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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 11, 2017

The NY suicide bomber was a failed false flag attempt by the cabal to delay the inevitable transition event. The last cabal false flag was the Las Vegas shooting. Notice how there haven't been any further false flag attempts until now (every time the RV is nearing release). The cabal may attempt more false flags to delay the transition. The Alliance is actively intercepting their plans.

The indictment orders "pump fake" is being used to scare the cabal into submission.

The actual mass indictment event will initiate once the Alliance vote to a consensus for the Republic to begin the transition.

Incriminating evidence to support the mass indictments builds up day-to-day.

The Alliance agreed to begin the mass indictment event Post-RV and prior to the activation of GESARA.

The Alliance's ultimate goal is to keep the cabal from obtaining or corrupting any of the RV funds. Thus is why the rehydration funds were implemented into a quantum financial system last year.

RV protocols, mechanisms, and funds remain set and ready as of this moment.

White Hat sources are reporting the Middle Eastern situation has been resolved. Peace was required and has been accomplished which was required for the RV release.

Release time remains fluid under Alliance supervision -- expected shortly.




Sunday, January 8, 2017

Geopolitical Overview: "Fair Questions" -- January 8, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

"Fair Questions"
Geopolitical Overview
January 8, 2017


“Sometimes ​the ​bad ​must ​completely destroy itself before ​the ​good ​​can rebuild.”

― Leigh Suarez​


Oh, nobody knows the trouble we have seen, but the bartender at the RVFW Hall--Revaluation of Foreign (Currency) Wars--has a good idea. Yet even he's a little confused about what Trump is, and what he is not. Either way, Trump as a politician / governing anything is not in the best interests of the country, even if his election might have been just what the doctor ordered to wake up America and align a unified Republican (Republic) government.

Talk about swallowing the bitter and the sweet. So what is Trump really? Why is this irrational phenomenon still with us?

Perhaps it's true what Donald says to his friends in private, "If you say something enough times, people will believe it." No wonder he tweets so much. Brags so much. Speaks so much. His brand is about creating something from nothing, why wouldn't his Presidency? To his credit at least he's consistent, after all he's been doing the same pompous asshole act his entire life and making a good living from it--why change now--honestly he probably couldn't if he tried.

So what then is this elusive Trump end game? Power? Control of the military? The ability to craft law? Start wars? Great sex? That was the whole game for Bill.

Why did Trump subject himself to such a difficult political season and now piecemeal together an administration to convince us that he wants four years of policy and diplomacy hell... in a town that loathes him... working a jobs that is 360 degrees opposite to his current lifestyle... at the ripe young age of 70?

Makes zero sense. Less than zero. Yet here we are, less than two weeks from his inauguration and he's still not using the secrete service, not taking nation security briefings, and not submitting ethics paperwork for members of his cabinet. Why?

Is he scared for his life? I would be. Perhaps that's why we rarely see him in public.

We know he loves money, properties and deal making. That is his God or holy trinity. So does this mean Donald Trump President-elect is waiting to be President or waiting to be a citizen again in order to cash out his currency like the rest of us?

It's a fair question...

Is this why his press conferences are always delayed? And why no one of entertainment name recognition will perform at his inauguration ceremony? And why even newbie republicans are beginning to publicly distance themselves from the same administration that catapulted them to Washington?

We know he's admitted to holding a lot of currency in the past (IQD); so is he being made to wait on the RV just like the common man? Is he really just a common man and not truly a President-elect? Because waiting is not Donald's strong suit. He must be worried Inauguration Day is screaming towards him and there's absolutely no institutional support for his administration -- like anywhere.

I would be hiding in my apartment too.

Maybe running for a president was just his way of keeping busy until the flood gates opened? Maybe he had to because of pre-negotiated amnesty terms were given for his past sins? Maybe he's got that big of an ego he really thought he could win and run a superpower?

All are fair questions... only Donald knows the answer.

Sure everyone saw that Donald Trump...

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