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Monday, March 13, 2017

Banksy Opens a Hotel in Bethlehem with a Strong Political Message

Source: Truth Theory | by Jess Murray

Notorious anonymous UK artist Banksy has just opened a hotel "with the worst view in the world". Located in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, the 10-room hotel has been named the "Walled Off Hotel", and is Banksy's first major project since his satirical theme park DismaLand that opened in 2015. The artist announced the new accommodation through an Instagram post where he wrote, "Probably another misguided venture into corporate hospitality – the Walled Off hotel".

The three storey hotel is located right next to the barrier wall that separates the Palestinian territories from Bethlehem in Israel, prompting the name "Walled Off". Located in the West Bank, the hotel contains its own museum, gallery, piano bar and even a store, making it function as part venture and part protest artwork, according to reports. The hotel is due to open to the public on March 20, although reports have mentioned that getting to the hotel may be tricky. Banksy mentions in a statement that just by saying that you're travelling to the West Bank Destination may cause an issue. The artist wrote, "Airport security at Tel Aviv, however, is legendary. Expect to be asked about the purpose of your stay and if you intend traveling to the West Bank. If you answer 'yes' you may be held up for some time, consequently many visitors choose not to highlight that particular part of their holiday."

The artist has claimed that he has chosen to open the hotel now as 2017 is the hundred-year mark since the "British took control of Palestine and helped kick start a Century of confusion and conflict." Although Banksy also clarifies that the hotel is not aligned with any political movement. He hopes that the hotel will bring a lot of visitors and he offers "an especially warm welcome to young Israelis." Despite the majority of cities in West Bank not allowing Israelis to visit, they have open access to the hotel due to the Israeli control over the territory. Banksy has also claimed that the hotel is going to be there "for the whole of the centenary year, maybe longer if people come."

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