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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Geopolitical Op-Ed: "We're All Counting on You" -- April 8, 2017

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Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

OK, so I bet you're all wondering how the hell the Washington establishment (aka the swamp) is going to actually get rid of president Donald J. Trump.

No? You voted for him? Wow. Ok. Didn't see that coming. Yet, well, um... too bad because your guy is like toast. Like unbuttered and burnt toast in fact.

Trump illegally brushes his teeth unconstitutionally at this late date in his Presidency.

So instead of hurling insults at the messenger, how about we just focus on the reality of Mr. Trump exiting the Oval Office with a clean impeachment shall we.

There are two constitutional ways a sitting president can be removed under Section IV of the 25th Amendment:

Option 1

A majority of the president’s cabinet — the Secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, etc., could get together with the Vice President and declare the president unfit to serve.

But given that Donald Trump appointed his cabinet chances are they are loyal to him, and thus this is the least likely method for success.

Option 2

Is also a long shot, but one that given the current circumstances could be more possible.

Instead of the President’s Cabinet ganging up on and ousting Trump, Vice President Pence can join with a simple majority of the House of Representatives and majority of the US Senate to declare the President unfit to serve.

And after what happened this week during the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation voting (nuclear option invoked), there's no real reason left for Trump to be in office because the GOP has a majority in both the House and Senate.

Now you might think there is no way that Vice President Mike Pence is going to cross Present Donald Trump after he chose him to be his running mate--however, consider that Pence asked to be removed from the ticket after the Access Hollywood "I just grab'em in the pussy" video aired and you'll see now where it's not only possible... but probable.

Hence the earlier burnt toast comment as Mr. Trump has burned every bridge including the one leading to his running mate's loyalty long before this moment.

Plus the vast majority of Congress and America (Trump now has a 35% approval rating that will go down after his knee jerk Syria strike mistake), and would be thrilled to see someone other than Trump running the country--maybe even Trump himself wouldn't mind resigning before being embarrassed on a world stage.

Perhaps this is why he is constantly self-sabotaging being Leader of the Free World with every tweet, executive order and press conference.

Something's gotta give and sooner versus later. Trump is clearly political disaster and military nightmare.

Come on Vice President Pence! Play that moral Trump card we know is in your pocket!

Dude, we're all counting on you! Besides, you even look like Leslie Neilson from Airplane.

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