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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yosef Needs to Get his Facts Straight about Israel

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Guest Post
Anonymous post: JH

March 26, 2017

Yosef Needs to Read the Bible to Get His Facts Straight About Israel

(In reference to: Revaluation News: "Color" -- March 25, 2017)

For someone who talks incessantly about surrendering to God, Yosef has his facts totally backwards when it comes to talking about the future of Israel. How can anyone talk about the future of Israel without knowing the long-standing truth expressed in the Old Testament about Israel being the apple of God’s eye and anyone who curses Israel, God will curse. The book of Numbers in the Old Testament proves that when a man by the name of Balaam tried to profit by doing that to Israel.

For one who constantly refers to Jesus as Yeshua Ben-Joseph, Yosef, you have completely missed it. Jesus was never the son of Joseph and anyone who has read the Bible even once, knows that very well. Joseph was allowed to be the guardian of Jesus as a young boy until His time to be presented to the world. Even the word Christ is not His name; it is a title meaning, “The Anointed One”.

The other thing you have missed is, Jesus became the Word of God in the flesh. I have heard you say that the Bible is irrelevant because no one can trust the different translations that have been done. You even told one lady to just listen to her heart and that would be the word God wanted her to hear. Really???!!!!! Do you really think that there is such a God that cannot guide or control the one who writes His words and who translates them to be correct according to His sovereign Will?? If God is the omnipotent Creator of all things, why would anyone underestimate His ability to direct the Truth of His Word to be written and translated according to His own Power and Strength?

Is He an idiot to not know the limitations of men whom He inspires to write that which He puts in their minds to write? You claim to be a professional writer and have burgeonly espoused one erroneous assumption after another, all the while trying to appear to be some authority figure spewing out your racial, political, and religious ideas as truth. Well, I highly disagree, and with pointed merit.

I am going to give you a short Bible lesson that many will know is Real Truth. The Bible is the infallible, inherent True Word of the One and only Living God. If you can’t agree on that, then you have been lied to and have become a liar yourself. You cannot refer to Jesus as the Son of God and divorce Him from the Word of God. He is One and the Same. Read the first chapter of the book of John where it is written, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and the Word was with God. Without It was not anything made…..” Jesus, the Word of God, was made flesh when He was born of the Spirit in the carnal, physical womb of the virgin Mary.

Many so-called Christians today have themselves erred from the Truth by not accepting the Bible as God’s infallible Word to mankind. Doctrines are not necessarily aligned with the True message of the Bible. As ignorant as some are of the history of this country, there are even more who are totally ignorant of what is taught for all mankind in Its pages. It is the most Holy thing in the whole wide world. Anyone who calls himself a Christian and neglects reading and studying the Bible, is setting himself up for ignorance and defeat. The Bible is the only book that really lets us know who God is and what His will for all of us is. It is timeless and constant to bring enlightenment to those who will spend time reading its pages and asking God to open their eyes to see and understand the Truth it represents. Most only read it in part but never study it for knowledge and power.

It is the only living book on the whole planet. I heard your story of how you decided to surrender yourself to God after having a frightful experience that you could not escape from on your own power. So, like many of us, you cried out to God for help and, because that is all He is waiting on all of us to do, He reached down and saved you. But you didn’t go far enough to seek out His wisdom and strength to further know Him and the only way to truly know Him is by reading His word as the final authority.

Let me close this by making one more observation of your error. All the things you have been prognosticating as truth about the political situations in this world, are going to turn on you and cause your words to be heaped on you as your own judgment of lies.

There have been numerous true prophets of God who have, for years prior to this past election year, made prophecies about Donald Trump becoming President. God is not a man that He should lie and He will not stand by and let someone, be he devil or human, defeat His Perfect plan for this country.

Your attitude that Israel is a rogue nation that deserves to have its land taken away and given back to the sons of Goliath is one that God hates. Go study your geography and you will learn that the area of Palestine was where Goliath and the giants and the Philistines originated from. If you don't believe the Old Testament to be relevant to today, then you are dead wrong. God used a David back then to defeat Goliath so what makes you think He won’t use another one today like Donald Trump?

Not once did I ever hear you speak about all the treasonous things former President Obama did to try to destroy this nation, including the well-known fact he is gay and is married to the first transgender woman this country has ever had as a person to live in the white house. I refuse to call him, (Michael), a lady because he will never be a lady.

But you tried every way you could to shove it down our throats that President Trump and his wife are a gender other than what they are. Why are you so bent on trying to spew such garbage? Maybe you are not a man and have been changed from a woman.

I will close by saying God will not be mocked. The Truth will always stand and your interference, into the long journey of those of us waiting to receive the manifestation of this wonderful God-given blessing, will end up being your undoing in the long run. You can apologize all you want but I think you were and are a plant by the cabal to distract from a real world-wide Global Currency Reset by being an instigator of more lies, confusion and chaos.

But you were right about one thing. This is and has been orchestrated by the King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords and your interference will never be effective enough to stop what He has already planned from the beginning of time to pour out His love on His own creation, us, mankind.

So Yosef, I suggest you put down your pen and pick up your Bible and start reading once again from the beginning to the end and also put away all your malice and arrogance to receive the engrafted Word of Life to live by. The first 3 chapters of the book of First Corinthians in the New Testament talks about the difference in the wisdom of this world compared to the full Wisdom of God. You would do well to read, head and observe its Real Truth. The book of Proverbs also shouts the message of Wisdom crying out in the streets.

Hosea 3:6 states: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, then I will reject you.” Anyone who calls on the name of Jesus is one of God’s people and He will never turn away from us.

Anyone reading this post that is offended by the thoughts and ideas expressed herein, I make no apologies. Maybe you would do well also to pick up the Bible and learn the Truth written therein.

(Side note: Anyone wanting to read the stories of others who decided to find out for themselves if the Bible is really the true written Word of God, I suggest you go to the website for a Messianic Jew, Sid Roth and order his book called, “They Thought for Themselves”. One man’s testimony of how he went so far as to spend 10 years in college to learn the ancient languages used to translate the Bible to try to prove it wrong, ended up with a very big surprise in the end. Well worth your time to read.)

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