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Friday, February 17, 2017

The United States Incorporated is Shutting Down

Source: Dinar Chronicles

USA Inc. Is Shutting Down

The Government is shutting down, so EVERYTHING is in flux. Nothing you see is real nor does it matter. I read posts from time to time that highlight the virtues of one person over another, such as Trump vs. Ryan, or Yosef vs. Whoever, and Frankly, NONE OF THIS is important. Don't get focused on the momentary details of the Government shut down and transition process, as they are only means to an end. Frankly, only the end result matters at this point.

What If?

Let's say that Ryan did in fact do whatever he is accused of. On the other hand what if it was a set up and he didn't actually do it, or he has a good reason for doing it, or it is part of the bigger plan that you don't know about? Or, what if Trump is not pure as the driven snow? What if there are things that he has done? What if it doesn't matter what he has done and it only matters what he is doing now? What if he is not really in charge and the Elders are and there is a bigger plan that is actually working perfectly? Or what if Yoef was wrong on some things, but was right on other things? What if the things he was right on was way more important and valuable than what he was wrong on? What if it didn't matter in the end, if he was wrong or right?

Are You Sure You Know EVERYTHING?

Are you really sure you have all the facts? From where? The evening news? Something you read on the internet? Some report or disclosure? What if that was actually Disinformation? Do you really think you have enough INSIDE information about ANYTHING in this whole Benevolent Plan to make a decision about what should or should not be done? What if there was information that would explain everything, and you just didn't know about it?

What if THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT KNOW WHAT IS REALLY TRUE AND WHAT IS NOT, HAVE NOT DISCLOSED THAT INFORMATION TO ANYONE ELSE FOR SECURITY REASONS? What if you are supposed to think one thing, when something else is actually the truth?

Are You Confused Yet?

I hope so. I hope you are so unsure of your facts, that you just let it go, and focus on your personal plans. I hope you realize that discussion about the various players on the chess board is actually meaningless. Sometimes a piece makes it to the end of the game, and other times it is sacrificed as a distraction at a key point in time. Only the New Benevolent Powers That Be, know the Game plan. Hear This: YOU DON’T KNOW ENOUGH TO EVEN GUESS AS TO WHO ARE REALLY THE GOOD GUYS AND WHO ARE NOT.

People could be in deep cover with lots of bad press and leaks, just to bait the bad guys. There is bad guy information and disinformation and Benevolent information and disinformation. Can you say FOR SURE that your opinions are based on the REAL FACTS? No, you cannot. Frankly, whatever you think is true, is probably WRONG. So why argue or worry about it?

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

So, what is the point? Keep your eye on the prize. All you need to know is that the World Changes to a wonderful place. There is a GCR, NESARA/GESARA Announcement, Full Disclosure, and then HUGE advances in technology, poverty is wiped out, no more Hunger, on and on. How we get from where we are now, to that place then, has already been mapped out by the people in charge of that part of the plan, who know what they are doing. They know more about what they are doing, what is real and what is not, than any of us do. Just keep your eye on our part, the prize Let them do their jobs, and then we do ours.

Keep Your Faith In The Right Place

You don't have to have faith in TRUMP, or RYAN, or any one person. Whatever they do, good or bad will be dealt with and accounted for. Place your Faith in the Over All PLAN, for that WILL NOT FAIL. When your FAITH is in the Big Plan, it matters not who does what. All that matters, is in the end we have a successful GCR, NESARA/GESARA Implementation, all leading to Full Disclosure. That is what is going to happen, no matter who does what and for what reason they do it.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is that any and all talk about these unimportant matters is just wasted time. The Benevolent Elders ALREADY have a Interim President Picked out, like it or not. After the Republic is announced, most all politicians will be arrested and there will be elections to replace them all. Then and only then, will it matter what you think about who is running. However, and most importantly, you will be able to get real information and disclosure about the candidates running and your vote will actually count.

For now, let's not waste our time complaining about something that #1) We have no say in, and #2) Is only a temporary interim position, and #3) Matters not since the Elders are still controlling this whole thing no matter who is President.

Most importantly, here is a Spoiler Alert: "It works out in the End." The World gets everything that has been promised, we move into a new Golden Age of Peace & Prosperity, and you become a Lifetime Humanitarian. What else matters? Nothing.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

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