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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life After Mind Control by Patricia D. Curtis -- Thinking for Oneself Once Matrix Mind Control Programming Ends

This was written in dedication to the currency community. - OD


Thinking for Oneself Once Matrix Mind Control Programming Ends

By Patricia D. Curtis

Breaking free from the barrage of mind control programming that has mentally enslaved us from the moment of birth may only occur with the complete and total acceptance that one’s mind has been completely and totally programmed from the moment of birth.

And while some may be at a point where they can accept that they are slightly/may have been at some point mentally manipulated, few are willing to take the leap and acknowledge that every single thought in their head was/is artificially put there for them, and that everything they ‘think’ about themselves, each other and the world is manufactured from a source far outside of them. We have all been meticulously programmed by the matrix such that we have no idea who or what we really are – we just ‘think’ we do.

I recall when my mentor asked me the simple question, “Do you know who you really are?” I responded, of course! I was in my 40’s at the time and certainly a person would know who they really are by that age. His response startled me as it was the only time in our long and loving friendship that he would raise his voice.

“No, you don’t!” he said, leaning forward and pointing a finger at me for emphasis.

“Yes I do,” I came back feeling rather defensive.

“NO, YOU DON’T!” full on shouting this time.

Well, of course I got my feelings hurt and pouted for a while, but his forceful behavior really made me think about that question, do I know who I really am. I sure ‘thought’ I did…

It took years of thinking on that question and mountains of research and self-reflection before I could see it. When I could finally see the matrix and how the monstrous mind control programming machine works, I had an honest conversation with myself. What percentage of my thoughts were really my own as compared to the manipulated thoughts programed into my mind? My pride at that point would not let me believe there wasn’t some small part of me that was really me. So I looked and I looked for those pieces that might really be me…and I came up empty handed. I realized my mentor was right. I had no clue who I really was.

So I took the leap and threw out everything, accepted that my mind had been completely and totally programmed since birth, and started from scratch. It is actually a simple matter of tossing out one’s inauthentic thoughts if you pay close attention to what the mind control programming machine is churning out, anything that serves to distract you from “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in more meaningful ways, anything designed to dumb the thinking process down (which is everything including public education, food, movies, music, politics, military, media, news outlets, religion, professional sports, etc.).


Programmed objectivity is the illusion that all observers always see and hear in common the same. It is usual to suppose that the first impression, or the general impression, or the “objective view” persons have of “the world” is always adequate or the most real. (This phenomenon is known as “the they” in philosophical terms, as in “They say…”) It is a goal of the matrix programming machine to create the mental impression that everyone sees the world in the very same way, and then fan the flames of discontent when it is discovered that people each have very differing – or subjective – opinions about just about everything.

Discovering that objectivity is an illusion can produce curiosity for some, but the divisive conditioning more typically leads to heated debate, distrust, concern, apathy, disgust, etc. It is at these times in our personal experience of life when inauthentic ‘thoughts’ can be easily identified. Any thought grounded in division comes from the matrix. Any thought that creates a negative distance between persons comes from the matrix. Any thought that creates a positive distance between persons is called curiosity – and curiosity is a vital component to the creation and connection of lives.


It is usual to presume that creation is an objective event: the making of tools, weapons, instruments, substances – that is, objects – and is accompanied by the impression that the maker of the objects is the creator. The notion develops from the objective observation that where there was no hoe or shovel prior to someone’s manipulations, one now ‘exists.’ The continual making of a hoe or a shovel suggests to the manufacturer that he is thereby ‘creating’ it, something out of nothing.

Traditional Christian dogmas of creation reflect a confusion between objective manipulation and creation, as well as “something out of nothing” and creation. Indicating this confusion is that typical dogma that ‘the Bible shows us the entire man as the work of the Creator God.’ The creation and existence of persons, however, is not essentially an objective event of efficient material causality like the making of a hoe or a shovel. Persons are ‘in-creation’ and exist to the extent that they are “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in meaningful ways, ways that transcend the illusion of objectivity, in pursuit of the question, ‘who am I, Really?’


It is usual to suppose that the nature and meaning of human life is perceived objectively. This illusion arises in the case of perceiving the ready-to-handedness or present-at-handedness objective view of people, places, and things, including one’s own life. Consequently, people’s relationships with themselves and each other are always characterized by the same type of objective manipulation the manufacturer shows his shovel or his hoe. It’s a form of inhumanity, actually. Yes, inhumanity is a strong word – defined as extremely cruel and brutal behavior and typically used in terms of large-scale human atrocities – yet are not behaviors such as misjudging others, misunderstanding others, indifference toward others, war, separation, divorce, estrangement, etc., rather cruel and brutal? Comporting oneself toward another in a purely objective sense, as if that person were a shovel or a hoe, is easily the greatest form of inhumanity.

Conversely, people’s humane relationships increase when the illusion of objectivity breaks down, when a genuine curiosity and a sincere spirit of inquiry develops between persons. When people are “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” ‘together’ in meaningful ways, gradually adjusting to one others’ subjective uniqueness, personal connection develops, and if the relationship is nurtured eventually spiritual connection develops. When a spiritual connection occurs, there is God.

The keys to transcending objectivity include counseling, caucusing, compromise, education, understanding, dialogue, reformed reunion, and of course genuine curiosity and a gently spirit of inquiry.


The matrix mind control programming has effectively isolated persons away from one another such that communication doesn’t run very deep. It is as if the arm’s-length bubble of space we form around ourselves is real, and the only thing that penetrates the bubble is the endless stream of mind-numbing distraction that leaves us babbling at each other in impersonal sound bites about useless and superficial subjects. Ohmygawd have you heard Miley Cyrus’s new song?

Where the matrix programming would have us remain disconnected from each other, it is imperative to breaking out of ‘think’ control that we take personal responsibility for our thoughts and monitor them carefully. When thoughts or conversations with others turn to meaningless or impersonal trivia, take the reins and bring that non-creative stream of consciousness to a halt. Instead, shift your focus to the creation of your life (persons are ‘in-creation’ and exist to the extent that they are “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in meaningful ways, ways that transcend the illusion of objectivity, in pursuit of the question, ‘who am I, Really?’).

The fundamental answer to the question ‘who am I, Really?’ is, persons are ‘potential’ and ‘possibility’ – wholly left undiscovered due to programming. Why do I say wholly? In the movie The Matrix, Neo was wholly attached to the matrix machinery, thus no part of his thinking was his ‘own’ (hence the prerequisite to taking the journey into thinking for oneself being acceptance that one’s mind has been completely and totally programmed from the moment of birth). Who a person Really is at the beginning of this journey is ‘potential’ and ‘possibility’ awaiting liberation triggered by personal curiosity and a gentle spirit of inquiry. Gently inquiring into oneself and others leads to “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in meaningful ways and thus the creation of life.

To any degree that life is created in persons, there is God.


Once the inquiry is made into oneself or others, the response must be absolute truth, for the creation of life cannot be achieved on a lie. Ever.

Some say mankind is consciously ascending into a higher dimension of love, joy, and bliss – but that is not the case. For, in fact, our present dimension is a dimension of love, joy, and bliss…and unfortunately lies. Lies are the function and the product of the matrix mind control machine and thus the sum total of all our present thinking. Once the mind has been purged of all low vibrational lie-think and the pursuit of an accurate self-perception of our personal potential and possibilities has begun, what replaces lie-think must be truth. Our transcendence into next-dimensional-man will be ‘into’ a dimension of absolute truth. The response to the question, ‘who am I, Really?’ must always be the truth or life is not created.

When the creation of person’s lives transpires in absolute truth, there is God.


The transition from lie-think to truth-think may result in a degree of personal crisis, as the breaking down of the ‘worldly security’ of programmed objectivity can be daunting.

I remember when I first learned about the matrix mind control machine, for thousands of years mankind tricked into serving the nefarious agenda of a select few self-perceived “elites.” The only way I could emotionally tolerate knowing about this – and not knowing what to do about it – was to find others who had also learned this truth and connect with them. The further unveiling of truths from that point on was far less traumatic in the context of being able to communicate with others about it.

In communicating ‘in crisis’ exists the opportunity for the creation of life, as with each new unveiling of truth comes the chance to explore personal potential and possibilities, one’s own and others. Genuine communication – “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in meaningful ways – leads to a blending of souls, a being ‘in’ each other. Being-in-each-other characteristically involves persons in judging, understanding, concern, peace, conciliation and reconciliation, marriage, friendship, love, fruitful compromise, acceptance, etc. – the perfect conditions for the creation of your own life.

Being-in-one-another requires that one “makes room” for the other.


On what conditions can I communicate with another person? I must somehow make room for the other person in myself. If I am completely absorbed in myself, concentrating on my own sensations, feelings, and anxieties, it will obviously be impossible for me to receive, to incorporate in myself, the other self.

Making room for another person ‘in’ myself is making myself ‘available’ to that person. Thus we are brought to the question of the possibility of the consciousness of two or more persons being-in each other and thereby deeply ‘caring-for’ each other. The keys to being-in one another include patience, kindness, gentleness, and the ‘letting be of what is.’


There is no being-in of one another in the absence of ‘letting be what is.’ The ‘letting be of what is’ could be defined as the absence of judgment – and an absence of judgment is critical to ‘letting be what is’ – but there is another element wherein both persons involve themselves actively in ‘receiving’ the other. The best way to envision ‘receiving’ is to contrast it with censuring.

Censuring the other is refusing to “see,” “hear,” or “speak” to the other as to who they Really are; rather, the other is corrected, chastised, ignored, attempted to be molded, talked over, interrupted, disregarded, judged, refused, etc. Receiving the other is “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in open and receptive ways of Love Listening.


The matrix mind control programming machine has massively disabled our natural ability to listen, let alone Love Listen. And this cannot be emphasized strong enough: deprogramming REQUIRES that one be listened to (preferably lovingly) and ‘received’ peacefully (avoiding censuring) and participating in the active practice of ‘letting be what is.’ The creation of life centers on Really “seeing” the other as well as oneself, Really “hearing” the other as well as oneself, and Really “speaking” to the other as well as oneself.

When Love Listening transpires between two or more persons, there is God.


It has been said that persons possess a spark of God, and that is accurate. Every human being carries within them a spark of God. But where do we find this spark of God within us? One’s spark of God is inherent within one’s potential and possibilities, which is where we can ‘locate’ the spark of God within us. For are we not in the creation of life in order for God to know every potentiality and possibility within His being – which are infinite?

Unlike God who ‘is’ infinite potentialities and possibilities, each person ‘possesses’ certain possibilities and not others; ergo, all persons are unique in their own potentialities and possibilities for being themselves. Like God, however, the potential and possibility to expand one’s potentialities and possibilities is infinite. There is no limit as to how far a person can develop in any given way of being herself or himself.

  • persons are always painting 
  • no two paintings are ever exactly the same 
  • each painting of every artist is always characteristically his or her own 
  • may he or she always be so ‘identified,’ and always represent 
  • himself or herself ‘showing’ who he or she Really in existence 

One need not turn their face to the heavens in fervent prayer or worship a statue to find God. God is always in persons. Always. God is always ‘in’ persons concernfully, with His gentle spirit of inquiry reaching out in Oneness. The characteristics of God being ‘in’ man include creative, comforting, negotiating, mysterious, involved in evil, disciplining, testing, penetrating, destroying, sacrificing, reconciling, redeeming, blessing, cursing, marrying, divorcing, just, merciful, passionate and more.


The main goal (by far!) of the matrix mind control machine is to destroy the connection between man and God, for it is within our connection to God where we ‘exist’ in the creation of life. Severed from our connection with God, we are 100% vulnerable to being mentally/emotionally/spiritually/physically enslaved by the controllers of the matrix.

How many reading this can resist imaging God as a tall white-haired (and white skinned) old guy in a flowing white robe sitting on a golden throne atop a white sea of clouds? Yes, because that is precisely the image the matrix machinery wants us to have of God, lacking any kind of understanding of who God Really is and what His intentions for us really are. He is basically an unknowable god who, we suspect, is pretty pissed off at us sinners.

So when we approach the concept of how God is ‘in’ us and how we are ‘in’ God, this firmly-placed image is so impersonal the idea of finding this ‘in-ness’ becomes abstract. We are told we can find God in our hearts, but the idea that God is ‘somewhere out there’ (in the clouds, maybe? high on a mountaintop?) leads us to search for God outside of ourselves, relying mostly on religious intermediaries (pastors, priests, bishops, etc.) to communicate God’s will for us on our behalf. Thus there is absolutely zero real connection to the God with’in’ and a complete reliance on the matrix mind control machine for individual “spiritual” guidance.

The idea of finding God in our hearts is beautiful – but it is more likely that it is our love of God that ‘resides’ in our hearts while God ‘resides’ in our God Spark…and where can we find our God Spark? In our potentialities and possibilities. God is always ‘in’ our potentialities and possibilities, endlessly interested in how to expand and/or course correct. Remember, the characteristics of God being ‘in’ man include creative, comforting, negotiating, mysterious, involved in evil, disciplining, testing, penetrating, destroying, sacrificing, reconciling, redeeming, blessing, cursing, marrying, divorcing, just, merciful, passionate, etc. So, how does God ‘in’ us communicate with us? Via our thoughts, of course.


Seldom has one audibly heard the actual voice of God, although it is not uncommon for persons to hear God speaking to their heart or soul. Yet God is always and consistently speaking to every person everywhere, mingling His thoughts with theirs, and hardly ever manages to get a word in edgewise. Enter the thought-stopping matrix mind control machine.

‘Finding’ God ‘in’ one’s thoughts is easy. All of your thoughts are God’s thoughts. And all of God’s thoughts are your thoughts. It is as simple as that. This is the most powerful discovery mankind can ever make about himself or herself, and thus the reason why the former controllers have placed so much emphasis on controlling mankind’s thoughts. (This discovery is also the key to understanding that mankind as a species is definitively ‘herselves and himselves’ gods, which is why so much interest has been placed on controlling the ‘herselves and himselves’ gods)

Naturally, if one wishes to connect with God who is ‘in’ their thoughts, one must “make room” in their thoughts for God. If one is playing a mind-numbing video game and meaningful thought is stagnant, God cannot get a word in edgewise. As well, if one is engrossed in watching mind-numbing television or Hollywood-type entertainment, there is too much distraction for God to intervene. Way too much noise for a voice as soft as a thought to be heard. A peaceful walk in nature might be more conducive to fruitful thinking.

The idea of God always participating in our thoughts may be a bit intimidating at first – because, naturally, who hasn’t had thoughts from time to time that they wouldn’t necessarily want God to hear? Well, let’s quickly dispel this worry. God doesn’t much distinguish Himself as being apart from persons, as much as He sees the spark of Himself being ‘in’ persons. And rest assured, God recognizes Himself in person’s own personal ways of being (potentialities and possibilities) and LOVES working with thoughts (and feelings!), no matter what they are. God LOVES to experiment. So don’t ever hold back or attempt to blunt your thoughts. Just think like the wind.


While it is unadvisable to attempt to blunt one’s thoughts, because thoughts are so powerful it is extremely important to keep a strict vigil over one’s stream of consciousness. This takes discipline. We are so accustomed to putting our minds on autopilot, allowing the machine to do our thinking for us, collectively we have become very lazy thinkers. But where one’s thoughts can create worlds and where one’s lack of thoughts can enslave them like cows in a pen, there is a grave responsibility on the part of the thinker to carefully police their personal thoughts, thoughtfully.

Thinking about last night’s Dodgers game? Throw that one out. Thinking about something you have learned thus far in your reading here? That’s a keeper. Ask the God Spark ‘in’ you to expand your thoughts in that regard until it becomes an absolute epiphany. (Note: watch for any “they say’s” or “you should’s” that pop up. Throw those out immediately!) Having trouble thinking up things to think about? This is where the following statement comes into significant play:

There is nothing more important in life than human connection.


The very best ‘thing’ to think about on a daily basis is each other. Harkening back to the discussion about curiosity and a gentle spirit of inquiry leading to more meaningful “hearing,” “seeing,” and “speaking” in pursuit of the question, ‘who am I, Really?’ the importance of honest and personal human connection becomes apparent. True connection bursts the lonely bubble of isolation the matrix mind control machine has carefully crafted around persons.

Whether it is the return of a stranger’s smile or the engagement in co-passionate lovemaking, connection forms with response. Where there is no response to a gentle spirit of inquiry, there is no connection. Successful human connection is a two-way street wherein one is simultaneously both initiator and receiver. The being-in of one another ‘occurs’ when one “makes room” with-‘in’ oneself to receive the other in letting-be-what-is Love Listening acceptance.

When the matrix mind control programming machine ends and the truth comes out, we might expect a personal “crisis” to occur, which triggers the break-down of person’s ‘worldly security’ of programmed objectivity – a situation in which nothing will be more important in our lives than bright and clear, open and honest human connection.


The greatest challenge to adjusting to life after mind control will be surrendering all the lies and accepting the truth. It is doubtful that many would be devastated to learn we are not alone in this universe – we have enough operating logic to conclude the odds of that would be staggering. But to learn that there is no such thing as germs or calories, or that the chemicals in sunblock are the likely culprit for skin cancer…to learn that the lie reaches down to our most fundamental beliefs will be the stunning blow. It will be as if the floor was pulled out from beneath us.

Yet within this difficult adjustment process there is comfort in knowing that only in truth can one come to Really know oneself. Only free from the mind control lie can the creation of life occur. Surrendering the lie to one’s God with’in’ “makes room” for receiving personal truth.

If surrendering the lie peacefully doesn’t always come easy and some anger or grief arises, go with it. Be mad. Be brokenhearted. Find someone to connect with to share your pain. Recall that in communicating ‘in crisis’ exists the opportunity to explore personal potential and possibilities, one’s own and each other’s. Genuine communication – “seeing,” “hearing,” and “speaking” in meaningful ways – leads to a blending of souls, the being-‘in’ of one another.

It is possible and in fact foreseeable that the miraculous phenomenon of being-‘in’ one another and God personally will eventually link together every human being of our species. When that occurs, another term for it will be Ascension.


(The somewhat controversial subject of astrology has been intentionally left for last in order to avoid reader attrition. If you are sensitive to the topic, consider the possibility that you were purposefully manipulated to feel that way.)

The matrix mind control machine has been so effective at cutting persons off from God, from each other, and especially from one’s own selve that we find ourselves here and now having to ask ourselves the question in all seriousness, who am I, Really? When, ironically, we created the blueprint for ourselves down to the smallest detail. If you want the best clues as to who you Really are, check your natal astrological chart.

Unfortunately, the topic of astrology has been so demonized, so minimized, and so trivialized by the mind controllers that the vast majority of us tend to avoid it. Astrology is of the devil, right? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Astrology is God’s sacred design for our entire lives. For in fact each of us partnered with God and the Savior and other miscellaneous guides in determining the exact moment of our birth – the exact placement of the planets in relationship to each other and to Earth – that would provide the challenge required to further evolve our unique personal potentialities and possibilities. This occurs every single time a person incarnates on this planet, thus the natal chart offers valuable insight into who we Really are.

Knowledge of Astrology is easily the most suppressed information of all – for a reason. The energies emitted from various planetary alignments in various zodiacal signs is extremely powerful, certainly intended for mankind’s benefit but usurped and corrupted by the controllers. J.P. Morgan once famously said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

The planets of our solar system are intimately familiar with who each and every one of us Really is. We are daily infused with their energy and wisdom. Our ‘thinking’ is highly affected by the planets, thus on our path to freeing our thoughts from the matrix mind control machine (the one that snagged us right at the moment of our very significant birth) we can return our original blueprint and live out God’s plan for us.

The Beginning


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