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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Closure of the Old Cycle and Opening the Gateway to the Next Cycle of Evolution



Beloved Ones

The work of millions of lightworkers finally has reached the frequency the new paradigm needed to be born into manifestation. The last stings for the new paradigm and global shift into the new frequencies have been realized by the company of heaven in participation with all angles, arch angles – masters – starry brothers and sisters helping this planet since so long time – the original Atlantis leaders before the fall, the 12 rays of deity Guardians and masters of the 12 stations around the planet, Solar guardians and represent ants of all universes and galaxies to assist Mother Earth and Mother Nature. During the activation of the crystalline grid system established during the ears 2004 until 2006 in daily planetary activation work the old seals of vortexes from the highest realms have been opened in all countries on this planet – ending December 2006. During this year, the energy of our beloved mother earth has increased daily to the highest level possible. The last 11 years these energies helped the world´s population to integrate these higher frequencies becoming an anchor for the new paradigm to come. Mass awakening took place and more and more people began to feel the fine crystalline energies successfully integrating them into their own body activating the light body for the 5th dimension. Now the time of activation is over. We are ready for the big shift. The last heavenly preparational work has ended and, the old cycle of evolution of the last years has been closed. All fallen energies have been called back home to the light, the had their healing at a different level as most fallen ones incarnated on earth are not aware of what creator power is working on. But anyways whatever role they might have chosen to play it also was in service to the light, as we only can learn how to forgive an enemy when somebody is playing this role. The task was to step out of judgement into a neutral watching maintain the love power in vibration. The old paradigm of separation has been closed, the experiences have been placed into a new book of life and stored into the bibliotheca of the Akasha Chronicals so the future generations can access and learn about what once happened on the planet.

The ONE closure week beginning the 26th of March 2017 in the late afternoon Latin American time was opening the portal to planetary liberation and ended with a closing ceremony the 31st of March 2017. This week´s work will be remembered forever as the energetic liberation week of Mother Earth

Some important details for all to understand: Beginning of the last week of work: Day 26 = 13:13 portal of liberation, March = 03. 1027 > 13 = a total of 13:13:13 building a holy trinity of 13 and birth of the power of liberation expanding beyond planetary orbit. The first day the new cycle of evolution of the next 26.000 years was set into place with a golden lay line (divine wisdom) and crystalline light vibration with the highest frequencies possible in this very moment. The energies have been anchored in the Diamond Light Center in the very chore of Beloved Mother Earth and into the center of the new cycle of evolution establishing a perfect alignment between the eternal now and the future manifestation, so the new mankind can walk along, absorb the energies – grow with it and into it – receiving the new divine powers available for the new heaven on Earth.

During one week working the old frequencies are called to enter an open lotus to be absorbed and healed. Remember we call home, no judgment ever can enter the new realms of light and life. All must be forgiven from a divine heart. With this flowing dark stream, all the anchors of negativity, abuse, destruction of any kind, war energies and lower human frequencies have been lifted from the planetary structures and individuals. Whatever the fallen side will try from now on, it just will jump up into the light, being known and liberated. The power of madness is over. We ask you not to be afraid whatever you might see on the surface on beloved Mother Earth as the ones who have chosen not to awaken will have to leave in one or the other way. That is a natural clearing process, like treating a malign cancer that needs surgery. During this week of energetic clearing the frequencies were rising to a new level never been experienced on this beautiful blue jewel called earth and anchored at the closing day: March (03), 31st, 2017. This day has been chosen as the frequency of the day allowed us to anchor the new paradigm and cycle of future evolution. There are many aspects in the numbers and soon there will be a new aspect of the numbers made known to mankind. The aspect of Ascension. The hidden codes of the holy essence of the numbers will allow you to find faster your holy blueprint. 13 is the number of liberation – more about that in another article.

The power of the Closing day: 31 = Trinity power of the One – 03 again the Trinity, 2017= 10 – 5:5 double Pentagon Power and rebirthing the new in the heavens so on earth – as all creation is ascending with Beloved Mother earth, the reason all stars and planetary systems were present on the closure ceremony. Hidden aspect 31 is the invers of 13 the three standing for March and the ten for the year are building the second 13 = 13:13 = Opening the Gateway into the New Paradigm and Paradise on Earth. The Liberation space has been created the 26 and the 31 the portal opened for mankind to step in. The spaces of the new cycle of evolution are free of any settings. There is only the golden lay line as inner guide and the crystalline light stream to find clarity and purity in intent and action leading the ascended individual to become a divine galactic human while filling in the empty spaces with the own light and own creations creating a new world of love and light.

During the end ceremony all mankind, animals, elementals, invisible beings like fairies serving mother nature, Intra-terrestrial life have been called in to complete the oneness of all there is and as such the last part has begun. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their youngest sun Jesus Emmanuel as holy family anchored the seeds for love and light at the beginning of the last 2000-year cycle to lead out of suffering by forgiving and by living love as example. Jesus and Emmanuel in the highest realms and Mary Magdalene incarnated as physical anchor, aware of all realms of life and physical anchor of manifestation. Three incarnated ascended Masters forms a Triangle around them so a new pyramid power was set into mother – The holy Family as ONE on the Top and the three Masters (all women) building the anchor – Three In One at the top and three = 4 a number that represented having power in the old paradigm but it has three different aspects : 4 = 2+2 = 11:11 the doorway to awakening, 4= 3+1 = The Trinity of ONE, 1+3 > 13 Liberation and empowerment, so the power over shifted into Divine true Empowerment which IS the power of liberation through Divine wisdom Light and love.

With the assistance of all in one and one in all – this new light pyramid as power of awakened life moved into the center of Mother earth – holding the Diamond and crystalline light generator in the center of the new life power pyramid, by activating the diamond through the 6 in one the energies were released running through the entire established crystalline light grid of the planet and all life on it, in it and around it – The 12 Divine ray centers around the earth beamed their light into the grid to anchor the new teachings to become manifest – accumulating the diamond we opened the portals and let the light burst out through all atoms building the earth body and all belonging to her. As living light vibration, we moved now into the center of the new cycle of evolution to anchor the new frequencies into the core of the new space. A crystalline diamond light pyramid waiting to be called upon was waiting together with the 13 crystal skulls from the ancient Atlantis times holding the light vibration alive – they all have been found and become active again now – they were called into the center of the new space anchored the powers and new life has been called into atomic manifestation from the 6th, 7th, 8the ,9th and even 10th dimension to become incarnated in the next 26000 years of evolution. The veil of forgetfulness has been lifted so incarnated individuals can remember and reactivate their third eye and memory banks to fully awaken to their own eternal truth.

At the very end the spoken word became the manifestation of the multidimensional power of creation –Atlantis of light has been called into the new center to begin the new cycle of 26000 years this time rising into the new created crystalline powers – the cycles of fall are closed – the last 2000 year of persecution of descendants of the holy family and off springs is closed with this last act we anchor the Christ light and love into every individual to become the inner call of awakening - - this is the second coming of Christ – The Christ light is anchored by now and the Magdalene Powers are released to find the anchor in every individual rebirthing God/ Goddess within every single atom of existence- Balance Harmony and Peace will reside forever in this new light paradise – the skulls begin to turn and to circulate like 13 turning around the new pyramid center – which is now the new magnetic power of attraction calling forth for the new life and new creation. EARTH IS THE OWNDERFUL VEHICLE TO BECOMETHE NEW PARADIGMAND PARADISE IT EVERY WAS MEANT TO BE:

All native Indians are called in for the last act to honor their world as Guardians with the earth healing rhythm we begin to dance and to sing as one in all and all in one – separation is an illusion we move in one life rhythm greeting blessing the one within everyone and everything – HOLY LIFE HAS COME BACK and as such we shall create the new ways of living , of learning, of healing, of leading, and of sharing in giving and receiving the financial values for the best of all healing Mother Natr5ue and all life. Blessed be this special moment in time. We release the Glory of this moment with uncountable blessings as vibrant light energy opening now the portals and gateways for all to come in – to fill the new space with their dreams for the highest good for all manifest on earth now – we free the frequencies to be integrated to serve as information for all servants of the light so they can write about the event like they saw and experienced it – it is done and so it is beloved ONE I AM as all in one and one in all – blessed be you mankind serving here in this moment ….. stay strong for the last shift – forgive, be the light and hold the light of the new paradise on earth – all are called – the elected one are the ones who elect themselves to become the light in a new light body with new experiences and a pewful golden age where talents and skills can be expressed in union with all – NAMASTE. MM – AA ARIEL

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