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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 16, 2018 Compiled 16 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery,...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 31, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 31 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 31 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. Jan. 31 2017 12:38 am EST Geopolitical GCR/RV Overview: "Dress Rehearsal" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - 00:00 EST - Tuesday - January 31, 2017

1. Redemptions we know have started, privately sure, but in the United States and including ZIM at sovereign rates (but no major or large hydration yet, just temporary SKRs for later in the week TBD).

2. Sub group paymasters were hydrated, which is something on the T3 level, but they all have T4 level clientele waiting on performance like the rest of us.

3. Nobody's technically been paid yet here in the US at the T4 level as of this post - even though some have redeemed at sovereign rates.

4. This past week starting Mon. morning Jan. 23 (Trump's first day as Republic President) the New Powers That Be decided to run a full RV dress rehearsal before actual release the RV, including all military, security and banking personal operating in real time situations.

5. With a new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs or Secretary of Defense (General Mattis), and a new Homeland Security Secretary (General Kelly) starting also two Saturday's ago, the Republic used the buffer week as time for a full dress rehearsal reviewing final military and banking operations inside the USA.

6. We hope they determined all systems were a go after they activated full RV roll out protocol, including activating the US markets with that artificial 20,000 starting line on Wed morning Jan. 25.

7. In preparation for the actual RV roll out later this week, they had Trump go ahead and sign a 7 nation travel ban, as not to allow in country foreign bad actors from known ISIS nations, as well as hidden stockpiles of IQD waiting to come into this country by boat for redemption - which could then be redeemed at nearly four times the overseas rate in say those 7 Middle Eastern countries.

8. No wonder the main stream media is in such an uproar. The cabal didn't like their desperation plan being shut out at the last second by General Dunford (in charge of the North American RV for the Chinese Elders).

9. So Trump's sudden executive order travel ban, the one he didn't even bother telling top Republican House leadership about until after it was already announced, mattered greatly to our RV hopes because it kept all the would be bad actors, and their IQD, outside this country, as well as locking out internal rogue investors like drug kingpins dealers and the George Soros of the world, from converting amazing amounts of IQD they did not want to discovered (held and protected for decades by cabal families and their generals).

10. I know of this desperation plan first hand. As I've seen massive currency deals for IQD in the multiple quints, from Saddam's own personal vaults, that were accumulated throughout his rule just for such a doomsday as the people's RV. The last thing these cabal families want is personal detection. Yet they really do want their IQD exchanged because they paid for it or stole it over decades.

11. That's the big RV conundrum playing out tonight Jan. 30 2017. What to do with all that vaulted and very real cabal IQD as time runs out on the Zionists? You're at war and don't know it. The only reason you haven't exchanged yet is safety. Period.

12. The most important cabinet approval in terms of the RV is future Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Why? He has agreed to sign off on the restored Republic Treasury's new currency (TRN/USN). Current Treasury, Orthodox Jew Jack Lew will not and legally cannot, as the Chinese and White Knights have long had massive problems with him during this transition out of the USA, Inc. If Trump's Treasury Secretary gets approved and then sworn in, that also means the Republic Treasury can function legally and release the TRN/USN, which by international treaty they now legally print on behalf of the Republic.

13. The nation's new gold backed currency per a law passed by the restored Republic Congress and signed into law by the new Republic President Trump, cannot be authorized for released. Meaning we wait on our 800#s.

14. Legally, the Republic government needs to and will Tues. Jan. 31 2017 replace Jack Lew in order to RV.

15. This is why all existing T3 SKRs were scheduled for hydration this morning before the 12:01pm window - just in case the cabal didn't utilize their full week delay rights in the Senate confirmation approval process.

16. We suspect the markets are scheduled to be artificially lifted again above 20,000 Tues. night Jan. 31 in concert with the T4 release (800#s) and Republic RV roll out.

17. We also understand, pro-Israel Senators, long bought and paid for in the Upper and Lower Houses of Congress, are risking their amnesty packages with non compliance tomorrow, including jail, currency redemption and public exposure via trial penalties.

18. Further stalling past the legal confines in Congress (one week) will be considered an act of treason against our restored Republic.

19. Perhaps they will stand down, perhaps they will just be arrested in full public view on the Senate floor, perhaps they will all get another punishment altogether. Universal law of free will requires that they choose their fate. And we shall all know of their decisions by tomorrow. Sobeit. God is with us.

B. Jan. 30 2017 10:05 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Movement Afoot" - WSOMN AdminBill Update 1-30-17 There is movement afoot that has begun. An interesting week ahead? Quite possibly.

C. Jan. 30 2017 TNT Call RayRen98:

1. Caller: A wealth manager I have known for four years called me Friday saying, "I have been told to disburse wealth managers in my office to bank redemption centers starting next week." Another contact I've kept up with for over 30 years and happens to be a part of our new administration said that things will be happening soon.

2. I have heard a $3.71 Dinar rate from people outside the country using their cards.

3. Over the weekend we grew to 39 banks, three credit unions, and 5-6 dealers openly buying and selling Dinar.

4. Right now you can exchange, although we don’t choose to until the rates get better. We can develop our strategy as we wait for the rate that we want. My focus is to get you thinking like this, so that whatever comes down the pike, you can be seeing what will benefit you.

D. Jan. 30 2017 9:26 am EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Not Today" - Mon. AM WSOMN Chat w/ AdminBill

1. We won't be going to the bank today, but I'm thinking tomorrow it will start and move through the week.

2. I have no idea if the 800#s will be issued.

3. I believe my sources are credible. I certainly hope so.

4. Those who are part of the former Generals 64, now Wells Fargo private placement group will receive an email at the appropriate time with an 800 number to call.

5. I can't speak to any other 800 numbers.

6. The website leaders are supposed to receive them as well.

7. There will be no more delays. The GCR/RV will go a long way to mend fences.

E. Jan. 29 2017 11:11 pm EST Intel Situation Report: "Blast Off" - Intel SITREP - Sunday - January 29, 2017

F. Jan. 30 2017 GCR Summary Update: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of January 30, 2017

G. Jan. 30 2017 Humanitarian Projects: Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for January 2017

Judy Note: My 27 years of research on survivors of a Cabal and Illuminati international child exploitation ring tells me that since the inception of the CIA after World War II, the agency has been using a US taxpayer black budget to finance this horrendous child abuse and mind control. Children have been regularly sexually abused at high end parties to blackmail prominent leaders - a practice that was uncovered in 2016 through over 50,000 Clinton-John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks.

President Trump has made it clear that this CIA-funded child exploitation, drug and arms running would be no more, for he was cleaning up the swamp.

In her 2012 biography "Twenty Two Faces" Jenny Hill exposed this many centuries-old international child sexual abuse and human sacrifice ring run by political, religious and banker elites. Hill claimed that as a six year-old she was tortured and witnessed the murder of another child, Kathleen Shea, in a Satanic human sacrifice ceremony.

Like thousands of other Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor children thought to be undergoing this torture even today, the abusive experiences resulted in fracturing her mind into multiple personalities. This child exploitation was said to be overseen by a Nazi mind control agent brought into the US by the CIA after World War II:

Such horrendous acts where global elites practiced the sexual abuse and human sacrifice of children was also uncovered in the global Pedogate and local US Pizzagate Scandals PIZZAGATE: A SPECIAL REPORT ON THE WASHINGTON, D.C. PEDOPHILA SCANDALVideo: Satanic Child Sacrifices and Child Rape -- Save Children's Lives!, in Kevin Annett's International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State's two-year prosecution of global leaders including Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican by six international judges at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels: and more recently by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Official Statement from Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- PizzaGate Scandal, Pedophile Ring, Fake News, 9/11 Cover-up and More by way of Giuliani's Twitter Account:

We will be eternally grateful for these heros who continue to bravely fight this Ninth Circle Satanic Cult and their ongoing rape, torture and murder of innocent children. The good guys included the restored US Republic's "White Hats and White Knights," Annett's ITCCS and Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad.

You are invited to participate in the eradication of this unthinkable child sex trafficking, torture and homicide. Listen to the latest intel about the global elite's international child exploitation ring on Radio Free Kanata:, donate your time and/or funds to the ITCCS: Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of ... and Operation Underground Railroad:Operation Underground Railroad, and research history of the banker connection to Pizzagate and Pedogate: New Republic via GCR -- 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

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