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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Geopolitical Overview: "Rock Bottom" -- April 13, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The RV is in a temporary rain delay, again, waiting out the whole North Korea situation which must be settled down for the Elders to release final no return mass redemptions authorizations. A nearly 30 million chaotic mass immigration post a North Korean government collapse would pose serious problems to both China and South Korea, and delay the RV even further.

Cabal minions left in the Pentagon knew this fact, so they tried to kill two birds with one stone; and attempted to start two fresh wars, one in Syria between the Americans, Russians and Iranians; as well as to demonstrate striking capacity to commence a war between America and China by threatening to implode the North Korean peninsula.

Neither of which will happen, but that was their plan.

Trump, folks, is just a cabal and Republic patsy. Pay absolutely zero attention to his antics. He neither got himself elected, nor is in control of what is happening around him, let alone deciding how or when he will be removed from office.

Consider this fact, the Trump Administration still has 200 vacancies left to fill out his full government staff, but cannot get people to sign on even when offered because everyone in D.C. knows he's a dead president walking and are just staying away.

Trump's was hand held into this new warfare and can't stop or start anything militarily at this point, yet he absorbs all the blame for both sides making or stopping these insane war mongering moves. Maybe it's spiritual punishment for living a life of complete deceit as a devoted cabal family member.

To all the Trump supporters left out there, you are dwindling at a rapid pace. Best to now surrender yourself and understand that good fruit never comes from bad seed.

And if you continue to have a problem with facts pointing to Trump's irrelevance, complain to God. Otherwise, stop promoting Trump in any way, shape or form because you're revealing an ignorance so deep, at every opportunity, that you're now shaming your family's reputation as yours has long been gone.

Trump is a bad, bad seed who is being disposed of. And always was. Deal with it.

Turns out the Pentagon still has a several military decision makers both loyal and latent to the cabal agenda of world domination through worldwide war, and are revealing themselves one by one with this fake Syrian chemical attack claim, and thus exposing their hidden positions and true allegiances.

They full well know that unless the cabal can kick start a world war someplace, there will be no more cabal post RV. It's just that simple. And whatever assets the cabal has left must now be marshaled, used and burned up in battle order to stay in business… as complete annihilation is their only other option.

And while that's an absurd concept to most reading this, that's how they think… victory at any and all costs for the greater good… which is their family continuing to control humanity … in devout service to a secrete dark sun cult that worships an anti-Christ goat figure named Nimrod or Ba'al.

Can't make this stuff up folks. They're serious about it, and willing to die over preserving their insane way of life. However, many have now over reached against their pre-negotiated amnesty terms and are right now either being picked up or picked off per military special forces that are watching them.

"It's like shooting ducks in a barrel and the barrel keeps leaking water," is how it was explained to this author.

On a happier note, the Elders have expressed to Republic politicians and military personal a desire to release the RV come hell or high water by Easter weekend, which could me Good Friday we are told.

Initially the plan was to allow Trump to remain in office until after the RV, however, given the state of affairs, they're willing to...

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