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Friday, January 13, 2017

Zorra of Hollow Earth, Call Notes, Replay and Important Intel Points -- January 13, 2017

Zorra, Re-Play Links (Surprise Call)

This was a special call arranged when the recording of Jan 7, was lost.  Then the recording was found, but this EXTRA call was already set up.  So we got an extra call.

Below is the information from the call with the Replay & Download links.

********************** Call (About 2 1/2 Hours) ************************

What a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving Day It Is!

Dear beloved Masters,

                        "A  SURPRISE  ZORRA CALL"

We are grateful to Zorra for he agreed to another Blogtalk show this week to make up for last Saturday's call which did not record.  It was not until the following day that the recording had somehow appeared on Blogtalkradio. Special thanks to One Who Believes who notified us of the news.

We are always happy to have a Zorra Call. This call came about because of a small glitch with Blogtalkradio but the glitch became a blessing in disguise! Remember, there are never any accidents! So as we say, it was meant to be!

We are sure there will be updates on what is happening or not happening in the geopolitical side of things. More "reality" based information coming from the Higher dimensions through Zorra and Saraiya. We also welcome back One Who Believes and he will gift us with more information interweaved with insight and understanding on how we think and believe and the reality we create.

We also welcome back Taansen, another beloved Lightworker who has taken a leap in helping all of us understand and get involved in how we can remove the shackles that bind us to our present economical and financial restraints that are corrupt. We appreciate these two beautiful beings for their part in raising our consciousness and awareness and in doing so helping to raise the vibration of humanity.

The plus side of the little problem was that it became an opportunity to have Zorra come again and to bring back our guests and do it again and with more fervor!  That certainly was a very nice outcome in the end!

May harmony, peace, joy, love, laughter and healing be with all of you!

Zorra Call With Jane, One Who Believes & Taansen

Listen To Call:

Download Link:

Call Notes:


Speaker: Taansen  Starts @ 27 minuets

Cancel CC Debts, Student Loans and/or Set Up a Natural Law Trust

Liberty Debt Elimination System &
House of Freedom Natural Law Trust

Contact Links: (Phone Number Listed on Webpage)

Note: Download Free Booklet About the These Products and services

Note From One Who Believes:

All Exchangers (with large funds) will need to have Trust structures for their funds.

If you have a Trust Before exchange, bring the paperwork with you to the exchange.

If you don't have one before the Exchange, they will set up a simple Trust for you to temporarily use until you get a better one set up for yourself.  If you get a temporary one set up at your exchange, you will need to get a more permanent one to replace it.

Your 2 Options for the more permanent "Replacement" Trust Structures are:

1) Have your Wealth Manager/Bank create one for you

2) Buy one yourself and take it to your Wealth Manager/Bank to set it up for you.  (The above Trust is one of the ones you can buy yourself and take to the Bank/Wealth Manager)

Remember: After the exchange, you will have the money to hire top experts on the matter.  Do NOT skimp on your trust structure as it holds Millions, Billions, or even Trillions of Dollars in it.  It MUST be very well done and very safe.


Speaker: One Who Believes  Starts @ 1:17:00 (77 minuets)

(How Memory Works and How To Change Your Past)

Note: Free Book & Audio Book Offered:  How To Use Your God Power

Download Links and Info: Zorra Of Hollow Earth

Download Links and Info: Book / Audio Book / The Philosophy™ (Image)


Zorra Starts @ 1:34:00 (@ 94 minuets)  (Highly Recommended)

GCR Intel & Disclosure Info (HUGE amount of information)

Some Of The Important Intel Points

  • There are exchange/redemption centers at offsite locations 
  • Expected on or before the 20th
  • The Plan: It will be announced before or perhaps during the GCR
  • The Republic will be announced shortly as well 
  • Plan is that Trump Will Not Be President
  • New Election will be in 120 days to elect a new President
Free Will
  • Free Will, will be restricted temporarily, just to get the GCR started and then returned back to normal
  • The date and time of Free Will Removal will not be published
  • High Energy Levels - Peak Level on Saturday 7-14-2017
  • To take advantage of high energy, spend time out in nature, meditate, sit with back against tree with feet flat on the ground, (Unless weather prevents it)

Much, Much, More Intel on this Intel Call.

Enjoy these calls, and I will bring you any new information as I get it. 

Signed: One Who Believes

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