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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump's Inauguration to be Recognized as Memorable Day

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,


Only few days away from the much expected US Inauguration Day of the 45th USA President Donald J Trump and the world already has been starting to steaming, focusing and beaming into heart of the global transformation. As standard with these great new beginnings variety of all kind overhaul speculations, follows and make imprint, into magnificence, that the world- wide audience would be confronted during entire show on that unforgettable day.

One of the serious 'speculation and possibility, looking afterwards trough what Trump needed to go, (should not be so strange ) is the circulation of the few links I would present you here, so that some wholesome and more diverse range of time-line could be overseen and captivating as much as possible. Remember that everyone contributes as part and particle of the morphic field -ocean trough out we are connected naturally.


There are guns UPDATE: Now plus ammunition AND SILENCERS that have been hidden in the bushes and other places turning up in Washington DC, behind the secure zone, where they can be used for an assassination. Two were found in an abandoned violin case, with many more in garbage bags thrown in bushes and other places.

This would obviously be done to have guns pre-planted everywhere ahead of the inauguration so they won’t be caught by tighter security at that time. There seems to be a DEFINITE plan underway to assassinate Trump and THE GUNS ARE ALREADY BEING PLANTED. Dear Trump: Do not get blown away “BIGLY” by riding around Kennedy style.

Something Weird is Going On with Donald Trump's Inauguration!

At this hour, the Patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers and the Grand Orient Freemasons have fingered Nazi German CIA Director John Brennan and Washington Post reporter Nazi German David Ignatius as orchestrating attempts to assassinate president-elect Donald Trump

Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump

Kent Dunn: Military to Dismantle Several 3 Letter Agencies if Trump swearing in is Disrupted !!

''Even if Trump is killed, the revolution will continue because there has been a fundamental shift in the power structure of the West that has become unstoppable. The unelected, corrupt, Khazarian mafia owned EU is going to be replaced by a democratic European Union that includes the largest country in Europe, which is Russia, according to the gnostic Illuminati. This grouping will be allied with North America and will negotiate a 50/50 win-win new relationship with Asia when the dust finally settles, they say. ''

Still only awaken ones contribute consciously during the 'personal internet connection' with the mentioning field that were aware and awake as ocean actually and not just as a drop of the ocean, what truly looks more accurate description after realizing its own propensities, abilities and levels of speed within (clearly perceived) morphic -filed of possibilities. This next one is very good reminder:

''As stated many times on our news platform, we take an approach of informing, creating a shift in perspective and then inspiring action from that new perspective. By seeing the world’s happenings through different perspectives and fresh eyes, we can begin to shift our consciousness and ultimately create a world that better reflects what people want versus what their governments/the elite are creating. Again, we help to shed light on how things truly function, as oppose to the illusory story mainstream news and media project.

The more we understand how our world really functions, the more we can begin to see through the lies and manipulation being used to control us and keep us down. This isn’t about us versus them and having to fight back, it’s about KNOWING. When you become aware you begin to see the world very differently and ultimately you make different choices. You no longer just follow along your daily actions robotically, you get in touch more with YOU and your own stream of thought."

Great force behind this evolving collective monolith -drama will be remembered as a day of reckoning, colossal let-down of some personal ambitions over transitioning, growing up and going after real thing- being conscious of collective all-connectedness and participation. It is psychological affirmation kind of knowingness that propels every shred and pace further when human being have complete oversite of the events.

How the world would look like if by upbringing, schools and universities young people would be sharing knowledge that our ancestors possessed of the Vedic past and Vedic ancient universities would be taught, having practical experience than just brain-washing connected with Rome and Greece?! Or being well versed into teachings from Brahma Samhita instead that one of Sharia, Torah and Canonic Law systems?!

With other words if you only have access to 50 % of possible 100% than someone can very easily manipulate with your preconceive notions and cognizant abilities and choices that you can make in an open and free society. Experience and deeper insight into world around us is absolutely predeterminer factor into choosing which way to go basically.

In that sense lets not forget force -fed narratives of definite dying MSM as never before witness and attest to these claims due to the fact of irrefutable abandoning and sinking deeper and peeper, under awaken tidal wave of group- and collective- thinking. It will follow with much disturbance very soon, because as I already said cabal will never let Trump win and if win as it has had happened will do anything into their power, to disrupt his four year mandate.

So that Donald J. Trump comes to stay, being recognized as some kind black-sheep on the pages of history. I got in that sense never before warning from ICS International Credit Bank, that only some limit amount of money will be guaranteed in the case something 'strange happens. Whoah!? Did you heard that?! Immediately my thought was, ''it will be definitely this year'' spectacular switch between paper money versus gold and silver -coins.

Great inflation will be daily casual wound and if you haven't change it for hard assets ( silver, platinum and gold ) you may accrue some mortal financial blow -outs, that will cause much of the inevitable traumas. On the hill after that you need to work extra on your good own self to clear it up in order to be cognizant, functional and above all useful.

With other words all our problems and stress and sorrows are to pin-point to Bankster Satanic mafia, that has been so big now that just 8 rich persons has accumulated so much wealth as no less than half population of entire globe! We should to be a shame that we hated ourselves for so long and never seek to repair relationship between our self and Banking cartel that trows us into war and despair as 'we appearing' to them as disposable -garbage waste.

Unfortunately that is a hard -cor situation with us and our responsibilities on this plane of existence. We are at exact spot as we let it happened with or without our consent. Everybody is truly kind of garbage if has no aspirations toward freedom, toward truth and free of charge access to information 24/7 and beyond.

Anyhow thanks to Trump we have chance as never before to kick-start the engine and trow old patterns of Molotov cocktail mindless '' I don''t care for conspiracy, I don't care for Chemtrails, I don't care for cashless society - and worst of all - ''I don't care for Satanic network and mass killing of innocent beautiful children'', despite overwhelming reveled evidence.

The clock is ticking and I sincerely hope that you are ready and awaken to take the impact, dispatched and already on the way and become powerful co-creating software, glittering and shining as each an everyone is truly, when all mask of illusion were removed for good.

Very soon everything is about to change!

Be self, be the truth and be the change you wish to have in this Chinese Avian New Year !


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