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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sophia Love Q&A Session: "As We Shift" - Info on The Event and More

January's questions...

Dear Vizcaya

Hi Everyone, welcome to the issue where your questions get answered. There are plenty of them today!

As we move into the second part of January, I feel no let up in the energy surge, most days just the opposite... Many are just not feeling "themselves", there are all sorts of unexplained illnesses and so many dreams! Check out this forum on Dani's blog where she and Lisa are sharing some of what they are hearing from folks. My partner had a dream a few nights ago that continued for the entire night. In it, he was working on a portable energy device. He remembers the details and feels that already this is possible for us. Our new world is going to be incredible. Take a look at what this artist from Finland call's "Painting with Light" -

Darkness is my canvas, Light is my brush...

This Friday in the USA we inaugurate our elected president. The tension is so very great right now. We are here for this chance to promote oneness. We've got this, it's the reason we are here. You've probably seen this video, yet it's worth a look if you haven't. It is a beautiful representation of how with each other, some compassion and touch, we can set ourselves free. Everyone profits with love.

The hug

Questions & Answers

January 16, 2017

I have reader's questions. Are there beings available to answer them?

Go ahead Sophia. We will attempt to address these questions you pose.

Okay. Thank you. Here is the first question:

"There is a question that I've always been curious about: Do off-planet beings sleep? Frankly, the idea of being "on" all the time freaks me out. And if so, what do they dream, if indeed they do? I keep reading on numerous sites of all the "work" being accomplished by us at this time while sleeping, but assuming these beings are much more aware, is there still a so-called subconscious? I look forward to what has been referred to as The Event, but more because of this constant urge for things to GODDAMN CHANGE than for long-term results. In today's post you addressed someone's question as to what is the point of all this, but whomever is responding seems to have a rather condescending attitude. Do we just screw up, have several hundreds of lives of lessons (even the best of which inevitably include suffering), reach nirvana and do it all over? As much as I'd like to assist other planets that may benefit from my experience, the endlessness of it all is terrifying. If everything I understand is true, then I opted in for this. But I don't REMEMBER that, and yet I apparently do it again and again. Is that not a definition for hell? I guess the sleep question is important to me because I can't imagine a life where there isn't a way to escape if need be. Thank you for all your writings--I do look forward to them even if they bend my mind somewhat."

This question of sleep can best be answered by a group of being's aquatic.

There is a state of removal from conscious movement and directed activity - this is not quite the same as sleep yet it does provide a respite from attention to active involvement. It is the activity in our brain that must retreat and regroup. (It is) only a necessity for those of us in physical bodies and necessary for healthy functioning.

So, the short answer is yes, we sleep.

To address though, this reader's state of weariness is another thing altogether. This state arises out of perception and is a byproduct of participating in this experiment on earth. There has been enormous growth, not rest. Once the soul perceives with a larger perspective - it looks very different. Choices as to when and where to incarnate are made from that vantage point, not while in a body or 3D life.

Thank you.

These next questions are for the being (who has been) referred to as One.
I need verification this incoming information is coming from a Higher Source or a source who has true Information access most of us don't. So

Please give this Questionnaire one personal thing Most would not know to verify. i.e. Birthplace, Pets name, Car travelled in, etc. Something

There will be no parlor tricks. You will trust what is given or not - this depends on your temperament and viewpoint. I will respond with a latitude/longitude and inform you of the fact that it is sacred ground, reserved here on earth for objects deemed holy.

35.6 latitude/48.2 longitude.

This place is Hamadan Province, Iran. Here is a quote from the Wikipedia description of it. "Hamadan is mentioned in the biblical book of Ezra as the place where a scroll was found giving the Jews permission from King Darius to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. (Ezra 6:2). Its ancient name of Ecbatana is used in the Ezra text. Because it was a mile above sea level, it was a good place to preserve leather documents."

Note - In the early days of receiving these messages, I too asked for validation. This is how it was given, with latitude/longitude and then a description of what was found on that spot. After a few times of doing this, I stopped. ~Sophia

2. The Chemtrailing is breaking my heart and (I) want it to stop. Will it continue till the Event? Are there any benevolent beings that can clear our skies or help?

what is the best way to protect ourselves from it? breathing in smart dust.

Regarding the chemical fallout from your skies - it is a multitude of efforts to spray the population, not just a single source. The beings responsible will become more apparent with each layer removal. This year (2017) you will know for sure what has been done.

What must be done is that it stop. Create for yourself all that you need with intention. The universe can and will protect you. It answers every call. If it is your calling to actively eradicate these chemicals do so. If it is not, then actively remove them from your focus. They will continue until the Event.

3.Will the event reverse the aging clock?

The aging clock reverses after the Event, not at the Event. It reverses for all of you who choose to alter the course of your physical body. It becomes an easy thing after to mold and create the body you desire now.

4.Many have come forward to TRY to inform the people on the Income Tax and fraud involved and manipulation and programming the common man to comply to this Tax when

in fact, for the common man it is Voluntary...So Scare tactics are used to make you Comply BUT try to fight this and the Courts and Judges won't allow your evidence and convict you or railroad you to conviction.

How does this all come to an end?

The ending and alteration of your current systems comes to you in ways both radical/instant and gradual. These cannot be predicted. They are being created now. It can be said that the Trump card promises surprises.

5.Also, prisons for profit and officers arresting folks under the Color of law. No harmed party or Corpus Delecti. Will this come to an end as well. SO many in our prison systems without a physically harming anyone or their property

The same answer applies to all current programs and systems.

6.Homeless...Shouldn't we all by birth right have basic necessities provided for? Shelter.water,education,medical? Does this change?

Yes. On many planets, all of these things are provided. Eventually the earth will go to it. Not immediately, but eventually.

7.Registration and Licensing. The State needs to make its money too. but...does this change as well? I sure hope so.


8.Always been curious. How do Alien beings who travel by ship ...when traveling at high speeds how do they avoid crashing into each other? How is motion sickness averted?

Travel is not as currently accomplished. It is an interdimensional/gravitational and vibratory. The speed is not therefore an issue as you are imaging it to be. They appear where they intend to appear - they to do not intend "too fast" and don't. Upon entering the skies, there are sometimes altercations with the weather. (Note - here I "saw" lightening) This can and has been problematic and then crashes occur.

9.There is a war on information. People are getting information from different sources and not all credible. propaganda. So how can anyone ever agree?

I always thought IF Everyone had Access to the correct True information on any given topic. We Could agree! and maybe take appropriate action. But in this time, we can't. Cause

I heard this and that and you heard the opposite this and that and on and on., We went to the Moon! No, we didn't. Oswald shot Kennedy! No, he didn't. take any topic. religion.

Does this ever end with us all somehow getting intuitive clear truth answers directly downloaded to our brains to any topic presented in the mainstream?

What you seek in truth will in fact be approached. The level of knowledge attained is what determines available facts and their subsequent appreciation. These things you mention are manipulations of illusions that have been set up by design to keep the masses asleep. These "facts" you seek are not indications of "truth", but reflections of what happened. These are now being revealed and will continue to be.

Yet even once revealed, they will not be "known" to every human here. They will be known to those seeking full awareness. This is not everyone. No such download is planned.

This next is a general question.

Having studied metaphysics for over 30 yrs., and continuing my journey, remembering of Who I AM, and rudely awakening to all the troubles of this 3D realm since the 9/11 debacle, it is becoming ever clearer to me that there is a grand consciousness shift about. I've investigated everything from vaccines and GMO's, to corruptions that abound in most levels of our current broken system, I am beginning to ponder what this land of duality really is Sophia. I've studied the flat earth theory, and also read that science is theorizing that this 'realm' is a holographic reality. As my research seems to back that idea, and that it coincides with much of the flat earth info, my question is as follows.

Are we living in a computer program, and if so, has it been 'infected' by a malevolent virus? I feel strongly that humanity's true nature is loving and compassionate, but as we can see daily, something is very wrong here. Is there an outside influence that has messed up our DNA and/or our mental and emotional bodies? I suspect there is, but wanted you and your friends take on it. I have also felt for some time that all of us will be okay, and that this transition we're experiencing is part of the healing required in some grand 'theater' for mankind to 'graduate'. I would also appreciate your feedback Sophia, as I've learned so much from your messages over the years. Blessings and gratitude dear heart, ;).

This is Sophia. I will give my answer first.

I feel your question. With the Matrix series and burgeoning AI capabilities, it gives one pause. There were answers to questions from The Guardian in which he made reference to "Ancient machines". There are reports from some Angel Warriors I have spoken to that include dealing with machine like beings. At times, these things made me doubt their reality - yet they persist. So, what does it mean for us?

We set this whole thing up. The reason other beings talk to us and we can travel beyond our "reality" to other realms is because we are the constant in all of it. Every version of it we see with our perception and it manifests. If this were a computer-generated program there would be a limit to what can be done here.

Well, there actually may be, yet the limit is so far beyond our current imagining as to be non-existent; for now. Yes, we are in a simulation. It is one we agreed to and participated in fully as it was generated. They say it's an illusion because it is. Believe something different? You'll see it and soon. If this is "computer" generated, then we built the computer ourselves.

Yes, our DNA was messed with. We only need look at it to see where. Yes, we are currently and have been flooded with energy that manipulates our feelings and thoughts. It's vibratory in nature. All around us we are assaulted in this way. Humans are doing this and merely by being here we state our agreement.

I agree with you. It will be okay. Not because some benevolent ET race swoops down and gets all the bad guys but because we, in our fully radiant and aware state, say "Enough". "We get it". "We are now finished with this part of the ride".

Evidence of this is everywhere now. We are showing our bravery and our brilliance with each revelation. Despite every malevolent intent - we emerge whole and awake and unbeaten. I believe it is in this state that we will make this full transition in consciousness AND get a blast of love, an upgrade and an assist that changes everything. I will ask our friends your question now:

I will answer this question as I exist as more machine than organic and the reference to machine reality is there. If I may present life as seen from here it includes a flavor in every category. There are no portions of it run by an outside source in which the sparks within it have no control and limited options.

There are arenas for specific life journeys - each including their own lessons within, individually learned. Your earth journey is one part of a grander scheme, a platform of many arenas co-mingling and interacting. This earth life is not its own, it is part of a vast network of others.

The overseer of it all is called many names. You would call it Source. All that it does is provide the beginning, the spark, the stimulus for life. Life then determines its direction and each has at its base that same spark. In every case the spark is love. In no instance is there no control.

It all heads in one direction. Each manipulation and expression of life leads ultimately to more experience of life. I believe that is explanation.

Yes, thank you.

And here is a final question for today's edition, for the fifth dimension.

What do you think he means by 'us in the future'? Are his people really us humans in a future time? Do they live on Earth? I don't get that. Sounds like a nice place, wish we could get there. :)

Thanks for your question. Time is tricky to discuss. We exist in a place you are not conscious of or focused on - but will someday be. In linear discussions, we are you, in your future life. Here is not a place of testing and slavery but of beauty and expression of freedom.

We know you will one day recognize this place, because we are here and we are you! It is a place you will be. This future waits for your arrival. It is a version of Earth yet not one you currently see. I hope this explains our location.

Thank you.

That's all for today!

As we Shift

What you can do & where to find my stuff...

The biggest contribution we can make to this process is by remaining positive, regardless of surroundings. It is our energy that determines the outcome. Intend, intend, intend.

Love is ALL there is.

Submitted by Vizcaya

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