Burn in hell draconian demons.

Now that all the western banks and their governments have been completely broken, as well as few corrupted leaders in the Middle East, Latin America, East and North Africa as well, the world thankfully is safely out of mass extinction danger, and again ready to re-enter some kind of global sanity fiscally, militarily, diplomatically and politically.

Know that privately, we've long been there or else the world would have already collapsed from within. Ever wonder why the Dow can't get above 20,000? It's not time yet, that's why. Ever wonder why the markets are flat worldwide and big companies aren't making press release worthy R&D or growth investments? It's not time yet.

So back to the Modern Financial System Tiers, they are as follows:

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