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Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 23, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 23 2018 Compiled 23 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 29, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 29 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 29 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. Jan. 28 2017 Q&A with Yosef, Part 1 Selected Samples. For full report see: Questions & Answers w/ Yosef - January 28, 2017 - Part 1

1. Yosef: I speak with military, agency, banking and white hat contacts almost daily. I have a solid source on the decision making committee that speaks to the Elders, but not Grandfather per se. Anyone that tells you they speak to Grandfather doesn't speak to Grandfather. They hide his existence and whereabouts well.

2. Have you personally seen the grey screens for ZIM sovereign values? A: I have. Blue screens too for government transactions. I've seen both authentic bank documentation and tear sheets for the global collateral accounts in every major central bank.

3. We're told the initial 800#s will be turned off within six days of their issue, and then to redeem currency you'll have to call the traditional 800# numbers for branch banks (unless you have ZIM as some of those off site locations will be kept upon). Again, they want to reward people for paying attention all these years, but not drag out an event they worked very hard to conceal for the masses.

4. The Zim screen rate we are told is 1:1 or 1 ZIM per 1 USD. That's a par value. No matter what sized note they hold, the face value will be honored at a 1:1 ration.

5. There's no taxes as it's both a sovereign event governed by international treaty and a currency exchange.

6. Ten steps of the exchange:

a. See the 800# off a trusted Internet site like Dinar Chronicles

b. Call and state the currencies you hold, and where you live by zip code or postal code.

c. (The first 800# will direct you to a second 800# that is specific to your name and exchange center). Make your appointment.

d. Drive to said appointment with anyone you desire to be there (less than two people).

e. Hand in your currency, identification, receipts, gift letters, trusts, LLC's, 501c3's and anything else they request.

f. Negotiate an sovereign exchange rate, structured payout and NDA (if so desired); otherwise take the screen rate or something less.

g. Have all cashiers checks cut (5 or less) and any wires sent (5 or less).

h. Leave the exchange facility.

i. Drive home safely.

j. Follow the terms of the NDA agreement (if one was signed).

7. Q: How soon will the tax laws be changed governing gifting? A: Tax laws internationally have already changed they just haven't told the world yet. As for the USA, that's coming in the second quarter if I'm hearing Paul Ryan and the Congress correctly as it relates to tax reforms. It will be simpler and better in terms of percentage.

8. Most NDA's are like 2.5 pages, some 8 pages. I've even seen one that was 22 pages long. It will depend on what kind of asset you hold, which currency to redeem and what rate you negotiate. As for structured payouts, they will vary depending also on what you negotiate. Some are just for 18 months while others can be for 100 years. It is totally between you and your exchange banker.

9. Interest rates will vary (2%-8%) as will when those structured earnings are paid out (quarterly, semi-annually and annually).

10. Screen rates are normal everyday values for currency if you were to walk into any bank and the world and attempt to buy or sell currency. Privately Negotiated Rates are basically sovereign rates, that are higher than cash and coin screen rates, as they exist on a higher tier in the banking system. We understand those to be much higher for all currencies, not just the ZIM.

11. In terms of the ZIM specifically, we understand the audited value of the continent of Africa, including Zimbabwe whose currency will be used as the regional reserve currency for the entire African content and eventually placed in the IMF's Basket of Currencies determining the global reserve currency value… is $125,000.00 USD per $1.00 ZIM. So the $50,000 USD top end price, awards both the redeemer with an incredibly high sovereign rate, while still leaving some arbitrage for the bank in-taking the currency.

12. Structured payouts and NDAs will accompany all sovereign rate transactions.

13. Screen rates can be received without an NDA (but all ZIM exchanges will have some form of NDAs given their sheer volume--it's just how detailed the NDA will be).

14. You can avoid NDA's even on ZIM exchanges if you are willing to take far less than the screen rate, and settle more on a final lump sum number--as we believe more than 75% will do because they just don't need or want as much money as even one ZIM note qualifies them for.

15. How high of a rate is determined by how you can handle it mentally, emotionally, psychologically, structurally in terms of your humanitarian experience and project plans. Good bankers listen to their clients and feel out what their true needs are versus what they think their true needs are. You might be surprised they take you higher than the screen rate if that's all you ask for or feel you need.

16. I believe we are complete in terms of geopolitical, military, financial and political regime change. Now it's just a matter of release. Easy like Sunday morning… wow, profound song title perhaps:)

17. Chances are the banker won't hassle with you on your rate. The exchangers are there to get you whatever you need, they just don't want to over or under burden you depending on your state of mind and aspiration. So just be honest with them about the sovereign rates, let them know you know about them, but I wouldn't go into specific values right away. Just throw it out there, see what they say. See where they are at intellectually on how the world really works.

18. Remember, if there were no sovereign rates the screen rate on the ZIM is enough to give someone a heart attack if they were unaware of the GCR/RV so put some perspective on the negotiation

19. No zeros will be taken off on any currency in terms of conversion. Where the zeros come off is at the FOREX level, for instance where the Dinar is at 1,170. I see the reality of the IQD being valued at $11.70 after the revaluation, and thus two zeros have been reduced. But the actual face note of what your holding would then be redeemed at $11.70 USD.

20. I know exchanges are happening before the month of January will end. The question is when will the 800#s come out.

21. Some of the group paymasters have been hydrated and will start paying out on Monday at 12:01pm EST.

22. Tiers 1,2,3 and T4 paymasters are already hydrated, so no it won't be a shotgun start. Liquidity will be a shotgunned approach world wide, whereby all currencies can move (or be in taken for redemption) at the same time or in a shot gun fashion, yes.

23. In terms of negotiating, it's pretty simple - there's a screen rate and there's a negotiated sovereign rate.

24. If you take less than the screen rate, you won't need to sign an NDA, if you take more than the screen rate, the NDA's will be more severe but the numbers will go very high, especially for those prepared with humanitarian projects that create jobs (and they go super high if you're looking to do such things in third world countries).

B. Jan. 28 2017 12:45 EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Talked to Several Sources" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 10:45 AM MT 1-28-17

1. My info today places us in a window that starts this weekend.

2. There is a strong start possibility of RV start Tues. Jan. 31 2017.

3. I talked to several sources since early yesterday that believe the process is in the works with the Zim projects and they should start early in the week.

4. I verified HB payouts or conversions beginning early next week.

5. After my discussions I believe that once those are nearing completion, (near week's end next week), authorization and the funding of the GCR will begin.

6. The GCR will begin with the RV of the Dinar.

7. It was to be followed immediately by the Dong and other currencies shortly thereafter.

8. IMO the RV/GCR should happen almost simultaneously.

9. The RV/GCR should move to the end of the week and into the following week

10. No double dipping will be allowed.

C. Jan. 28 2017 2:14 am Intel Situation Report: "Hero" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 02:00 EST - Saturday - January 28, 2017

1. The Chinese New Year began in Asia on Sat., Jan. 28 (noon EST Friday, Jan. 27).

2. Standby, activation and exchange memos were sent out worldwide to banks in the last 48 hours.

3. All 50 state treasuries did a "final ping" back when pinged first by the Republic Treasury fully loaded with asset backed TRN/USN.

4. Each state had to acknowledge both the restored Republic's gold backed currency and Constitutional form of government like the original document demands.

5. This "final ping" decision was very historic act that few in each state will ever see or know about. Crazy!

6. 209 sovereign nations are ready tonight (Fri. Jan. 27) at any time, any hour, to receive RV authorization this weekend. Just think about that for like 17 seconds!

7. No short cuts or going back now. The rocket ship doors have closed. Whomever is in the command module, is in. And whomever is not, is not. Sobeit.

8. General Dunford relinquished control of the Republic military to General "Mad Dog" Mattis on Sat. noon EST Jan. 21 2017.

9. General Dunford then immediately flew to HK and signed the last treaty document for the release of our TRN/USN internationally as he's the only American the Elders trust to release the RV in the USA.

10. All banks globally including US banks must now be in compliance with Basel lll asset backed holding percentages as of Wed. Feb. 1, 2017 or they will automatically (aka technologically) be shuttered.

11. We believe all major banks have returned their required "final pings" in order to receive authorization codes that freely allow their institutions to participate in the new Eastern financial system out of Beijing.

12. The banks and states, like us, are all waiting on a 24 hour around the clock watch to begin sometime this weekend.

13. No one knows final day and time. Maybe Dunford. Maybe.

14. HSBC Hong Kong is the global GCR/RV paymaster at the retail banking level, with AIIB handling initial authorization, money supply oversight and ongoing compliance monitoring duties.

15. The old Breton Woods Western financial system is completely dead, gone, and kaput when the final codes are entered in China. So very few in the public sector will even notice its death.

16. SKR fulfillment came and went all week on the Tier 3 level; paymasters are now all caught up and literally ready to disburse out to their groups / clients at a moments notice, as all with SKRs have long been suffering with stagnant and valuable accounts. Some for over a decade.

17. We're hearing all global accounts on all tiers 0 thru 7 are to be liquid by 12:01pm Mon. afternoon. We shall see.

18. We're also hearing private exchanges are considered Tier 3 transactions, with public redemptions being placed in the Tier 4 category. But because they "backed up" the private exchanges to the public exchangers, all currency exchangers will appear to convert simultaneously.

19. Hearing that the New Powers That Be are anticipating a top end number of 5 million private exchanges over the first 72 hour period, with 75% being IQD redeemers and/or senior citizens 65 and older.

20. Republic deep cover agents are now in place and ready to implement the final release protocols required by the Chinese. This group includes private package couriers.

21. ZIM was SKR'd in the USA and HK today with a 12.01pm Mon. liquidity time stamp. This demonstrates private exchanges have indeed begun on American soil--as well as face value ZIM exchanges.

22. Trump & Pence are on DEFCON 1 level lock down status tonight hiding somewhere safe in the D.C. area.

23. General Mattis was sworn in as a cabinet secretary today over the Department of Defense, but we understand he's actually replacing General Dunford as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

24. General Dunford will still be inserted as VP when Trump steps down due to scandal in mid-March.

25. Will Pence or Ryan be the President, and for how long?

D. Jan. 28 2017 2:13 am WSOMN Update AdminBill: "My Information Today" - WSOMN Update w/ AdminBill 12:13 AM

1. My info today places us in a window that starts this weekend.

2. There is a strong start possibility of Tues. Jan. 31.

3. Zim investors start early in the week.

4. The RV/GCR to move from the end of the week into the following week.

5. No double dipping.

6. This is my own interpretation of next week's potential.

E. Possible Links to 800#s: - Top of page discusses 800#s - Latest Tweet

gm (@wingitcall) | Twitter - Latest Tweet 

Judy Note: My 27 years of research on survivors of a Cabal and Illuminati international child exploitation ring tells me that since the inception of the CIA after World War II, the agency has been using a US taxpayer black budget to finance this horrendous child abuse and mind control. Children have been regularly sexually abused at high end parties to blackmail prominent leaders - a practice that was uncovered in 2016 through over 50,000 Clinton-John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks.

President Trump has made it clear that this CIA-funded child exploitation, drug and arms running would be no more, for he was cleaning up the swamp.

In her 2012 biography "Twenty Two Faces" Jenny Hill exposed this many centuries-old international child sexual abuse and human sacrifice ring run by political, religious and banker elites. Hill claimed that as a six year-old she was tortured and witnessed the murder of another child, Kathleen Shea, in a Satanic human sacrifice ceremony.

Like thousands of other Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor children thought to be undergoing this torture even today, the abusive experiences resulted in fracturing her mind into multiple personalities. This child exploitation was said to be overseen by a Nazi mind control agent brought into the US by the CIA after World War II:

Such horrendous acts where global elites practiced the sexual abuse and human sacrifice of children was also uncovered in the global Pedogate and local US Pizzagate Scandals PIZZAGATE: A SPECIAL REPORT ON THE WASHINGTON, D.C. PEDOPHILA SCANDALVideo: Satanic Child Sacrifices and Child Rape -- Save Children's Lives!, in Kevin Annett's International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State's two-year prosecution of global leaders including Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican by six international judges at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels: and more recently by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Official Statement from Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- PizzaGate Scandal, Pedophile Ring, Fake News, 9/11 Cover-up and More by way of Giuliani's Twitter Account:

We will be eternally grateful for these heros who continue to bravely fight this Ninth Circle Satanic Cult and their ongoing rape, torture and murder of innocent children. The good guys included the restored US Republic's "White Hats and White Knights," Annett's ITCCS and Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad.

You are invited to participate in the eradication of this unthinkable child sex trafficking, torture and homicide. Listen to the latest intel about the global elite's international child exploitation ring on Radio Free Kanata:, donate your time and/or funds to the ITCCS: Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of ... and Operation Underground Railroad:Operation Underground Railroad, and research history of the banker connection to Pizzagate and Pedogate: New Republic via GCR -- 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

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