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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 17, 2018

Yesterday, Jan. 16, errors were encountered in the new financial system which were quickly solved.

The Cabal then launched another offensive in an attempt to stop the transition event.

More nuclear ballistic missile(s) were launched towards Japan (target unknown).

The missile(s) were launched from another Cabal MIC stealth nuclear submarine.

Both the missile(s) and submarine were destroyed immediately by the Alliance's SSP.

Japan claims it was a human error (just like Hawaii).

On the same day, high-ranking rogue Cabal elements attempted to escape the planet and were shot down over Michigan by the Alliance's SSP.

The Cabal have no where to run, no where to hide. They are becoming desperate and reckless in their attempts to stop the transition event.

We are nearing the end of this "shadow" war.

Final authorization for the release of the RV was given but temporarily put on hold.

In the meantime, practice runs are being made for the RV under the new financial system to ensure no further errors are encountered.




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Monday, March 13, 2017

What about the Chemtrails, is Trump Really in Charge?

Source: Dinar Chronicles


What about Chemtrails....

Most of us(except for Yosef) could not wait for Donald Trump to be sworn in and become president because he was going to DRAIN THE SWAMP.....right?

Well, one thing we know is when we look up, we still see CHEMTRAILS and PLANES racing across the skies as if Obama or Clinton were still in charge....


We are told that the REPUBLIC is in charge of the Military......
We are told that General Dunsford controls all branches.....

We are told the the NWO and the Cabal are done and have lost all power.......

Well, then can someone please tell me why PLANES are invading our SOVEREIGN AIR SPACE and POISONING ALL OF US......with chemtrails as far as the eye can see?


During these calls and in many different posts we are told by our INTEL GURUS that our GALACTIC BROTHERS were neutralizing the chemtrails during the Obama Administration.......but what about now?

We have even seen videos on Youtube showing what appears to be a UFO sucking up or neutralizing the chemtrails......


Well, as this video BELOW details, nothing has changed since Trump has been elected even though we are supposed to believe that THE REPUBLIC is in charge of our military.

Wouldn't that mean they are in charge of our AIR FORCE.....and the skies over our country?


If we are supposed to believe that THE REPUBLIC is real.......and our MILITARY is backing the will of the CHINESE ELDERS which means the protection of Gaia and all of her living organisms......WHY ARE THERE STILL CHEMTRAILS?

Please don't reply and tell me that these CHEMICALS in these TOXIC CLOUDS are being I should not worry about them or the RADIATION from Fukishima. Fukishima happened years ago and may not be contained for obvious reasons. These planes FLY EVERYDAY.....over and over again. Why is this still happening......everywhere in our country?

Thehey point is that they still exist!

What we need to know is HOW CAN THE REPUBLIC be real.....and our MILITARY be under its control and STILL know these planes are spraying us more and more each day?

How is that possible?

Seeing is believing.......if the CHEMTRAILS had stopped right after Trump was elected, we could believe MOST EVERYTHING ELSE is true.

But if the most simple PROOF, that we are under NEW MANAGEMENT and a NEW REPUBLIC via the elimination of CHEMTRAILS, can't be achieved.....then, how are we supposed to believe all of these other UNSEEN and UNPROVEN intel reports.

This is simple......

Bad guys in control of US military = Poisoning American's Continues

Good guys in control of US military = End of Poisoning American's

Why aren't these planes being surrounded by AIR FORCE fighter jets and escorted back to a base where these PILOTS are interrogated and prosecuted for INTENTIONALLY flying these planes and dumping toxic clouds over our cities?

If someone can come up with a GOOD ANSWER for this......I would really like to hear it?


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