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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

12 Clear Signs You’re Avoiding the Work of Your Soul

Source: Collective Evolution

For the last week I have been frustrated beyond belief. Why? I had no idea.

Until I realized that the frustration I was feeling was due to NOT using my full potential in my life and work; to side-stepping my true capacity to create what only I can create.

Let's take a step back for a minute.

Why do humans create? Buildings, families, businesses, communities… Why do we do it?

Somewhere inside us we feel the pulse of creation, the creative force of the universe that is constantly evolving our reality.

This the purest form of creation. But what typically happens is this: we try to create for gain. Our own personal agenda gets in the way and we find ourselves thinking about something other than the creation itself — what we'll get out of it.

What is soul work? It is your highest potential to create something tangible that shapes even the tiniest part of this world.

In business it's a common, but insidious thought that governs our behaviour:

'What is going to make me money?'

As soon as our thoughts switch to money, we have lost touch with the creative impulse and our egos start to take over, for personal gain. What we create becomes about the money first and the creation second.

To clarify — we are right to think about our livelihood, but how can we possibly know what will support our lives? Quite simply, we like to think we know because it feels safer, but we don't.

So the golden question emerges:

What will make you enough money to live well and happy?

From my resistance to earning money in ways that made me unhealthy or unhappy, I have pondered this question for days and weeks over years. The answer has been lurking in my consciousness the whole time, but I didn't want to hear it. Eventually I listened and this is what it said…

'When you do your soul's work, it will support your life.'

Such a simple statement, but I urge you to read it twice.

Most of us spend our lives avoiding our true soul's work. There are plenty of people I know who think they are doing their soul's work but they're not. I know the signs well, because I've been trying to find the core of my soul work my whole life.

Get to the core of your soul work and you will live well.

Here's how I define 'soul work': It is your highest potential to create something tangible that shapes even the tiniest part of this world. It's that thing that you know you're meant to do, but you find every reason NOT to do it. Or sometimes it's more unconscious — what you're doing somehow feels 'off' but you don't know what else there is. Either way, things aren't flowing, as you may notice, particularly in the form of your health, creativity, and money.

Soul work is where your highest virtues meet the needs of real people in everyday life. You can be soulful without work or work without soul, but you need soul + work to maximize your reward.

When we are creating something of value in this world, we receive something of value in return, be it money, a hug, or fruit on a tree. We each have inside us the energy to create and when we don't use this energy up, our creative flow is stifled, our bodies choke with ailments, and money isn't as available as it could be.

When we are doing our soul's work, our creative energy is free-flowing and otherworldly rewards are free to flow to and through us. It is the pinnacle of what you can create now in service to others, fulfilling a genuine need in society. It is using ALL of what you have inside you right now to its full potential. No holding back some parts of you. No reserves for later. This is what makes you a powerful creator.

You ARE a powerful creator of your reality.

Yet, ultimately you don't choose what supports your life. Your soul does.From the bird's eye view, your soul knows the divine match for your gifts + the needs of others. That is the exchange that will support your life.

I will boldly say that if you are not thriving in health and finances (yes, I mean both at once), you have not reached the core of your soul's work, yet.

Each of us has many things that we could do, but there is one direction that will ignite your passion and vitality more than anything else. And THAT is what will support your life, in the form of money, gifts, opportunities, relationships… whatever it takes for you, as an individual to thrive. Your soul has a plan.

While you are sidestepping your soul work, even in small ways that may seem inconsequential, you are limiting your capacity to have a thriving livelihood and lifestyle.

And there's myriad ways that we clever humans do just that without realizing.

12 Ways You May Be Avoiding Your Soul Work

You've heard of self-sabotage? Well that's exactly what avoiding your soul work means. It's NOT doing what would actually be good for you. You know, like eating that extra handful of chips you don't need, or watching YouTube instead of going for a walk, or hanging out with that friend who always drains you.

Here are the patterns that I have observed, the strategies that are a wonderful distraction from doing what we're here to do. They're behaviours that keep looping as the norm. We all have them. Is yours on this list?

1. The Rebel

Rebel for the sake of it. Do the opposite of what would actually be good for you, and create lots of drama to justify your position.

2. The Dreamer

Hang out in fantasy land. Get stuck in the trap of 'unlimited possibilities' or 'going with the flow' without committing to one strategy long enough to see the fruits of your efforts.

3. The Gambler

Gamble your time and money away. Take lots of risks without a strategy, and end up with nothing to show for it.

4. The Controller

Over-achieve. Get addicted to taking on more than you can chew just so you can conquer the challenge, and find that you're essentially alone in your accomplishments.

5. The Sloth

Get bogged down in minutia. Stay at the ground level, thinking small without a solid plan for long-term growth.

6. The Copy Cat

Skim the surface. Focus on creating at the surface level so you keep creating the same stuff over and over.

7. The Passivist

Try to please everyone. Get pulled in a million directions by the people around you, and lose yourself in the process.

8. The Theorist

Live in your head. Create lots of theories, and never find a way to translate what's in your head into something of real-life value.

9. The Glutton

Over-consume life. Try to do too much/everything and burn yourself out, for fear of living too small.

10. The Guru

Live in a bubble. Love the sense of safety and security so much that you don't push yourself to accomplish anything of value to the wider world.

11. The Illusionist

Swallow your power. Go against your own tide of creativity and keep it a secret, so no-one ever discovers what you are capable of.

12. The Martyr

Give rigidly. Get stuck in the cycle of providing for everyone else's needs, without seeing who you really are without their reflection.

Know Your Trap? There's only one question to ask…

In my experience there are two things that are important to mention:
You can't force the timing of getting to the core of your soul work. Whether you own a business or you work for someone else, the point is to live with the question "Am I doing my soul's work?" It will bring you closer and closer until you have no choice but to acknowledge it.
And then…
It takes great courage to follow the creative urge when it comes. Some people sit on theirs for years and wonder why life isn't flowing. Others who commit to follow the urge become the leaders of our age.

As Marianne Williamson says so beautifully, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

What change do you need to make to reach the core of your soul work?

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