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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Erasmus of America's Letter to the US Chief Justice

Erasmus of America to US Chief Justice

Dear Chief Justice John Roberts, Turn this over to Director of F.B.I. Elements of C.I.A. still loyal to Obama trying to overthrow President Donald Trump Whte House from within. Send to F.B.I. Director. Massive attack by C.I.A.. operative. Destroyed our national email list, email records, etc. Arrest C.I.A. operative. Tried to block emails to Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump..(Folks, we made copies of email list and records which they did not realize, but release this report nationally with all notes attached. Erasmus of America - March 25, 2017)

We do not know if this is the answer to troubling nighttime visits to the bathroom for men (and women? No women have tried this food tactic yet!) Man tried idea on a hunch and it worked for him. Don't know if this is major health discovery yet or not, but $1.00 food product answer is strangely working fine nightly for man who has seen it work every night successfully! Is this lifetime end of nighttime bathroom visits for him and other men? It sure makes life more civilized and nighttime sleep better for him as of now with this $1.00 food answer that can be bought for even low as $1.00 for a supply to use nightly from grocery stores, drugstores, etc.!

We sponsor new ideas in natural food research and were surprised seeing these results. If our dummies in Congress would legalize natural health answers in formal coverage by whatever the national health plan is from Wash., D.C., Obamacare or substitute might be able to be run nationally at fraction of cost of current expenses and make any form of federal national health plan maybe inexpensive for all Americans! If our dummies in Congress will amend any national health plan from Wash., D.C. so that the plan covers and allows natural health ingredient answers to be used instead of regular drug answers, etc. if the American citizen wants to test out or use regularly natural health ingredients for physical problems experienced by either men or women. This would be fine under the amended or new national health plan for America sponsored by Congress. And with this approach, get rid of the high fines and criminal punishment for those millions of Americans who can't afford the high terms of a national health plan as was passed by both Democrats and Republican members of Congress who voted for Obamacare without even reading it or knowing what it said inside it! Obama lied to us and said with the passage of Obamacare, we could still choose our health insurance coverage we wanted and with the insurance company of our choice, and keep the family doctor we liked to work with! What a snake oil salesman Obama was telling us things that were contrary to what the Obamacare actually said. Doctors are quitting all over America disgusted with what they are forced to do under Obamacare. Time to stop this political con on the American people by con of Congress both parties and give us a national health plan based upon practical common sense, not impractical nonsense invented by politicians both Democrats and Republicans. Time to stop the national excuses and give us national results instead from the con artists and irresponsible leaders in Congress.

We want a national health plan with freedom incorporated in it, not a national health plan built upon creating a national police state in America based upon national health as the national excuse to set it up. Pass our proposed Omni Law and we have recaptured control of the federal government for the American people instead of being "governed" by would-be absolute police state rulers and intended masters over the American people from the Democrats who want Communist policies for America instead of being ruled under the U.S. Constitution which says that we the American people set up this U.S. Constitution and the members of Congress are supposed to be our servants to carry out our will, not intended masters over us and treated as dummy idiots by Congress. As for the Republican members of Congress, scared to death to do what is right for the American people and then explain clearly what they have passed in Congress to the American people. Write laws for America in language the common man and woman in America can understand and not in legal doubletalk making the American people both men and women wondering what the devil these idiots in Congress just said in their bills and laws and have to hire lawyers to explain to us treated as idiot American people what they really said. 
We sponsored tests in cancer termination and clearing out heart blockage problems which were successful with inexpensive natural ingredient God given answers for these problems which seemed to work fine when tried on limited people as volunteers for these tests on natural health ingredients. Our health theory is that God has given us natural health ingredients that work for solving our natural health problems with, so let us use them and end the high expense of most health treatments in America. Still breakage of bones, etc. would require usual hospital or medical treatment in America, but we need to put fire under the seats of members of Congress we call idiots and stop this high cost of national health systems which keep the government poor or broke and American taxpayers poor or broke when paying for them through income taxes, insurance premiums, increased unemployment in America, etc. Pass our proposed Omni Law shown on our website and end the reign of idiots in Congress by sensible national laws and policies passed by national referendum of the American people governed by common sense answers instead of all this politically invented manure and "politically correct" non-answers passed by our idiots in Congress who act too dumb to understand common sense answers for America.

And members of Congress, in case you don't know your American history, America was founded as a nation on the concept of the God-given rights of the American people, not the legal rights of slaves under the federal government in Wash., D.C.

American people, push this report all over America and this time members of Congress both Republican and Democrat can stop their invented excuses as irresponsible members of Congress and do what President Donald Trump asked of the leaders of Congress both parties and give President Donald Trump a national health bill that he can sign and stand behind with legal integrity!

Folks, back to this $1 natural ingredient food answer which worked in first tests to stop nightly bathroom visits which disrupt the sleep of the man suffering from this. As one movie played up as the theme for the American people to stop the nonsense going on in America now, one man starts it and it spreads to all Americans, everyone says something like, "I am getting mad as all hell and I am not going to stand for all this nonsense any longer!" It is time for all the people to stand up and assert that they will not be stepped on by the politicians of Wash., D.C. any longer!

We want to pass the Omni Law and now, so here is our plan. Make copies of this report and send it out all over America! We have a two part plan for how to finance the passage of our proposed Omni Law into a constitutional amendment in America so members of Congress cannot conspire to tear it apart by passage of statute laws pretended do not attack it in how it is to work in America. You send in $10 more more for our Omni Law Loan Program shown on our national website Email .The PayPal buttons for this are shown under the Products listing on the website. We used to have two listings of PayPal buttons for this but C.I.A. with its sophisticated hacking tricks removed from our website the PayPal buttons for this which were also shown under America's Hope listing about one or two weeks ago when someone used that PayPal button then still operational until a massive hacking attack on us by C.I.A. operatives which we complained about and the F.B.I. under an Obama appointee did nothing to stop the Obama operatives still in C.I.A. and ignored President Donald Trump as they in part of C.I.A. still worked for Obama not in the White House any longer and ignored the authority of President Donald Trump now in the White House.

You send in $10 or more in loan money to the Omni Law Loan Program shown on our website and request send $1 report. We will then send you our report on how one man working under our experiment program took a $1 food product available across America in grocery and drug stores and from the first night on by taking it stopped totally the late at night nightly visits to the bathroom and instead slept soundly until each morning. And got up without any desperate urge to see the bathroom right away after waking up. When some gals try this same tactic, then we can tell you whether this works right for women as well as men. The food product is good for your health anyway, just need to know if it can work for many, most, or all people with a nighttime problem. Theoretically we think it should, but test results tell us the story what is true or not, and if successful for women as well, will report that as well if we once find that appears to be true for women in America as well. Of course whether these results occur all the time with usage, we need men and women to test this safe food product in tests for nighttime use and if a pattern shows up, then we know that we have an answer that can likely be used by many, most, or all with this nighttime problem. But a $1 investment was not a big expense to see if this idea in a natural health ingredient would work or not for this nighttime problem. We will send you to your email address this report on this $1 health ingredient tactic which worked when tested by us on the first of many volunteers to test this tactic to see if it works for enough to be mass used in America or not. 

We also have more angles on producing finances to ram this Omni Law through as a constitutional amendment, but one step at a time as we go up to higher levels of financing per our realistic plan we have. I used to be a finance consultant and know how to set up sophisticated financial systems when needed. I expect us to win, not if, but only when it will happen which I anticipate should happen soon now! Rep. Paul Ryan needs to get on our side and work with us for passage of the national health plan and then passage of the Omni Law in America. We, the American people, want results from Wash., D.C., not excuses why what is needed for America cannot be done with the leaders we now have in Congress in Wash., D.C.! They are supposed to serve us, not special interests nor special agendas to set up and pass regardless of the will of the American people!

Again our website is email is We use two website listings for this report as C.I.A. Obama operatives a few days ago removed one or both of our website listings and email listings in order to try and cut us off from public support of the American people as under C.I.A. policy of Obama loyal operatives they did not want you the American people to be allowed to reach us who are committed to pass this proposed Omni Law in America. By the way, flee the other way Congressional committees, you are supposed to investigate the Obama operatives in C.I.A. who committed major felonies under federal law you had publicized over national TV and you and the F.B.I. apparently want them to get off the hook without federal arrest by F.B.I. agents from Wash., D.C. The federal government will be dishonest and corrupt so long as you the American people allow them to be without being prosecuted and sent to federal prison for felonies under federal laws.
By the way, I hear that Vince Foster was raised from his grave and it found out that he was shot with two shotgun shells in the back of his head. How did he reportedly commit suicide when he died this way as would be most awkward to kill yourself by taking a big shotgun and shooting yourself twice in the head behind your head. It appears that Bill and Hillary had a clever White House cover-up from then with federal propaganda coverage for how Vince Foster actually died! How they lie in Wash., D.C. and expect you the American people to believe all the lies of leaders in Wash., D.C.! President Donald Trump is a novelty in Wash., D.C.! He tries to tell the American people the truth and the professional establishment politicians want him shut up before you hear him! And the corrupt news media except for one major news TV service reports "politically correct" propaganda to you instead of the truth! Fake news from a fake news media including a fake press! 

If you have trouble using our PayPal buttons, then send in payment made out to NIFI, say for Omni Law and tell us to send the $1 report to you. Give us your email to receive the report and receipt for loan payment received from you. Send to NIFI. P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. As our answers in food and technology will reach other nations, those abroad welcome to send in support for the Omni Law on the same terms as listed for passage of the OMNI Law as shown on our website. Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for that Christian American leader who named himself after the Erasmus of Martin Luther time who told both sides of Christianity then the truth and did not slant his statements to favor one side or the other. He was known for integrity in Christian scholarship.) P.S. Am sending a copy of this report to Eric Trump who I am sure will want to forward this to his father President Donald Trump in the White House. And let's get this national health issue solved and now, not until after the collapse of Obama which is known will happen if it is allowed not to be altered or else replaced with a new national health plan for America. And folks, you see all sides see this report including members of Congress, news media, etc. As the Bible teaches,
JOHN 8:32 KJV "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Note added: Was checking for any typo errors in report and suddenly noticed that one line I had tied correctly and then posted elsewhere in report was changed after making copy of it which shows hacking trick of C.I.A. operative trying to sneak in damage alteration to report.

Report under massive attack.c.i.a. operative trying to destroy copies! F.B.I. arrest him and throw away prison key!

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