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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 16, 2018 Compiled 16 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery,...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 24, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 24 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 24 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. June 23 2017 WSOMN AdminBill: I am very pleased with today's group of calls. Good news for currency owners. Stay focused. We are in a very good position, so remain patient and do not be worried. Nothing more tonight. I do not want to give a time frame. It should be soon and within this month.

B. June 23 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: Sunday Update from TNT RayRen98 1-22-17

1. The updates say that Mosul is already celebrating, although the northern and western areas are not completely liberated. Eastern Mosul has celebrations, with northern Mosul tagged to be completed by yesterday Jan. 22 2017. On Iraqi television, they are telling citizens that any minute now they will have Mosul completely liberated.

2. The national reconciliation will commence immediately following liberating west of Mosul.

3. From today’s activities, it looks like Rafi Bank is enticing citizens to come in and get their smart cards activated.

4. Bank incentives for Iraqi citizens being announced.

5. There are now 27 banks, 3 credit unions, and 5 currency exchange dealers who are openly buying/selling the Iraqi Dinar just like any other internationally traded currency. We can go and exchange when we want to – (but would want to wait until the rate changes).

6. The Iraqi embassys were notified about a currency value change, we just don’t know when.

7. This could very well be The Week, although certain things still need to be made public. But it’s looking good, sounding good, and I’m feeling good about where we are. 8. Information suggests the banks have been told that they have the green light. That’s what I was told on Friday, and it should be sitting on someone’s desk, ready to move forward. That could mean any day this week.

C. Jan.22 2017 Dinar Detectives Frank26: [If the CBI website (Arabic side ) is still not showing a rate, how long can that continue? I am wondering what requirements, if any, there are for reporting the exchange rates at a given interval?] Yes … It’s called an RV.

D. June 23 2017 11:04 pm EST Over and Out: "GCR/RV New Intel Update" by Over & Out - 1.23.17

1. Today I have witnessed first hand activity of groups that are now being made liquid both for Historical Bonds and currency.

2. Most of these groups are at Tier 3 level, Tier 2 are now fully funded, Tier 1 has been completed some time ago.

3. Tier 3 are now being made liquid because Tier 2 is complete. Tier 3 can now go due to some of the end buyers being Tiers 1 & 2.

4. Zim has been moving out of Hong Kong as of last week. Zim is the first to go as they are included with the Historical Bonds.

5. This week Dinar is moving out of the US.

6. The Zim, Historical Bonds and Dinar are only moving at private Tier group level.

7. Once complete, this will activate the "internal RV" - it will not be known, but it will clear the runway for the public.

8. There is a magnitude of events going on behind the scenes. We are full steam ahead. Just because you can't see it does not mean it is not happening. The majority of this information no one will ever be aware of.

9. I do not know the time frames, but I can confirm that the public will not be exchanging in the months of Feb. or March. I will know within the next three weeks if April is a possible month.

10. There will be a slot available for Internet Groups to submit prior to the public. When you see the Internet groups going this will be a good indication that the public will go around 2-3 months after.

11. I have witnessed private screen rates of the Zim and IQD. These are not what will be coming out to the public. The public will receive a much lower rate.

12. By the time the public come to exchange this will all be complete.

13. The IQD and VD are the safest currency to purchase.

14. Many will be highly disappointed with the Zim rate at the public level. The public will not be getting sovereign or higher rates.

15. There is much work still needed to be done prior to the public getting their chance to redeem.

E. Jan. 22 2017 Intel Guru Bluwolf: All things pending that pertain to what me and you have been waiting for are now in fast track, believe it or not.

F. Jan. 22 2017 12:02 pm EST GCR Overview: "Revelation" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - January 22, 2017

1. The world has created an entirely different financial system including new computer technology and satellites.

2. The majority of petrol production is now both caped and paid for in different currencies other than USD. This eliminates the petrol dollar as being an evergreen monetary supply for Western world nations and renders their currency at par to their appropriate value.

3. There were 209 nations which secretly got together and returned all finance to a gold standard of collateral value, which requires a specific percentage of gold in above ground holdings be held in order to print a sovereign nation's money.

4. The Republic of United States has quietly participated in this gold treaty, though has yet to reveal their involvement.

5. The fiat money lie is officially dead--but no one has told the public yet. Why? In a word, safety.

G. Jan. 23 2017 Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report: "Now that Trump is President" -- January 23, 2017

1. Now that the Trump regime has formally been installed, the real battle over the future of the planet earth can begin in earnest. On the one side we find the Western military industrial complex and on the other we find the ancient bloodline families.

2. The “West” as things now stand includes Japan plus North and South Korea and maybe even Vietnam while “Asia” includes Germany and other Rothschild controlled nation states.

3. The ideological battle lines were set in two speeches, one by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Davos bloodline love fest on January 17, while the other was President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

4. The Asians want a bigger say for the non-European world, the West wants their industry and middle class to be rebuilt in exchange for the release of hidden technology. It sounds like a win-win solution can be reached without too much table pounding and shouting.

5. The CIA, in anticipation of investigations and disclosure has already released 13 million pages of documents but Pentagon sources promise new CIA chief Mike Pompeo will “purge and reform the agency, and force even more and full disclosure.”

6. “Trump went to Langley [CIA HQ] to tell the CIA that the military is with him, and he will add 1000s more new agents while purging the bad guys,” the sources say.

7. Top general Joseph Dunford “returned from Paris and Brussels meetings with NATO to oversee Trump security at the inauguration, backed by millions of bikers, cops, feds and the National Guard,” the sources continued.

8. Also, the Pentagon sources say that “Is it no accident that [General James] Mattis was confirmed as Secretary of Defense and fellow marine [General John] Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security on January 20, as they were Dunford’s bosses in Iraq, and these 3 top marines are Trump’s praetorian guard.”

9. The first real thing Trump did after assuming power to was to go to CIA headquarters with his praetorian guard. On the surface, he promised the CIA “1000 percent support,” while underneath the surface, according to the Pentagon sources Trump gave the CIA an ultimatum to “stop drugs, arms, children trafficking, droning, lies, dirty tricks, political corruption, subversion and to focus on human and open source intelligence for the whole of the government and to provide counterintel on rivals and Israel or else.”

10. The bloodlines families are not taking this all without a fight and have been financing and organizing anti-Trump demonstrations around the world. They are also using their -most likely soon to end- control of the giant media corporations to mount a major psychological war on the Trump regime.

H. June 23 2017 7:40 pm EST: IQD Rate Movement!" by One Who's Anonymous - 1.23.17

1. I've never seen this before with the IQD rate... correct me if I'm incorrect but IQD was always at 1,184 IQD to $1USD ever since I got involved in this Currency investment. Then recently I don't recall when but recently, IQD went down to 1,182 to $1USD. Then front what I seen it remained frozen at that rate just like the previous rate of 1,184... but today I checked the rate at and it showed 1170.65... then I refreshed the page about 15-30 minutes later and it went down to 1170.39. So I monitored the website during the day kept refreshing the page and it showed 1170.15... then it went back up to 1179 then 1182.50. I was like nooooooo keep going down! I was hoping to never see it go back up... however I was still happy to see movement at least I never seen this before maybe others have but I'm assuming this is new... so throughout the day I was saying to myself at least it's moving despite fluctuations. I decided to refresh one last time just to monitor it and it showed 1169.61...!!!! To me that's a nice decrease from 1182... or I guess technically speaking it would be an increase the closer to 1:1 with USD if I'm understanding correctly.

2. I seen the video of the Trump inauguration fireworks clearly saying "USR." Seems like things are occurring simultaneously.

I. Jan. 23 2017 Geopolitical Overview: "Soft Power" - Geopolitical / GCR / RV Overview - 00:00 EST - Monday - January 23, 2017

J. Jan. 23 2017 GCR Summary: Monday, January 23, 2017 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of January 23, 2017

K. Jan. 22 2017 GCR Summary: Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 22, 2017

L. Jan. 23 2017 9:06 pm EST Humanitarian Projects: Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for January 2017

Judy Note: In her 2012 biography "Twenty Two Faces" Jenny Hill exposed a many centuries-old international child sexual abuse and human sacrifice ring run by political, religious and banker-leaders of the Cabal and Illuminati. Hill claimed that as a six year-old she was tortured and witnessed the murder of another child, Kathleen Shea, in a Satanic human sacrifice ceremony.

Like thousands of other Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor children thought to be undergoing this torture even today, the abusive experiences resulted in fracturing her mind into multiple personalities. This child exploitation was said to be overseen by a Nazi mind control agent brought into the US by the CIA after World War II:

Such horrendous acts where global elites practiced the sexual abuse and human sacrifice of children was also uncovered in the global Pedogate and local US Pizzagate Scandals (that came to light in 2016 through over 50,000 Clinton-John Podesta emails exposed by Wikileaks) PIZZAGATE: A SPECIAL REPORT ON THE WASHINGTON, D.C. PEDOPHILA SCANDAL, Video: Satanic Child Sacrifices and Child Rape -- Save Children's Lives!, in Kevin Annett's International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State's two-year prosecution of global leaders including Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican by six international judges at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels: and more recently by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Official Statement from Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- PizzaGate Scandal, Pedophile Ring, Fake News, 9/11 Cover-up and More by way of Giuliani's Twitter Account:

We will be eternally grateful for these heros who continue to bravely fight this Ninth Circle Satanic Cult and their ongoing rape, torture and murder of innocent children. The good guys included the restored US Republic's "White Hats and White Knights," Annett's ITCCS and Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad.
You are invited to participate in the eradication of this unthinkable child sex trafficking, torture and homicide. Listen to the latest intel about the global elite's international child exploitation ring on Radio Free Kanata:, donate your time and/or funds to the ITCCS: Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of ... and Operation Underground Railroad:Operation Underground Railroad, or research history of the banker connection to Pizzagate and Pedogate: New Republic via GCR -- 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

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