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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Congressional Impeachment Proceedings to be Forced in 2017

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

We understand the issue of unconstitutional related of Donald Trump's business separation was always part of Trump's 2015 pre-negotiated amnesty contract for both entering the 2016 US Presidential Race, as well as being forced to win and form a fraudulent but legal temporary administration.

We also understand Hillary Clinton had a similar deal due to her own unconstitutional dealings when Secretary of State via the Clinton Foundation.

Basically, both Clinton and Trump were receiving similar unconstitutional payoffs from foreign governments or diplomats, which would easily suggest to the American people the very real possibility of treason, or at the very worst a blatant non-sepreateion of public and private business affairs for personal gain.

This is why Trump never released his taxes. Don't be surprised if they come out now, and Russian wire deposits are all over them.

Since both politicians were crooked, and had nearly the same impeachable offense, it is easy to see why each was selected to run for the Office of the Presidency by Russian / Chinese controllers, who together with India were awarded a majority share of the sovereign assets of the Republic of the the United States circa 2015, via an International Sovereign Court in Brussels (which was a case that was initially begun in 2012 due to the USA, Inc's sovereign debt bankruptcy).

You're out of time to be confused or angry, bewildered or shamed. Please wake up!

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