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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Erasmus of America: Mine the Oceans for Gold and Other Wealth

PART 1 - MINE THE OCEANS FOR GOLD AND OTHER WEALTH. FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA - MARCH 22, 2017 (C.I.A. felons trying to attack report again! F.B.I.? When do you arrest these traitors and felons?)

When I lived in Wash., D.C. I had a very brilliant friend who was a retired Pentagon official and had prepared the invasion maps for the Normandy Invasion for Gen. Eisenhower, etc. in World War II. He and I had many discussions in advanced fields and we could learn much from each other. He liked to see my slant in military angles and political angles as covered Wash., D.C. He commented that I saw angles that the Pentagon generals he had worked with in World War II would not see. And he gave me insights into fields that I would hear from no one else in Wash., D.C. For example he said that there was always an easy way and a hard way to do any project depending on how you looked at it. He said that most people back in ancient times if assigned to topple the Great Pyramid in Egypt would gather together an army of maybe 100,000 or more slave laborers to pull at the ropes to try and topple the Great Pyramid as it weighed so much. But if a person was clever, he could take a few dozen workers and give them shovels and tell them to keep digging out from one underside of the pyramid until it would flip over based upon its own weight. This would be the easy way to do what approached wrongly would take a superhuman effort to do otherwise.(Due to C.I.A. hacking, Part 2 of report will be sent separately.)

There is an potentially easy way to mine the wealth of the ocean waters of the world or an incredibly hard way to mine the ocean waters of their wealth. I prefer using the easy way to mine the ocean waters of their wealth instead of the incredibly hard way the non-thinking might try as a method to mine the ocean waters of their wealth. I copy a couple of references below to show the colossal wealth contained in ocean water. I take the easy way of researching this subject and show what others took massive effort to find these statistical results rather than the brutally hard and expensive way of taking samples of the ocean water and/or else what is suspended in them and years of lab research to come up with the same or similar test results for what is in ocean water representing potential wealth if mined out of ocean waters across the world. 

I studied engineering with an engineering school and invented many systems of logic to use with special engineering so it would be easy to invent answers for what you wanted to do with the type engineering needed to do and complete the job committed to. For tackling the challenge of mining ocean water, I use algebraic logic to come up with quick but effective answers to mine ocean water with. I break down by logic what type processes are needed to do this mining of ocean water and then using memory and research references put together engineering systems composed of already existing processes which solve parts of mining ocean water and combined together as an engineering system should be able to do even the whole engineering processing for some part of mining of ocean water you are committing to do with a commercially economical but efficient method of mining for different types of mining all used to pursue and process various different types of wealth contained in the ocean water. Using this approach to engineering saves you a vast fortune in experimenting with and finalizing an engineering system able to handle some type of wealth you are after contained in ocean waters. And design systems of transporting the finished products economically, efficiently, and reliably from the processing area to the distribution center to send this ocean based water product or products from to your final market for these products to be used at.

I married engineering and economic science into one single professional field for setting up industries at the lowest cost possible and the most efficient way to do the processing of the wealth in ocean water you are mining out of the ocean water at the location or locations you set up to process the ocean water from. If once in a rare while if I ran into a situation where existing engineering answers could not be used for mining ocean water for special products out of it, then I turn to the inventor side of me and invent the answer needed and then incorporate it into the finished processing water system needed. I descend from brilliant inventors both sides of my family and were born with natural ability to invent answers as needed and answers which worked as planned.

There are 38 pounds of gold in a cubic mile of sea water.

How much gold in a cubic mile of seawater? There are 128,000,000 tons of salt in a cubic mile of sea water. NOTE ON C.I.A. DIRTY TRICKS. C.I.A. JUST REMOVED MY WEBSITE ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESS.

Also, other material from this report.




Listing above of the important minerals that we can mine (extract) out of ocean waters. My water system will seek to extract all of them! And at profit!

C.I.A. hacked my email software so end of message is clipped. HIt restore link to see bottom of report. Report is so short this should not be clipped! 

Trying to reconstruct what C.I.A just removed from my report and call upon the F.B.I. now to arrest the C.I.A. personnel who have been pulling these hacking tricks on this national report and others before it. They have committed a major felony removing sections of my report when they had no court order authorizing them to even read my reports nor censor and rewrite the reports I send out. I mentioned earlier in my censored and removed section of report that I studied engineering at one week of engineering studies each day and kept an A average while doing this. Also, Charles Kettering who had been President of General Motors when alive and also written up as one of the ten top inventors in  in America up to then while the main research engineer for General Motors then once saw a listing of 920 inventive ideas of mine I had come up with in two weeks while in military school. He wrote that he rated me potentially to be the most brilliant inventive genius in original inventive concepts potentially in American history. And that I had independently duplicated the top secret guidance system for American ICBM'S. I respected American security and so did not show others later my concept for a guidance system for American ICBM'S. I also later turned a car of mine going from a gas mileage of 17 to 18 1/2 miles per gallon on up to 94 miles per gallon in a publicly witnessed test in Seneca, SC with inventive concepts I came up with. The oil cartel then threatened me with legal frame-up if I continued  my research work in high gas mileage systems for cars. Using my same engineering system but in health,  I knocked out a tumor on my left arm in four days flat and a larger tumor on my face also in 4 days flat and left no scar. I also knocked out advanced colon cancer in myself in six days flat after having it for over one year. I tried to offer the head of a cancer foundation my answer that worked but he did not want to to hear it even for free. He had I think been researching cancer cure answers for 17 years now without any  apparent success. I contrary to him listen to other smart answers from other smart people when it can help the engineering project I am working on. Many statements were censored from my report. I showed  in detail how to mine the ocean waters of all their wealth and these Obama Loyal C.I.A. Operatives mocking President Trump massively censored my report. I am enraged at C.I.A for removing many hours of work from my  report here trying in high treason to sabotage the American economy from winning industry and more jobs! This mining of ocean waters for the wealth in them could become the most profitable form of mining in  engineering history and pump a vast new fortune into the American economy and create millions of new jobs in America. Put $25 or more into my Omni Law Loan Program shown on my website and receive for 30 years a  royalty of 10% on profits before taxes on this mining of ocean waters for all the products that can be mined  from them. Pro-rata dividing of $25 loan credits for royalty per website terms! You can find the Omni Law Loan Program Paypal buttons below the listings of Products and America's Hope. 
Again my website is

Obama C.I.A. just tried to sabotage website above again for the fourth time now! Just discovered C.I.A.

hacked my website and removed the PayPal buttons beneath America's Hope. These acts are felonies!
My email is

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