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Monday, March 27, 2017

Fukushima Update: Fishing Industry to Consider Creating Farms


Pacific Seafood is radioactive

Don't miss the videos

The MSM is saying NOTHING about this. I urge you to look at this. Click on the links. I feel sure you will be shocked and amazed. For the sake of yourself and your families you need to be informed.


Fishing Industry Joins Farming Creating Farm Yard Net Fences

willpwilson 908
Fri Mar 24, 2017 07:19

Fishing Industry Joins Farming Industry to Now Create Roll Out Farm Yard (Net.) Fences. willpwilson - Constructing Legislative and Administrative Media Law & TV. - Fri Feb 24, 2017 -;article=157316;title=APFN - willpwilson 908 Planetary Global Worldwide Earth Nuclear Extinction Event. Sat Mar 4, 2017 -;article=157356;title=APFN

Thereof, the fishing industry is about to be presented with this idea, this concept, this needed immediate implementation to provide and to find a means to provide food to feed the World, since the Oceanic Fishing Industry Is Not Going To Be Able To Fish Any Longer.

Due to the current worldwide Fukushima and the fifteen thousand other nuclear leaks and meltdowns that are currently destroying and contaminating the entire earth's water sources and eco systems. So what will the fishing industry be able to do?

This News Report by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson ( ) is to immediately address the Fishing Industries to Immediately Consider to architect and to create fishing netting that can now be re-adopted in their manufacturing programs to be a manufacturing to implement for the North American Farm Industry.

A fishing industry adaptation of their manufacturing capability to now switch over to manufacturing their netting industry to convert their advanced fishing net industry using high weather proof materials, to now provide roll out and roll back in with spring release stands to create a means for the farm yards to now have (Netting.) fencing as adapted to be used as to be rolled and to be fitted to create farm yard area secured fencing. Because they can and because they have just lost their worldwide fishing industries. It is now time to use innovative net manufacturing conversion so that the worldwide fishing industries net manufacturers can stay in business.

That is right, due to the current and sudden halt to off shore West Coast Fishing due to the immediate realization that the entire fishing industry in the Pacific Ocean is about to come to a complete halt – - Fukushima Nuclear Contamination Halts Fishing Industry -

Read More:;article=157447

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