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Thursday, January 5, 2017

RV Overview: "Ahab" -- January 5, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

RV Overview
January 5, 2017


"We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented."

- Actor Ed Harris as "Christof" in The Truman Show


Years ago I read Moby Dick. Took me a full week. And I remember the plight of Ahab, burdened with the notion that a great white whale existed and it was his destiny in life to defeat such a beast of the sea.

Hunting that white whale ultimately ended Ahab because his focus was on personal victory instead of the team experience throughout his expedition. The trophy versus the journey as it were.

I think we all came into the RV as individuals and have since learned to appreciate the team aspect of sticking it out together. Otherwise, we would all probably quit. Look at all those we knew that have come and gone along the currency adventure. They tapped out before the blessing because there were in it for the glory of the trophy not the lessons in the journey.

Think of how much you have learned along the way. All the countries and cultures, timezones and astrology, in ground precious metals and international fiat ponzi schemes. You've gotten an on the fly PHD in sovereign wealth.

More importantly you did not accept the world as it was presented to you, no one still here reading this did. In fact, we dug in deeper to what we knew to be true instead of what was constantly being shown to us. Disinformation blurb after disinformation agent they came at us, picking off a few every round sure, but not us. We stood the test. We all morphed into the right reasons for engagement even if we didn't all start there.

On Friday, a joint session of Congress is going to...

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