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Friday, January 13, 2017

Is the Dam of Disclosure About To Break? -- 2017 Could be the Year of Unveiled Truth

Source: Stillness in The Storm

There have been multiple stories in the area of Extraterrestrials and Ufology. On January 5th, The Huffington Post reported on a 9 minute video released by the Chilean Navy purported to be an official UFO sighting, with this even reaching the trending page on Facebook. Then, on January 4th through 6th, the BBC, CNN, and again the Huffington Post all simultaneously release a story on a "fast, strange, mysterious" radio burst detected by astronomers in Australia who have gotten 20 puzzling bursts over the past 10 years, emanating from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away.

The Chilean government also released footage from a UFO captured by the Navy.

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We have also had disclosures on US intelligence agencies and Wikileaks front. On January 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. This interview was split into three parts and aired during primetime television. On January 6th, Fox News also reported on their website that,

"No documents related to the hacks of the Democratic National Committee emails or Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta email appear to be altered or forged, according to a declassified US Intelligence report on alleged Russian Interference in the US election released Friday"
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Then, on January 7th, the mainstream media reporting another massive disclosure. The USA Today reported that the military veteran who opened fire at the Ft. Lauderdale airport on January 6th admitted to being "mind controlled by the CIA and forced to watch ISIS propaganda videos".

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These stories have to do with revelations that have long been described as "conspiracy" or "fringe" ideas. Only a few years ago, anyone stating that the CIA had mind control programs would most likely be told they were crazy and needed a tinfoil hat. Furthermore, who would have thought that Julian Assange would be sitting front and center on prime time television. Despite all odds, the mainstream media is reporting on all of these stories with a tone of seriousness and urgency.

Wikileaks' Assange even said that 2017 "will blow you away," suggesting that major revelations are pending. Given how impactful the past years worth of leaks from the agency were, this year could be even more grandiose.

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The tides seem to be turning.

That begs the question, why?

First, we must examine how the media operates. It is now known that the "mainstream media" or "corporate media" is owned and controlled by only six corporations—managed by the ultra-wealthy elite. Only three decades ago, there were over 50 independent media companies that published stories in mass media outlets, shrinking to just six over the years.

In his Book The Synchronicity Key", David Wilcock discusses the work of James B. Glattfelder, who studies theories of complexity, and how systems are organized. He used supercomputers to analyze the flow of the money supply that drives the global economic system. His program examined every corporation on the planet, over 37 million, and determined that a harrowing 147 corporations control 80 percent of the wealth on the planet.

75% of these are financial institutions within the Federal Reserve banking complex, with the rest being an amalgamation of pharmaceutical, aerospace, fossil fuel, telecommunications, and lastly, media corporations.

Major media corporations have long been the "current events and continuing education" arm of the Cabal-run syndicates, acting as propaganda outlets to maintain the illusory beliefs and reality of the sleeping masses. They have pushed out tailored narratives on events that occur (or are manufactured‚ in the world to shape public opinion—such as the so-called fake news campaign related to the alleged Russian hack of the 2016 presidential race. Endless amounts fabrication, lies, and deception has surfaced out of the mainstream media for decades, likely part of the once classified Operation Mocking Bird CIA program—an ongoing effort.

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Although the increase in government fabricated news stories seems to have risen exponentially, whistleblowers like Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and the aforementioned David Wilcock have provided a ray of hope. They each discuss an Alliance of deep-state military and government forces that want to bring full disclosure of the truth to humanity, using the mainstream media complex as one facet of the plan. When digging a little deeper into the claims of insiders who speak of alliances seeking world change, their claims seem to have an air of truth to them.

David Wilcock writes in his article, Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal, this Alliance used Hollywood to disclose various truths to the public. In the movie Ironman 3, the villain describes using a "green screen" and a "customer made terror threat" to shape public opinion. A false flag admission. Dr. Michael Salla also reports on his website that the movie series Independence Day was use to promote ET disclosure. In the most recent movie, humans that survived an invasion in the mid-90s reverse engineered the alien technology left behind, using it to fight off returning extraterrestrial threat. This narrative sounds remarkably similar to what Corey Goode and others have disclosed about the real secret space program operating on our planet here and their reverse engineering of alien craft.

Over the past two months, Dr. Steve Pieczenik has burst onto scene who is purportedly acting as the voice of an Alliance movement. The videos on his Youtube channel have gone viral with millions of views, and his emergence gives credence to the idea that there is an Alliance fighting for humanity behind the scenes.

Insiders, researchers, and alleged spokesman have discussed a grand transition event and an end to Cabal rule for years. It seems a positive force is, in fact, working to disclose the truth to humanity. In 2017, could the dam of Disclosure break and turn the drips of disclosure into a rushing torrent?

If the past two weeks is any indication, then 2017 could finally be there the year when the truth is fully unveiled.

The preceding text is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.

About the Author 

Jordan Sather is a health coach and truth seeker from Washington State. His mission is to assist with the evolution of consciousness that humanity is currently undergoing. Along with his writing and coaching endeavors, he runs two youtube channels to assist with both individual and collective transformation. His Conscious Strength channel offers cutting edge health and wellness advice, and his Realfake News brings you conscious commentary on breaking news stories that you need to know. You can reach him by his website, or his facebook

Additions and editing by Justin Deschamps. 

This article appeared first on Stillness in the Storm
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