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The beginning of the end for the Petrodollar grows near.

China's gold-backed alternative to the Petrodollar launches on the 26th.

Oil will begin trading in Yuan and gold instead of fiat US Dollars and Treasuries.

This will result in the price of gold to increase.

It also marks the end of Cabal control over the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency and the major correction in the stock market will force all countries to ditch fiat currency and agree to a global gold-backed monetary system.

The worldwide consensus to a global gold-backed monetary system will result in the announcement of GESARA law.

The new quantum financial system will then officially come online and reset all currencies.

The RV is expected to release before these events occur.




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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Geopolitical/GCR/RV Philosophical Challenge: "Global Chrystal Reset / Reversal" -- January 31, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Here's a philosophical challenge post for you, Dinarland.

What if lies are not only the exact opposite of truths, but inversely, what if truth is exact opposite of a lie. Sounds simple enough, right? White is black, and black is white. Yes. But what if white and black are the same (also known as "antipodal").

What if the vast majority of human culture existed in this antipodal state of being? Meaning, everything that looked real was really in a state of false reality, or in its exact opposite state of organic purpose, so that one day, we could all understand the truth more deeply from the depth of such a lie?

Yosef, little white man, you crazy. Wait, it gets better.

What if all lies have been intentionally made to appear as truths from the time we were born, for generations, even millenniums; and what if all truths were made to appear as lies, to cover up said truth for this precise moment in time? Wham-Pow! That just happened! Check please!

I know right, such a complex theory … it's disturbing just to contemplate let alone own. Nobody wants to open a dictionary and realize every word has intentionally been misspelled as well as all the meanings purposely mis-defined just to conceal some overarching cosmic truth that differs from ​the pretty words and definitions.

That's just​ ​well​… down right evil, beyond understanding. Because that would mean the bad guys actually had some kind of noble calling to help create optimal contrast by which we, humanity, could learn some more fulfilling spiritual lesson. And we know Dick Cheney isn​'t benevolent. Or is he?

Yo-dude-sef, I just wanted to make a few easy bucks with my currency and retire into the sunset, maybe do a few cool humanitarian projects, but not this man. Not this.
​But ah my friends, the GCR/RV is so much more. So, so much more.

Now if you want off this philosophical bus to face melt​ city​, the time is now. Because for those that desire to go a litter deeper with this antipodal theory, we'll be headed into the realm of the impossible actually not only being possible, but so, which ​a few faces will melt IAM certain.

I used to ​hand out permission slip ​that ​people had to sign before ​I ​shar​ed ​kind of 5D information, but my secretary quit to go on some Black Hole vacation … those Pleadians are so flaky.

​Instead, ​maybe ​just take a deep breath… really, I'll wait… breathe ​in ​deepl​y​… and open your third eye for the duration of this post as I intend to propose something even more radical, real and unreal in the same blink.

​Now what if everything we've ever been taught about being human was an outright lie. And what all the lies are now being corrected in our lifetime?

And what if everything wrong was now being made right? Everything, everything.

And what if all the cabal's malevolent lies we're ​actually benevolent​ acts, now be​ing​ gently exposed, one by one, in some perfectly agreed upon harmonic​ galactic treaty (GESARA); whereby leaked truth ​began flooding out into the collective consciousness, ​such as right ​here tonight, like now, pronto Tonto?

Your eyelids feeling warm yet?​

What if this whole GCR/RV event was ​just a pre-planned pay-op​s, ​done kick-start human consciousness, so that the insane could​ appear sane, ​slowly, and ​once believe ​destructive chaos ​actually emotionally ​convert​ed into effortless calm?

Brothers and Sisters, what a day that would be, ​qui?

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