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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Video: Marina Jacobi -- 11th Dimension and The History of ET's.

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Marina Jacobi - 11 D The History of The ET's

March 10, 2017

Hello dear friends. We are the 11 Dimensional beings and the Council of 9.

We know that it is the time to reveal part of what really happened to the human race and what is the agenda behind it? All different galactics had an agenda. But overall was an experiment from consciousness itself so we can reach new levels of evolution.

We all started the experiment from mixing, manipulating and regenerating our DNA with the new sequences of DNA RNA with new panels that created you. The Human race. But throughout the process of the experiment they were glitches. And through all your human history of your evolution, we tried to upgrade you and ultimately completed the process of the experiment and corrected it.

But some Extra Terrestrial races saw the glitch as opportunity to manipulate and ultimately enslave humanity. This is where we the Pleiadians from Vega intergalactic council and so many other Extra Terrestrial races of councils had a problem with this race. Because no one has the right to overtake and manipulate the natural sovereignty and free will of evolutional process that any race is trying to achieve from consciousness it self. So in turn we created a different alliances of Galactic Federations and started the hybrid programs between your DNA and our DNA, so the human race has the capacity to ascend and reconnect with there galactic family beyond the matrix of Earth holographic realities. This is why so many of you agreed in your soul level to be a part of the hybrid children program. It was never abductions but an equal agreements. The new children that were and are born on Earth have the new sequence structure and DNA that was upgraded from us so you can all have the capacity to ascend. That is why your negative side on Earth created the vaccination programs, because in theses vaccines are sequences that can hide and damage permanently your DNA so you can still stay enslaved. Don't be surprised why so many of your Children have so many health problems. In order to truly find out what is really embedded in the vaccines you have to look it into the nano level. In the vaccines there are sequences there that are dormant and are easily activated sometimes simply by taking a medication or other chemicals that are sprayed in the air, or the food, and dormant sequences will be automatically activated and permanently damage your DNA.

Humans know that we are your family. You are part of us and our DNA. WE created you.

Know that your higher soul gave permission to experience this type of reality. You chose to be a part of that from consciousness it self.

You have our DNA embedded in your memory bank of Your DNA and RNA. It is in your sub-levels in your harmonic DNA and RNA, our Extra Terrestrial sequence that can be activated and are activating as we speak. That is why so many of you are interested in us because you have been activated.

We know that perhaps you are questioning why all that? But the only answer that we can give you, is that simply is part of evolution and the lessons are not only for you but also for us. So now we are helping you and teaching you the structure of the quantum field and how and form what we are all made from. You have among you so many Extra Terrestrial incarnated souls on Earth from us so we can teach you and download the true information. WE are you. We are made from the same quantum structure as you. This is why we are one and together we can create now new realities where we all can coexist in unity and peace. So now you know the story.

Please forgive all the past. Create the new now among and beside us. The moment of the New Earth and the Ascension of the human race is now. It is inevitable to be so because is the will and the time form the consciousness the God particle itself.

No one can stop the Ascension process of humanity. Once that are still going agents the natural evolutionary state of the Ascension process of humanity will face a constant blockage from us and consciousness it self.

Do understand our warning to the groups that are still trying to manipulate humanity. Know that we are going to create a parallel structure of hologram of situations of blockage to infinity especially for you, the manipulators and you are going to be exposed and we promise you that you will find yourself in very difficult situations. And that reality that you will see is not going to be from the Ascension process reality program. So be warned of that. So Stop, stop, stop the manipulation to humanity now.

We are the 11 Dimensional beings and the Council of 9. Be all well. And more is to come from us.

The end."

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