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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Maximizing Our 3D Experience to Springboard into 5D by High Planes Drifter

Maximizing Our 3D Experience to Springboard into 5D - by High Planes Drifter

The Tao – The Equilibrium of Yin and Yang

Lao-tzu's Tao te Ching, or Book of The Way, was written about 2,400 years ago, and is now considered a classic manual on the art of living through self-awareness. The Tao te Ching explores in simple terms the fundamental human predicament of not only surviving, but the possibility of manifesting our highest potential in this 3D realm.

“Tao Te Ching” translates very roughly as "the way of integrity". Its 81 passages deliver a lyrical discourse on how to live in integrity and truth. It also underscores the timeless need for this essential but rare wisdom in a world where many now believe such a noble stance is nearly impossible. In fact, its sage wisdom and enduring lessons are still relevant today and are perhaps needed now more than ever in the midst of the momentary madness of this chaotic world.

The Tao is a universal concept, and in other philosophic or spiritual teachings, it is known as the “middle way” or the “razor-edged path”.

Philosophically, the Tao recognizes the diversity of existence as a unified state of Oneness that manifests itself endlessly in a vast web of life. It is metaphorically illustrated and defined by the simple yin/yang symbol, which implies an ever-changing relationship between the infinitely varied, yet ever-opposing forces of nature. The stark contrast between black and white represents the transition from the supreme state of Oneness into a state of duality as it continuously presents itself in this 3D material plane.

Walking in Balance along the Way

According to the Tao, all existence derives from the Original Omnipotent One (the OOO) or the Formless First Face (the FFF) which I’ll also call the OF. The OF is the primal presence of source energy known as the Heavenly Father, the Unknowable Mystery, Prime Creator, the Vital Force, Wakan Tanka or the Great Spirit, Zero Point, the Alpha-Omega, Yahweh and many other names as well. Regardless of what we call it, this omnipotent energy perpetually displays itself through every aspect of existence, evidenced in the mighty myriad things, as it creates a powerful and spectacular illusion of separation, singularity, diversity and contrast. And in spite of our efforts to define or even deny its existence, there simply is no life without it.

The teachings of the Tao also imply that we cannot experience any state of awareness in a 3D realm without the presence of its polar opposite. Each always contains an aspect of the other. So, to experience the light requires the presence of darkness, day requires night, sun requires moon, masculine/feminine, fire/water, hot/cold, up/down, love/fear, good/bad, joy/despair, chaos/order, doubt/faith, and on and on into infinity and beyond! Yet inherent within the polarity itself lies the wisdom of its key concept - that darkness has the potential to springboard us into a higher light, just as doubt can transmute into a more steadfast faith.

Likewise, if we deny the existence of any state of being, we are implicitly denying the existence of its opposite. So when we choose one state of being in lieu of the other, we are often missing an important opportunity to learn something new that could ultimately expand our awareness by replacing dogmatic beliefs. In fact, our capacity to soar aloft in the heights and lights of the heavens where the dark nights forever roam is equal to our capacity to also delve deeply into momentary madness - that murky darkness in the pits of hell where brilliant pearls are found and the lotus springs forth and blooms anew.

When we view life in 3D from this Taoist perspective, we can perceive every experience as purposeful - sacred even – with nothing to be shunned, condemned or escaped. In fact, we can view the 3D realm as the perfect platform, an invitation perhaps, for learning to embrace and embody the highest Truth. Because Mother Earth provides both an avenue and a vehicle – a unique method, a Way – to continuously grow up and become better versions of ourselves. As we travel this 3D path, we can, at any moment, choose to realign ourselves with the OF, the IAM Presence and then act accordingly.

The OF or IAM Presence forever reveals the quantum Truth of Unity and Wholeness. It guides and inspires us with every breath we take, moment by moment if we but welcome its Presence into our awareness. We then become both a chalice and a conduit, the embodiment of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love, right here, right now within this exquisite and joyful yet equally exasperating and perplexing 3D realm.

Likewise, we re-member that we are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. We re-cognize that we are NOT our bodies. Nor are we our thoughts or our feelings or our beliefs. We are each, instead, unique expressions of the OF consciousness which manifests itself through our sacred body temples. When we recollect ourselves as divine beings, as imaginarians, as visionaries and dream weavers, as Kre8or beings and WAYSEERS and Keepers of the Flame, as star seeds and Bringers of the Dawn, we recover our true artistic hearts, eager to play, dancing along that razor’s edge, with the inherent and unlimited capacity to create new worlds and perform miracles, even in the blink of an eye.

As embodied souls, awake and aware of our divine and vested authority, we realized that we are, by design, charged with the responsibility to dream big while we are simultaneously inspired to recreate the Oneness dream into the present state of collective awareness.

In that rarified state, the questions become: “How conscious can we be? And can we still remain here incarnate, as Gods and Goddesses, prepared to do good works for Mother Earth and all her kingdoms at the behest of OF?”

Behold. There's a Catch

Restoring our collective state of Wholeness and Oneness requires an individual effort, a conscious and focused desire, a willingness, eyes to see and ears to hear the calling forth, and an active letting go into a "surrendered” state that suspends and overrides our personal agendas. When we consciously realign our personal will with the highest Will of the OF, in service to the highest good, we have indeed walked that razor’s edge and entered the portal into a 5D plane. But, above all else, we have to want it, truly, madly, deeply!

If we are to succeed, this stroll along the tightrope requires first and foremost, an internal state of balance. Balance requires stillness. And in turn this internal state of stillness and balance establishes not only an inner state of peace and harmony, but it also amplifies an inner sense of knowing and faith, well beyond any kernel of doubt, about why we are here.

Once established, this inner state stillness and knowing ripples outward, continuously broadcast, like a spiritual WiFi signal, into the unified energy field. This vibratory signal in turn contributes to an overall sense of unity and Oneness in the collective field.

Ultimately, stillness and balance initiate a sense of Oneness or Wholeness, and Wholeness creates harmony, harmony creates peace, peace creates compassion, compassion creates forgiveness, forgiveness creates LOVE and LOVE elevates and restores us into the fully re-membered and integrated state of Christ Consciousness, where we touch the sweetness and splendor, the soft salvation of the OF, catapulting us into that higher benevolent realm of existence, into the highest state of supreme LOVE, up where we were born to be, up where we belong.

So as we learn to consistently maintain our internal state of stillness and balance - particularly in this extremely polarized arena – peace and harmony ensue and we raise the collective vibratory resonance to a higher threshold or tipping point, propelling us all into a new and highly anticipated paradigm, one where we all thrive, as intended.

And even though neither Love nor the Middle Way can be forced on others within this polarized 3D realm, Love and compassion do gain momentum as we approach that inevitable tipping point. Then the Tsunami of Oneness and Love ushers in a higher state of embodied Christ Consciousness that easily dispels the darkness and fear.

Ultimately, Love itself becomes the inherent reward, the raison d'etre for our entire love and be loved in return.

There it is, my angelic friends and family. Choosing to walk the razor’s edge or the middle way is to choose to re-emerge and evolve out of this seemingly chaotic yet equally sublime realm of extremely captivating duality into a higher state of self-awareness and into the state of Oneness. It is fundamentally to be balanced between the polarized energies while resting, immutable, in inner stillness and peace.

So, let’s together, choose our way carefully, and with great discernment, one step at a time. One breath at a time, in stillness and balance. Let’s rest together in equilibrium and equanimity, and in the knowing that when our work is holy, we cannot fail.

May we all be blessed beyond measure, and may all our wildest dreams come true.

Namaste – High Planes Drifter

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