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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Geopolitical Overview: "Structure" -- January 4, 2016

Geopolitical Overview
January 4, 2016


"I prefer winter, when you can see and feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn't show."

-- Andrew Wyeth


If you've ever purchased a home you understand that necessity of a building inspector reviewing the residence before signing the paperwork. He checks out everything from top to bottom, and looks at the structural bones of your potential home, not just the fancy throw pillows and paint colors. He climbs in the attic, crawls in basements and inspects the footings and weight bearing walls. A good home inspector is priceless.

The Chinese Elders did their homework when it came to restoring our Republic of the United States per Constitution law, and they set up a plan decades ago to throw out an illegal form of government in order to replace it with a legal one. They did the same with our money already and no one is the wiser.

They knew that if there were going to be successful at transition of power, through new governance at its core, it would have to seamless, invisible and come off without detection by the American or world public.

Now we know the popular vote in these United States does not elect our President or Vice President, only the electoral college voters do that. And we know these said electoral college voters are chosen in large part by their political parties, but are not required by Constitutional law to vote for whomever won the popular vote be it in their district, county or state. They can act as "faithless electors" and choose anyone they want. Meaning, structurally, these electoral voters can literally vote their conscious if they so choose and pay a small fine and go on their merry way.

Now on December 19, 2016, 538 democratic and republican electoral voters entered their state capitals and voted for President and Vice President into six separate envelopes and immediately sealed said envelopes, whereby nobody but them knows their vote until January 6, 2017, when the President of the Senate (in this case Vice President Joe Biden) opens them and records the result for all to see transparently in a joint session on Friday.

The main stream media choose to report that Trump secured the victory per the electoral college, but in truth, they are all speculating just like they did with Clinton's show-in victory pre-election. Because per the structure of how electoral votes are counted, nothing is "official" until the President of the Senate opens their sealed votes and counts them aloud before a joint session of Congress.

So OK, where does that leave us? Uncertain is where. Because until all sealed electoral votes are counted, nobody knows for sure who is President or Vice President… if at all yet. And this means were also made to wait on the RV until we have a new administration officially per international treaty (GESARA).

Because also per structural mandates of the electoral college in our Constitution, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes to win the electoral majority and be declared either President or Vice President. If any candidate fails to reach 270 electoral votes for any reason, the House of Representatives then Constitutionally, structurally, takes the top three electoral college vote getter's and selects between them for President; the Senate does the same for the Vice President.

Why is this important?

Because Donald Trump won 306 votes in last November's Presidential Election. Meaning, only 37 electoral voters must privately have change their electoral votes to potentially eliminate Trump as our next President. Sure it's rare, but not unprecedented as it's happened three times prior in American political history. So there is legal and political precedent for such an event.

What's even more interesting is...

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