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Sunday, February 19, 2017

One Reason the Naysayers May be so Confident, They Can Remove Trump from the Lame Cherry Blog

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Pence Promised Democrats to KEEP Obamacare

Pence & the Puppets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the criminal influence pedaling of Vice President Mike Pence in offering a quid pro quo to Democratic Senator Manchin of West Virginia, there are the revelations of the Lame Cherry in Mike Pence threw the Republicans of West Virginia under the bus for the re election of Senator Manchin, in exchange for Senator Manchin voting for Trump Administration cabinet and judicial appointments in the Pence quid pro quo, but something else has been revealed in Pence was selling his office and a West Virginia Senate Seat before Pence was even Vice President, and we now know why the repeal of Obamacare has not happened immediately as President Trump mandated, and the reason is collusion between Mike Pence and Paul Ryan with democrats, for the protection of this rationed death to Americans for the trillions in profits the cartel is raping from Americans.

Manchin touts 'productive' meeting with Pence | TheHill
Skip to main content. Home ... Manchin's meeting with Pence comes after ... "West Virginians have emphatically rejected the failed policies of the Obama era, yet ...

With a headline like that in January before Mike Pence was even Vice President makes one wonder just what on earth Mike Pence was promising democrats, and the reality is we can now piece together what exactly took place by what Paul Ryan has stated and what Senator Manchin revealed right away.

In this, remember that Mike Pence was touted as the best friend of Speaker Paul Ryan, and President Trump accepted Pence on the ticket (after Pence leaked the story so Mr. Trump had to take this schemer) was that Pence was a House member, a Governor, the great healer of the GOP, who could get the House and Senate to pass ALL of President Trump's promises to the American People.

The problem is the democrat who Mike Pence cut the deal with made this public statement in he had absolutely NO intentions of repealing Obamacare or replacing Obamacare. Instead Senator Manchin for his votes which Mike Pence agreed to, AGREED TO KEEP OBAMACARE AND "FIX" RATIONED DEATH.

In a preview of what's to come heading into 2018, the National Republican Senatorial Committee blasted Manchin on Wednesday saying he is "still on the ObamaCare bandwagon."

“West Virginians have emphatically rejected the failed policies of the Obama era, yet Joe Manchin is still defending Obamacare, which is sending health care costs through the roof for Mountain State families,” said Bob Salera, a spokesman for the group.

Manchin said on Wednesday that ObamaCare needs to be fixed, but also that anyone who took Republicans at their word that they would be able to find a replacement is living in "fantasyland."
"I'm willing to look at replacing, repairing, doing anything that we can to make it better

Each of you have to understand the betrayal of Mike Pence to Americans and to President Trump, but it explains absolutely the deceptions of Speaker Ryan who has been lying to Americans saying, "We will wait 100 days for budget issues, and then we will move in 200 days to deal with Obamacare".
Other stories pushed this back to "next year", to which the deceptive Ryan denies, but the situation which each of you have to understand is, this Obamacare is worth over 1 trillion dollars in profits. It does not make any difference if it is the Bush family or Barack Obama, as both of these political conduits of the elite are in position to protect this money supply being stolen from American's pockets and ensuring Americans die, as there is not any profit if sick people live and suck up treatment dollars.

Top Senate Republicans such as Lamar Alexander, chairman of the health committee, have hesitated to support an aggressive repeal. 

On Monday, Alexander said Congress would vote to repeal and replace the ACA this year, but echoed Trump’s claims that it would be a slow process. 

“While we will vote to repeal Obamacare this year, the repeal will take effect when concrete, practical alternatives are in place,” Alexander wrote in a blogpost. 

He did not reference Trump’s comments to Fox News in the post.Last week he said: “It is more accurate to say ‘repair Obamacare’.”

That is what is behind all of this, and there is absolutely no doubt that Mike Pence agreed to betray every American, as the deal he cut with Senator Manchin, has had Manchin voting for key Trump appointments, because Manchin knows that Pence, Ryan and McConnell are going to wait around as these combined traitors weaken President Trump in scandals, divert the Trump Party support, and then force President Trump or better yet when Mr. Trump is impeached in the first year, to have Pencecare appear which is the same goddamned rationed death and IRS penalties bankrupting and murdering Americans.

Manchin said he and Pence exchanged phone numbers after they spoke, and agreed to discuss Obamacare further, because if Republicans can get 51 votes, the healthcare law will be repealed.
"We have to start fixing it immediately," said Manchin. "I wish they wouldn't repeal.

Yes while you and President Trump believed Obamacare is to be destroyed, Mike Pence colluded to keep it alive as he rationed you death.

The worst of this is Mike Pence's meeting was sanctioned by Senate democrat minority leader Chuck Schumer as the fix is in. Pence and Manchin are "working across the aisle", lying to every Trump voter that Obamacare's rationed death was neutralized, but these whores of the cartel performing genocide on Americans and replacing Americans with Mexicans and Muslims, are going to put a new name on it, and give you the same damned death, and it will all be single payer regime as most of you exist long enough to see that before you die.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told Manchin he had no problem with his choosing to meet with Pence, as "we have to find out if we can find the pathway forward."
"Chuck knows me well enough," said Manchin. "We've been very good friends, and he knows I work across the aisle and, yes, he has absolutely said I want you to build that rapport from the President-elect Trump and his administration, all through with [House Speaker] Paul Ryan and his leadership and with [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell.

This all took place before the Inauguration and climaxed in a meeting on CBS News, where even Newt Gingrich signed off on all of this. The same CBS headed by Ben Rhodes' CIA brother.

Face the Nation transcript January 15, 2017: Pence, Manchin ...
Guests included Mike Pence, Joe Manchin, Newt Gingrich, David Ignatius, Ruth Marcus, Ben Domenech, John Heilemann and Ed O'Keefe.

This is the certainty that Mike Pence betrayed all Americans in agreeing to "fixing" Obamacare to install Pence picks on the courts and the Administration for when Pence will be president. This is a criminal act of influence pedaling and a betrayal which requires a criminal indictment.

As Mike Pence leaked himself onto the Presidential Ticket, we as Americans are now stuck with him until his impeachment by the House and Senate, even with his criminal arrest. It then falls to the year 2019, when President Trump in standing for re election can name another candidate for Vice President, whereby the Republican electors can then state by state nominate President Trump at the convention and an honest and trustworthy Vice President.

To save America from the rationed death in Pence crimes it is time for the criminal indictment of Mike Pence for influence pedaling. In this solution, Mike Pence would be found guilty of a charge of multiple counts of felonies bringing 20 years to life in prison. Faced with that humiliation and reality, Mike Pence could be forced to resign immediately as Spiro Agnew was forced to resign by President Richard Nixon.

I could think of no better person than Governor Chris Christie to deliver this message to Mike Pence, as Mike Pence was in Trump Trans behind removing Chris Christie from heading the transition.

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