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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 16, 2017

Quick Review of the Current Situation:

December 14th

The Galactic's arrived in the U.S. to oversee the RV release. We also found out that energy blockades were put up to prevent leaks of the actual RV release date.

(The Galactic's know the importance of the GCR/RV despite them not having any concept of time, space, and money.)

HSBC tested the new quantum financial system by inviting individuals from ZIM groups to exchange in Zurich, Switzerland.

December 15th

The flow of intel suddenly came to a halt right after the Galactic's arrived the prior day.

December 16th (Today)

Multiple private exchanges worldwide have been confirmed. (HSBC possibly doing more tests of the quantum financial system.)

It appears the transition is now occurring gradually.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 17 2017 Compiled 12:05 am EDT 17 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ms. Nina Sidorova: The Appellant’s Reply Brief Case No. 16AP002081/2015-1-CV279191 -- I Sincerely Request Your Urgent Help!

I Sincerely Request Your Urgent Help!!
Dear Friends!  Americans!
The Civilian Authorities of We The People
of  a Great SOVEREIGN NATION – The United States Of America Republic!

I am Ms. Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association.  I sincerely and urgently request your help! 
During NINE YEARS, I have been helping low-income senior and other tenants of Northern California. Two weeks ago, the Secret US  Torture Network, which is now under an investigation of the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture, stopped my GA benefits that was only $147 per month, and it was my only income. 
The members of this torture network, who are involved in genocide of US citizens, took everything from me and money grubbed me completely…  Two weeks ago, the members of this Secret Torture Network, who are on monthly pay lists of the World’s largest Criminal Syndicate, evicted me from the place where I resided. 
Now, I do not have money, and I do not have a place to reside.
Please, help me, by sending money to my PayPal Account or contact me, and I can send you my account number.  Any help will be gratefully appreciated.  Please, read additional information about a PayPal account in the end of my letter.
If you do not know yet, I now inform you that on December, 12, 2016: A groundbreaking report just released to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture by the activist organization ITHACA reveals the existence of a massive, secret imprisonment and torture system that targets tens of thousands of Americans each year. (Some have estimated it yields annual profits upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators." 
Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
New Report to U.N. Special Rapporteur Blasts Secret U.S. Torture Network
I can personally testify that the report that was submitted to the United Nations is correct!
I confronted the members and leaders of this Secret US Torture Network in 2008 in Northern California, and I was able to help senior tenants and to force this criminal network to fix problems in the apartment complexes where these senior tenants reside.  The most important is that I forced this organized crime syndicate to stop abuses of senior tenants who contacted me, requesting my urgent help.  It took two years for me, but I forced the housing cartel, which is owned by the World’s largest Criminal Syndicate, to treat senior tenants with respect and integrity.
The report that was submitted to the United Nations States declares that the "the Secret U.S. Torture Network is protected by a fearsome network of judges, attorneys and other court officers, court-appointed guardians, law enforcement, APS social workers, psychologists and medical personnel.”
I have personal experience to confirm that this is correct that “the Secret US Torture Network is protected by a fearsome network of judges, attorneys and other court officers, court-appointed guardians, law enforcement, etc.”!
This torture network forged and filed to the court against me four lawsuits. I was able to expose this organized crimes syndicate during court hearings of three previous lawsuits that this network forged and filed against me.  The cases were dismissed!
Two months ago, I exposed this network again by showing the crimes and falsifications that members of this criminal network, including judges and court employees of Santa Clara County of California, committed during three court hearings of their fourth fraudulent lawsuit that they filed against me.  Please, read below a court document that I submitted to the court on December 30, 2016. 

As retaliation against me for exposing this torture network and as retaliation for my help to senior tenants, this Secret Torture Network sent their mercenaries to attack me, money grub me and to torture me with DE (Direct Energy) weapons.
135 (One hundred thirty five) criminal offences were committed against me. These criminal offences were registered with the FBI and police.
Dear Friends, this is DIFFICULT—extremely difficult, to describe the level of pain, suffering, frustration and extreme desperation of innocent citizens that I witnessed during the nine years.  I can testify about this genocide to any of the International Criminal Tribunals or Military Tribunals! I can provide the Tribunals with many facts and supporting documents about this genocide.
The senior and other tenants of California are not only citizens whom I helped during last eight years and whose suffering and extreme desperation I witnessed.
When the Secret US Torture Network attacked me with DE and microwave weapons, I was able to find out very quickly the system of the electronic harassment with DE weapons, which this satanic torture network uses against innocent US citizens, who are the victims of this network. 
I helped several of the targeted individuals. They shared their experience with other victims, after which people from different states of our country started contacting me and requesting my help and assistance. I did my best to help them. 

I know that you, my friends, honest and brave citizens, know a lot about the genocide against US civilians.  However, I still believe that not many of you realize or know the level of this genocide and the level of crimes, which this Secret US Torture Network committed against innocent US civilians, including women and children.
For example, the desperate young woman, Tracy A., with a little two years-old child contacted me. One of the Nazis abused badly her and her little girl. This torture network tried to kidnap her little daughter.  Tracy sent me her photo, and my heart was broken when I saw a photo of this desperate young woman who was holding her little daughter so tightly on her chest.  
The Nazi who was abusing her and her child was a Doctor at one of the universities. I contacted this Nazi, explaining to him that my twenty year-old mother was in Stalingrad during WWII, fighting with Nazis, and two of my uncles did not come back from WWII. 

I explained to this Nazi that 1) I would contact four of the International Criminal Tribunals and several human rights organizations, reporting his horrific crimes, including pedophilia and other child abuses.  2) I explained to this Nazi what I would do after that… My action could  be considered as a feat of an extermination of a Nazi escaping justice, and maybe I would be even awarded with a medal for my right action!
I took some other actions against this Nazi… After that, this Nazi never again approached or abused this young woman and her little child!
I have documents and letters, which prove showing that over a few years this woman contacted the FBI, senators and other officials, urgently requesting help.  Instead of helping Tracy, the Secret US Torture Network, brought her to a mental hospital, and they took her baby-girl from her. It took several months for her to find and have her baby returned to her after she was released from a hospital.  Please, tell me Friends, how many of you aware of the kind of justice we have in our country now?!
This torture network has placed in mental facilities and hospitals thousands of their victims, who are/were healthy US citizens, harming them.  How would you feel if a desperate 30 years-old man, Greg Gamage, would call you from a different state ten times during one day, stating that he was being tortured in an Ohio mental hospital, and if I would not help him, nobody would help?   I understood Greg completely because I was in a very similar situation!
I informed other victims of electronic harassment around the country, asking them to call this hospital and request that the doctors--war criminals immediately release kidnapped Greg from this hospital.  I contacted United Nations and human rights organizations, some of whom helped me by contacting this hospital and requesting information about Greg, after which Greg was released immediately.  Twice during one year, I stopped Greg from committing suicide when he had horrible pain after he was tortured by the members of this Secret Torture Network.
However, I think that the most shocking experience for me was the day when former Air Force Major Gerald Smith, a NATO Officer from US Ramstein Air Base in Germany, contacted me, requesting help.  In the beginning, I thought that this perhaps was a provocation against me.
However, Gerald explained to me that he was tortured by criminals, including stabbing him with needles, after he refused to commit crimes against other people.  Major Gerald Smith was brought to a mental hospital where Air Force Doctors declared him delusional.
Note:  Dear Friends, I have 100% permissions from Major Gerald Smith and Greg Gamage to disclose their information to anyone or to any of the mass media.

I tried my best to help and assist Major Gerald Smith.  We reported to four International Criminal Tribunals, the United Nations and human right organizations.  In order to protect Gerald and members of his family during a critical time, I contacted the International Criminal Tribunals every three or four days during a month…
Major Gerald Smith was the first person in the history of the US Air Force to be returned to active duty with the false diagnosis of delusional. The harassment against Gerald Smith lasted until his separation from the Air Force which was on 31 March 2014, after which Gerald filed a federal lawsuit in the District of Delaware against President George Bush and a few NATO’s Generals and Officers.

There are only LITTLE PIECES of evidence of the genocide of US citizens that I witnessed during last nine years.  I can write a book…
If I am able to survive, I want to testify about horrific genocide of US citizens committed by this Secret US Torture Network, which is a part of the World’s largest Criminals Syndicate.
Dear Friends, now I am in an extremely difficult situation, and I sincerely request your Urgent Help!  Only elderly people are around me now, and they cannot comprehend what is going on in our country and around them, and why they are attacked.
They still rely on my help and assistance, but now I also need your urgent help and assistance!
Dear Friends, Please HELP ME!

With my Blessings,

Nina Sidorova
President of the Northern California Tenant Association

Please, read below a List of only some of the crimes and misconducts committed by Administrator Carol Overton and Supervisor—Administrator Rice Pichon of Santa Clara County Court:

Northern California Tenant Association               
Ms. Nina Sidorova
President of Northern California Tenant Association 
PO Box 932, Mountain View, CA 94042               
Presiding Judge Honorable Helen E. Williams

Honorable General Joseph Francis Dunford
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of US Army
Acting President of the USSR Sergey V. Taraskin
Acting Prime Minister of the USSR, Alexander V. Bogdanov
Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein
The United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland 
Mr. Juan Mendez
Mr Anand Grover
HEAD INVESTIGATOR at the United Nations
Major General Mark Inch
Director of Provost Marshals of the United States Army
Mr. Kevin Annett                                           
The Field Secretary
The International Common Law Court of Justice (
Mr. Sacha Stone
International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ)
The Hague International Criminal Court
Judge M.P. Dillon
The Head of the Information & Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
The International Criminal Court
The Hague Case:
Reference OTP-CR-370/13 (Ms. Nina Sidorova) of the Office of the Prosecutor
Headquarters of US FBI State Agencies
The Appellant’s Reply Brief
Case No. 16AP002081/2015-1-CV279191

Judge Honorable Helen Williams,
Honorable General Joseph Dunford,
Honorable President of the USSR Sergey Taraskin,
Prime Minister of the USSR Alexander Bogdanov,
Honorable Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, The United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights
Honorable Mr. Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
Honorable Mr Anand Grover, Head Investigator at the United Nations
Honorable Sirs-- Judges and Investigators of International Criminal Tribunals,
Dear Leaders of US FBI State Agencies,

I, Ms. Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association (NCTA), a member of three Human Rights Organizations and a member of the Citizens ‘Commission on Human Rights International, who submits now to the Hall of Justice (HOJ) and to you my Appellant Reply’s Brief to Case No. 16AP002081/2015-1-CV279191.
In my Appellant Closing Brief I introduce you to:
I.      The Main Point of My Brief

II.  I attached with my Appellant’s Reply Brief two of my Appeals and two Designating Records to these appeals that I submitted to Santa Clara County Court in December 2015 and January 2016.  According to ‘Judge’ Carol Overton, ‘Presiding Judge’ Rice Pichon and MP. Shoreline Associates, I ‘never’ submitted to the Santa Clara County Court these two appeals and two designating records to these appeals.  You can review my appeals, designating records to these appeals, the date when I submitted these appeals and records, and you can see the names of the court clerks, who received these court documents from me, confirming the documents were submitted on time.

Perhaps, after reviewing my appeals, you would be able to explain to me where my real appeals and designating records to my appeals are now, and ‘where they were traveling’ the Entire Past Year.

III.                      The copies of my Appellant Closing Brief  and my Appellant Opening Brief  with my other court documents I sent to United Nations:
ØMr. Juan Mendez,
ØMr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein
The United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights
ØMr. Anand Grover 
HEAD INVESTIGATOR at the United Nations

On December 12, 2016, “a groundbreaking report was released to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture by the activist organization ITHACA. This report reveals the existence of a massive, secret imprisonment and torture system that targets tens of thousands of Americans each year, mostly senior citizens. Some have estimated it yields annual profits upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators.  The report explains that the Secret U.S. Torture Network is protected by a fearsome network of judges, attorneys and other court officers, court-appointed guardians, law enforcement, APS social workers, psychologists and medical personnel.”

I want to inform you that President of MP Shoreline Matt Franklin,  Judge Carol Overton, Presiding Judge Rice Pichon, Attorney Todd Rothbard, Attorney Lisa Padilla and Attorney Justin Alexander Brewer of Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP are involved in this Secret US Torture Network, which is money grubbing, torturing and murdering senior citizens of Northern California. I already supported my statement with facts and supporting documents that I submitted to the United Nations, three International Criminal Tribunals,  the FBI and Provost Marshals of US Army. 

IV.                      The list of crimes, including misconducts, frauds, thefts of my documents, blackmail, forgery of documents, actions of Russophobia, Crimes of Hates, racism, and assaults were committed against me by  Administrator Carol Overton, Supervisor—Administrator Rice Pichon of Santa Clara County Court, Attorneys of MP Shoreline Associates, employees of  MP. Shoreline Associates and by so called witnesses of MP Shoreline Associates during three court hearings of the Case CV279191: MP. Shoreline Associates vs. Nina Sidorova, and later when I submitted my appeals.

V.  Summary of Appellant Closing Brief  

From the beginning of my Appellant Closing Brief, I want to inform you that I did not receive from MP Shoreline Associates and Attorney Justin Alexander Brewer, who represents MP Shoreline Associates in this case, any replies for my Appellant Opening Brief.  According to the request of the Hall of Justice of Santa Clara County Court, MP Shoreline Associates and Attorney Brewer were supposed to submit their reply to my Appellant Opening Brief within thirty days after I filed my Opening Brief.  The deadline was on December 15, 2016. However, I did not receive any replies from MP. Shoreline Associates. On December 19, 2016, I informed the Hall of Justice about a default of MP. Shoreline Associates.
 President of MP Shoreline Associates Matt Franklin and someone with last name Mogilevsky tried to commit another fraud with this case. I reported this incident of fraud to the Headquarter of the FBI of Northern California and a local FBI agency. I contacted Sergeant Andrea Urena (#1852) who represents the Sherriff’s Department in this court, and submitted my report to the District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff L. Smith. 
My Appellant Opening Brief is published on a website of the Main Republic Email Alert.  I introduced Civil Authorities of We The People and Americans to my case and my experience.
To The Civilian Authorities of We The People
of Great SOVEREIGN NATION – The United States Of America Republic 

I.                  The Main Point of My Closing Brief

The Main Point of my Appellant’s Opening and Appellant’s Reply Brief is the fact that ‘Judge’ Carol Overton does not have any authority (legal jurisdiction) to sue me.  I am Ms. Nina Vasilevna Sidorova, a free citizen of the USSR and free citizen of The United States Of America Republic, two Great Continental Countries, which operate under the Law of the Land,  Continental Law! 

Ms. Carol Overton is an employee-- administrator of the Santa Clara County Branch of the Rothschild’s Private Foreign Corporation, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Inc. that registered at
10687 Gasking Way STE 101, Manassas, VA, 20109

In March 2015, Jacob Rothschild has purchased bankrupted by IMF UNITED STATES, INC.  The Rothschild’s Private Foreign Corporation operates under a Law of See, Pirate Law. The employee--administrator of the Rothschild’s Private Foreign Corporation, Carol Overton, DOES NOT HAVE ANY jurisdiction over me and cannot sue me.

I submitted to the court documents, stating and explaining this fact in writing.  However, Administrator of the Private Foreign Corporation Overton with a group of individuals who are involved in the Secret US Torture Network removed/stole more than 1023 pages of my court documents, including this written statement.  The Secret US Torture Network is now under UN investigation.

Employee-Administrator of Rothschild’s’ Private Foreign Corporation, was harassing me during a court hearing on June 3, 2015, and she denied me the ability to have legal representation.  I believe that this was done in order to cover up her crimes, including the fact that I officially denied her service, and to cover up misconducts and other crimes committed against me by this employee-administrator.

I reported about Carol Overton’s misconducts, denying me with ability to have legal representation, and about violations of my constitutional rights to ‘Presiding Judge’ Rice Pichon of this court. I reported during a court break on June 3, 2015.  I submitted later two letters to Supervisor Administrator Rice Pichon, in which I described step by step the misconducts, Abuses of Discretion and other violations of my constitutional rights.

I officially declined Administrator Overton’s service.  However, lets assume that someone accepted a judicial service of ‘Judge’ Overton.  Can any of the Judges of the Hall of Justice consider being proper legal producers kept by ‘Judge’ Overton if she denied a defendant with the ability to hire an attorney or have legal representation in the court?  

I received two written responses from ‘Presiding Judge’ Rice Pichon.  I submitted two of my letters with description of  Administrator Overton’s misconducts and violations of my constitutional rights and two letters-responses that I received from Judge’ Rice Pichon with my Brief for June 24, 2015 court hearing.  My description of ‘Judge’ Overton misconducts during a court hearing on June 3, 2015 would show anyone a level of horrific violations of laws and constitutional rights of citizens by ‘Judge’ Overton.

However, in order to cover up her violations and misconducts, Administrator of Rothschild’s Private Foreign Corporation Overton again removed/stole these documents from a court file.  Unbelievable piracy, misconducts and violations of my human and constitutional rights!

I explain that Rothschild’s Private Foreign Corporation, THE UNITED STATES INC, was supposed to provide temporary government services to the We The People.  Many of the unaware citizens thought that these so-called judges are representing the people and the organic states of the Union.  People honestly thought that judges were occupying public offices and working for We The People, but instead, it turns out that they are occupying similarly named private corporate offices and whoever and whatever you have been working for, it isn’t us and it isn’t our states of the Union!  ‘Judge’ Carol Overton and her piracy is a good example that supports my statement. 

Since March 2015, when Jacob Rothschild has purchased the bankrupted by the IMF UNITED STATES, INC., the judges have all been involved, knowingly or unknowingly, in a giant fraud scheme. They do not occupy what appear to be public offices—courts.

For example, a whole new raft of public transmitting utilities named after living Americans was created this past spring, in which instead of proper names, my name appeared as NINA V. SIDOROVA.  Millions of trusting Americans getting bills addressed to these bogus entities have been paying their bills for them.

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