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Monday, February 13, 2017

Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview: "World Peace" -- February 12, 2017

Truth is stranger than fiction. And never has this been more true than with events unfolding in the modern day. Honestly, what the f-is going on?

Who would have thought we would have needed, even required to achieve Middle East peace before we exchanged out currencies. "Not I," said the spider to the fly.

Yet that's exactly where we are, as all 209 sovereign nations of the world wait, including United States, Israel and Ukraine, who must accomplish meaningful and lasting treaties peace between Israel and Palestine.

Looking back, we knew both Clinton and Trump were notoriously pro-Israeli, pro-Netanyahu candidates running in the 2016 US Election. What we didn't know is that neither wanted to run, yet both were positioned to run (and one win) by Russia/China/India as a means to trap Israel's Bibi Netanyahu in a scenario whereby he was utterly dependent on the next US administration regardless of who won.

Even in his own country, pressure has long been building up for Netanyahu to resign (his power has slowly been eroding in the Israeli Knesset also, as Bibi's right-wing political consortium and greater Israel expansion policies have grown untenable). Bibi just can't fight a war on two political fronts and remain in the majority with Israeli citizens... so he has been forced to choose… peace or war for Israeli.

Netanyahu is fundamentally against peace as his dark nobility mandate is to expand Israeli's territory beyond the boarders of Israel now, which means war given that the surrounding population is Arab and Muslim. Sadly, this is not the opinion of most Israeli citizens, similar the issues now facing Trump's heavily right-wing policies.

Yet only with the backing the US Congress, President, and Military does Netanyahu hold onto power, as well as give him the political courage to attempt such grossly illegal settlement expansions into occupied Palestine, as well as attempt covert military operations in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Iran (aka ISIS or DAAESH).

This is why the Israeli's AIPAC lobby exerts such pressure/influence upon the US Congress, as without the threat of political suicide against Senators, Congressmen, Presidents and Supreme Court Judges, they would cease to exist as the primary leader in Middle Eastern affairs.

Mercifully, Iran now holds that position due to its alliance with China, Russia and India, who defeated the United States of America, Inc. through a currency war which begin in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. However, this fight actually goes back to 1871 when Eastern European dark nobility set out to control 100% of the world's affairs via political and military treachery and deceit without limitation.

The Jesuits were a big part of this plan. As were the Saudi's. As were the American Neo-cons. As was the CIA. As was the European Union. Get it? The cabal was absolute at the top of all formal governments leadership organizations, agencies and think tanks. And they still couldn't control the world.

Praise God!

The cabal even had three war strategy that ended in the Middle East, and included an all out war between the Christians, Muslims and Hebrews, which ultimately gave absolute power to Israel under the auspice of a New One World Religion, thus creating the infamous One World Order.

But it didn't happen. As humanity and some benevolent friends stepped in and reversed the curse, thus altering human history. Great! So now what? Trump, that's what. His upcoming...

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