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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Zorra, The Sun, Inner Earth/Hollow Earth, UFO's and Weird Stuff

Source: Dinar Chronicles

RE: Zorra, The Sun & Weird Stuff

Dear WJ,  I saw your post about Zorra, and the Sun and the unbelievable things he has said.  To summarize your statement, "We have to watch out for those who say crazy things."  I know it is not exactly what you said, but that is the gist of it.  For those interested in reading your comment here is the link:

First WJ, I am not going to attack you on this because things that Zorra says are some of the craziest things you could possibly hear right now. I get it.  It goes against EVERYTHING you were ever taught in Cabal school.  However, later, it will be common knowledge for all.

The Earth

In example: the Earth.   Everybody knows that it is solid with a molten core.  Right?  We have all seen the pictures of the Earth cut in half in our school books, with the fiery center.  Does that mean that the Earth is really solid?  What other proof and evidence do you have?   Have you driven a core drilling machine thousands of miles into the crust to see how far it goes down?  No, I'm sure you have not, and neither have I.   Let's have some fun with this just to test our logic, shall we?

#1) Do you believe what your school books say, knowing that they were written by the same people who are trying to kill you and control you in every way they can? 

#2) Did you know that Admiral Byrd Flew down into the opening in the South Pole and reported back that the Earth was not only hollow, but it had a central Sun inside it?  Here is an interesting link to find our more of what he saw there:

Here are a couple of Videos:

Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - Full Documentary

Global Elites Secret Trips To Antarctica

I'm not here to prove anything to you, but as soon as he came back and gave his report, they changed the text books to say the Earth is solid.  Why? To keep people from talking about it being Hollow, after all, everyone learned in school that it was not. Pure Genius!  Evil Genius, that is.

#3) Have you ever heard the discussion that Gravity is so weak on the Earth that it doesn't make sense?  It is a "Thing" and you can look it up.  The mass of an object has certain gravity and that can be proved by well known formulas.  It is used to calculate the gravity (Mass) of two different objects and the pull between them.  Anyway, it turns out that if the Earth really was solid, it's mass would be so great, that you would spend your life flat on the ground because the gravity was so great you could hardly scoot yourself anywhere.  But as it turns out the Gravity is so weak that not only can you stand up, you can jump up into the air.  That Fact does not match the solid Earth theory.  It is not Mathematically sound.

However, with the Hollow Earth Theory, the crust of the Earth is about 400 miles thick, with a center of gravity at the 200 mile mark, and that gravity calculation matches the pull of gravity experienced on the surface.  Go figure?

The Sun

Likewise with the Sun, if it really has the mass it should have, we would have to speed up our velocity around it to keep from being pulled into the Sun.  The math does not work.  Zorra says the Sun is Hollow and is not Hot, it is cold....  Weird, Right?  But that is O.K. I know it is so hard to believe...  But does that mean it isn't true?  Consider these points:

The Sun is supposed to be hot, after all, it feels hot when we feel it on our skin, or it hits something.  Clearly that means the Sun is SUPER HOT!!!  Right?   I am no super scientist, but, have you thought about this?   Space has no mass, it is empty of matter.  A vacuum, a void of Cold space.  No heat... Right?  Don't they say that space is super cold?   So how do we feel the Heat of the Sun, if the Heat cannot be "Conducted" (through mass) while it travels in space?  Frankly, the ONLY thing that travels through space is light.  Makes you go Hmmmmmmm?   If the light is cold as ice in space, and actually has no mass and therefore no temperature, that MUST MEAN that we are not ACTUALLY Feeling the Sun's heat are we???????????????   It makes you go Hmmmm... again.

Light is just a high vibration form of energy, that can be converted to electricity, or heat, or broken up into colors, or many other conversions. When we feel the light, we are actually transforming the Light into heat, because the Light was NOT HOT to start with.  So if the light is actually cold as it travels millions? of miles in space, and that we can prove with the science we know, then how can we prove that the light source, the Sun, is actually Hot?  Doesn't it makes sense even to us non-scientist, that if the light is not hot, then the source of the light might not be hot either? 

Should we believe the same Cabal science books that told us the Earth is Solid, to believe that we are ACTUALLY feeling the Heat of the Sun?  Frankly, we can debunk that with simple logic right here. Then you have to ask yourself "Do all sources of Light have to be hot?"  Is it possible for something to emit light and not be hot doing it?  Don't try to answer that because you didn't learn anything in school about these types of things.  By the way, the science that is going to be revealed to us very soon, will blow your mind because it is so amazing, or should I say "Unbelievable?"

UFOs / Aliens

Remember these are the same people who have denied UFOs and Aliens for as long as you have been alive.  Now they just released millions of documents that UFOs and Aliens are Real....  Do you see where I am going with this?  That means that they were lying to our face all these years, calling us fools.  I have special words for people like that, but, that is O.K. because they are going to get what they have coming to them very soon anyway.  Here is the Link to the CIA documents proving that UFOs and Aliens are real:

Disclosure has already begun with the CIA releasing millions of Classified Documents on UFOs and Psychic Powers.

What Is Next?

Now, even the CIA says UFOs, Aliens, and Psychic Powers are all true, and has released ample proof for all to see.  What will be released next?  Free Energy? Hollow Earth?  Inner Earth? Our mining operation on Mars?  The Fact That the Sun is hollow, has a surface that emits light but is not hot, and has civilizations that live inside it? 

Think About It

Are you really prepared to call people demons because they tell you things that don't match what you were taught in CABAL school?  My friend, you don't have that luxury.  You are about to be exposed to an avalanche of information and revelations that are CRAZY, UNBELIEVABLE, and FAR FETCHED, but, in reality, ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE. 

Here is a post I wrote on the Armageddon (Revealing of Truth) that is upon us.  It is an avalanche of Truth, about our World, Our Leaders, Our Universe, and our Origins, that is going to blow your mind.  These are unbelievable times that we live in.  Here is the Post:

The Bottom Line

I am not asking you to believe any of this crazy stuff that is coming our way.  All I ask, for your sake, is that you realize, this is a new age we live in.  The Aliens are here and have been here for millions of years.  You were kept ignorant on purpose to keep you down and controllable.  Those who asked to many questions or figured things out, were silenced.  But, now the truth is coming out in so many places and in so many ways.  The truth will sound crazy, by Cabal design.  That makes you defend the Cabal lie for them.  Actually, it is a genius control system, but sad and evil at the same time. 

Frankly, all I ask is that you consider the idea that all you were taught and shown, is a lie to keep you ignorant, and that just maybe, these new, hard to believe ideas and information, may actually be true in the end.  After all, you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain, by keeping an open mind in these changing times.  I promise you, that an open mind will serve you better than a closed mind.    

May You Embrace The New and Un-Believable With An Open Mind of Wonder and Curiosity, Instead Of Criticism and Judgment

Signed: One Who Knows

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