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A Cabal-MIC hidden underground facility was discovered under Sugarloaf Mountain in West Cork.

This facility was discovered after the interrogation of a Cabal-MIC agent that was recently apprehended.

Construction of another CERN portal was discovered at the facility. Two giant Tesla capacitors and a super computer were also found at the facility which were designed to operate the CERN portal.

This time, the CERN portal was to be used for the Cabal to escape off-planet.

The Alliance destroyed the facility along with all of it's contents.

(Note: The search for hidden underground facilities does not hinder the timing of the RV in any way. These operations will still continue Post-RV and Post-GESARA.)

The RV window opened as of yesterday, the 17th.

Banks were receiving back screen rates from the new financial system as a test.

The new financial system will cause a major correction in the stock market which is planned to begin before the 26th.

The RV will be released before the major correction occurs.

The longer it takes, the smoother the transition. The transition was never supposed to be easy. It was originally going to be rough. The Alliance have been working hard to soften the blow of the transition process as much as possible. Their goal is to make it a smooth transition.




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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview: "Relief" -- January 15, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles


Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview
January 15, 2017


"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."

- Tommy Lasorda


Candidates Clinton and Trump were both morally flawed from the jump in 2015... making each a wide open target for blackmail by Putin, who clearly had irreversible dirt (DNC hacked emails; golden shower video) on both candidates well before they ever ran for president.

Putin and the Chinese have large dossiers on both long time friendly cabal operatives and have been gathering damaging information on them for years including 9/11 involvement with Mossad (Israeli's CIA).

This means both candidates were always considered controllable by these lead BRICS nations; and why they can at exposed anytime and forced to resign through either mainstream media or alternative news outlets that have gained mainstream journalistic credibility (i.e. RT).

What's happening now is that they're been given a chance to resign and/or step away with dignity and amnesty--the perfect moment depends on the Israel and Palestine two state negotiations.

It's also safe to assume that the BRICS nations had a back up plan for the next US President (relief); someone who they trust and has been warming up in the bullpen many years prior.

This unknown "political reliever" must also have been carefully chosen and highly prepared to lead in conjunction with RV funding and some optimal Release scheduling date, as these nations are the largest holders of UST debt which defaulted in December 2012.

Interesting to note that both Clinton and Trump publicly and defiantly have also supported Israel's four term Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his hard line neocon greater Israel expansion government policies.

One state, Israel--and Palestine is not a real nation--that's it--no further negotiation.

Because without the US government's support at the...

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