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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Erasmus of America: Where the Confederate Treasury is Hid!


I am sure that the F.B.I. realizes that I possess the authority for the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America which never legally surrendered to the Union. Abraham Lincoln being a lawyer did not want to give legal recognition that the Confederate States of America had ever been a nation, so never required the surrender papers from the Confederate Government, but only from a Confederate General in the field who was Gen. Robert E. Lee who my great grandfather a Confederate Captain had served under as I understand. I descend from likely the most outspoken Southern family in Southern history. They published the 3 R's newspaper for example. 

History is sometimes weird in how it turns out. My Confederate Captain great grandfather married the daughter of the "Youngest Captain in Lincoln's Army." Love can heal the wounds of a previously divided nation! They created a good family line of descendants. Three branches of the descendant Jefferson Davis family all transferred legal claim to the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America to me. The first legal transfer was in May, 1960. Southern leaders saw the legal records including the letter of diplomatic recognition from a British Commonwealth Parliament that I under international law had legal claim to the authority for the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America. We had a large Confederate Convention in Hot Springs, Arkansas which I am sure the F.B.I. has records on in their enormous F.B.I. files on me. One person claiming that he once saw these F.B.I. files said that they looked like the Encyclopedia Britannica in size. These Southern delegates called themselves in assembly as "The Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America." By unanimous vote they voted for my proposal that Jesus Christ was declared the King of the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America. I never renounced my transferred Jefferson Davis family authority for the Confederate nation and government. The Vice President under me was "Hanging Judge" William Roy Bean who descended from a famous forefather with the same basic family name. 

The Democratic Party is in massive revolt against the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. As Gus Hall, head of the Communist Party in America back then at an annual Communist Picnic said, "The Democratic Party"was becoming so Communist in stands that the Communist Party did not need to run any candidates for public office any longer but just back Democratic candidates for public office to achieve the same effect in America and in Wash., D.C. as to make both the nation and government Communist in disguised front. 

Right now behind the scenes banking interests are trying to steal the money that would put America solidly back on its feet financially and economically. I expect to see the money to strongly revive the American economy released by tomorrow or else I start to act to create a new national government representing both the authority of the Confederate Constitution and U.S. Constitution. We lose too much by formally seceding, but we can force the reform of Wash., D.C. to standards that the South can live under and have freedom under states' rights not subverted by claimed national usurped law from the Democratically corrupted government in Wash., D.C. I like President Donald Trump and so long as he is in power and authority, I will hold back certain powerful legal aces I can play otherwise to force things to go my way and that of the Confederate cause in the South. If he is impeached by Democratic scheme, I reserve the option to technically legally secede the South from the Babylonian whore of Wash., D.C. The price of peace with me is at a minimum the passage of my proposed Omni Law by Wash., D.C. Either the federal government is reformed back to a constitutional government or say the end of this Washington experiment which sold out the American people in the end. 

If my proposed Omni Law is passed as shown on my website, I will then turn over to Wash., D.C. the location where the Confederate Treasury was hidden from the Union Army. The gold bars were smuggled out in logs cut out in the center to hold the gold bars hidden inside and the Union soldiers were told this was logs going to the lumberyard to be cut up into lumber for sale. The ruse worked! Due to a factor of something that Wash., D.C. did in the South, the gold bars are better hid than what was planned for by the South, but with the information I have, we should be able to regain the large treasury of Confederate gold bars and get the national American economy solidly back on its feet with this large treasury of Confederate gold! There is separately a second and large Confederate Treasury hidden where I have been at before. This treasury is to be invested in building up the Southern economy including with new industries set up and not taxable by Wash., D.C. This is the deal I bring to Wash., D.C. The alternative is likely to say "good-bye" to each other as we go separate ways! All these C.I.A. dirty trick operations trying to block me from passing of the Omni Law and trying to block me from reestablishing my father's trade secret industrial food process for a food health product so good that both the Vatican and Soviet Union endorsed it during the Cold War as the likely answer to end starvation and malnutrition in the world. The Catholic Digest in the 1950's wrote up the story on this great food discovery and endorsed by two power rivals to each other in the Cold War then. Congressional Record, American Legion Magazine, the Chicago Tribune SundayMagazine as I think it was called, etc. all wrote up this great food discovery. 

The Confederate Government Intelligence Service did Wash., D.C. a giant favor and in a report seen by Soviet Intelligence mentioned how Wash., D.C. had four giant cylinders of nerve gas so strong that they could wipe out the entire Soviet Union if released. Being from an apparent rival government to Wash., D.C., Moscow took this at face value and lost their nerve to start a world war with America then. We had the credibility that Washington intelligence did not and so saved America from a probable nuclear World War III. We had a source inside the Soviet Embassy we tricked and he without realizing it tipped us off that we had broken the nerve of the Soviet Union to start a nuclear World War III with America. His name was Gemini Fursa. Confederate Intelligence probably saved the lives of all Americans from dying. We later cracked the security of the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies and from what we learned of top secret Soviet nuclear plans, America would have been annihilated then if we had not broken their nerve by our planted information we did twice to Soviet Intelligence when it counted to keep America out of a pending nuclear World War III with the Soviet Union. Your own F.B.I. files should be able to confirm the report we planted with Soviet Intelligence on the four large nerve gas cylinders held in a large bank vault which could annihilate the entire Soviet Union if used. All Americans owe their lives to what Confederate Intelligence did to save the entire American people and America as a nation. When we obtained the Moscow Institute for Nuclear Studies top secret information, you would have been annihilated if we of the Confederate cause had not saved you the government, you the people, and you the nation from being annihilated otherwise. I know military science. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies as shown on the picture of mine in military uniform posted by a national tabloid reporting on the rebirth of Confederate Government authority in America. The editor wrote to me that he rated this the most important story that he had ever published in his life. Wasn't that April 10, 1964,5, or 6? Don't have a copy of that and don't remember the exact date of that national tabloid report on us. But I am sure that it is in F.B.I. files for then. I lost many records when I left Washington, D.C. after a number of federal murder attempts and legal frame-up attempts on my life maybe all by C.I.A. out of Washington, D.C. back then. Still have a scar on my face left from one of the federal murder attempts! It started big, but by medical means, got most of it healed which made it small! I had probably 25-30 federal murder attempts on my life by then and a few extra after I moved to SC! If President Donald Trump is not impeached by Democratic scheme, I may be able to be appeased and we end up with legal reform of the federal government instead of legal secession by the South which never surrendered its national independence by treaty signature with Wash., D.C.

Those who want constitutional government with God-given rights of the people recognized by law financially back the passage of the Omni Law shown on my website. Website is Email If unable to use the PayPal buttons, send payment made out to NIFI and say for Omni Law. Send to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. First ten to send in, your loan payment is multiplied ten times which increases your payback by ten times on loan principal and also royalties on industrial options which will be turned into national and world industries. Royalties last for 30 years per terms on website. As my industrialist father used to say, "The South will someday save America!" Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name after the reform Catholic scholar who suggested what manuscripts to use to translate the King James Bible from! I know my Christian history well! And Jesus now is the King of the CSA! America next?!!))

Maybe we've been brainwashed by 130 years of Yankee history, but Southern identity now has more to do with food, accents, manners, music than the Confederate past. It's something that's open to both races, a variety of ethnic groups and people who move here. John Shelton Reed

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